Saturday, April 30, 2011

Biphasic sleep log - Day 99 - 29th April

Because of the whole summer day drowsiness and free-time phenomenon I have been thinking about adding a nap to my day, in early afternoon or even late morning. If I get up at 0500 and take my only nap at 1800, that's a 13 hours long during which I am constantly mentally and physically active. Another nap may not be a bad idea, though it might make my sleep pattern triphasic rather than biphasic. Oh well.

Didn't take an extra nap today but did feel tired towards the late afternoon, so much so that I could not focus on anything after 1700. So, just lay down and watched TV until nap time.

Nap: 1800-1900. Yes, I had set the alarm for 1830 and I did wake up and turn it off, but went to sleep again without making a conscious decision and woke up naturally at 1900. But didn't feel panic when I woke up. It was only half an hour extra.

I felt more refreshed, perhaps I needed that. I had done some Wii fitness today. Since I finished both beginner and advanced level of Obstacle Course, broke my record in advanced Snowball Fight, almost broke my record in beginner Snowball Fight, did some Yoga, achieved an all-time high score in Hula Hoop all in 21 minutes, I decided to go for a jog on Wii. I find Wii jogging much harder than real running for some reason. Apparently, I ran over 3 kms. in 10 minutes. And I did feel tired after that, almost as much as after my real run which takes about 30 minutes for 2.6 miles.

In this 31 session though, I burnt about 162 Kcal and my Wii age was 12 years younger than my real. Not to mention that I was tired and sweating like a pig who has been running cross-country marathon!

After the long nap though, I felt fine, no tiredness. And had more energy today at night. So much so that I slept late at 0030, and could have stayed up even longer but I didn't want to disrupt my schedule.

Woke up at 0515 by alarm and stayed up. Took a few minutes for the eyes come completely awake but didn't have any other trouble.

I am feeling tired in the arms and shoulders, and I know it comes from working on the laptop almost non-stop. I know the solution as well. I will take a break from working so hard on my SL magazine and work on my backlog of movies and TV shows.

Energy levels: 100%
Body: Shoulders and neck tired and tense.
Health: Great.
Mood: Productive+Creative

99 done, 1 more to go!

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