Monday, December 20, 2010

My new love - Sugandha Mishra

Yes, you read that right, I am in love with this girl!

Who is she?

She's an extremely talented radio jockey and trained singer whom I found in the 4th season of my favourite Indian comedy show The Great Indian Laughter Challenge. I had been searching for another one of my favourite comedian Kuldeep Dubey when I came across a clip that featured Sugandha. And she blew my mind!

Let me count the reasons why I love her.

She is extremely talented in mimic'ing the voices of female filmstars and playback singers, not only of India but from the western world as well. The quality of her mimicry is awesome. She can not only talk like the filmstars and singers but when she sings in their! I had never heard any comedian try to imitate Celine Dion before, but she did and she did justice to it. Second time she blew everyone away was when she said "Namaskar" in the voice of the singing goddess of India - Lata Mangeshkar. Absolutely fantastic!

Then her comedy. She creates this fantasy situations with the singers and celebrities and then goes through their dialogues and songs. Her material is amazing. She selects well-known songs to parody, they are well-known but not easy to sing, and then she sings them extremely well, with changed words for comedy.

Both her dialogue delivery and her singing are awesome! And her comic timing impeccable.

She has great screen presence. Never seems nervous or ill at ease.

Within her own format, she creates ample variety to entertain everybody every time. I can see Siddhu jumping out of his chair every few seconds when she's on stage.

And to top it all she's cute like a doll! I love her smile!

Okay, after that kind of introduction, I have to give an example. Here are two of her clips. Sorry, they are in Hindi and refer to a lot of Hindi songs, so you can enjoy it well only if you know your Bollywood well.

Friday, December 17, 2010

The Perfect Gift

I know everybody is looking for gift ideas right about now. Here is a gift idea from Barney. Enjoy :-)

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