Thursday, April 28, 2011

Biphasic sleep log - Day 97 - 27th April

Just when I was thinking that this log was getting monotonous.

The nap was quite good. Went to nap at 1800, fell asleep in 5 minutes and woke up naturally at 1825. Felt fully awake and alert so turned of the alarm 5 minutes in advance and stayed up.

Then at night felt sleep right on schedule. I should mention that now when I feel sleep it's not the normal kind of sleepy which is like a suggestion from the body that perhaps it's a good time to sleep. No, it's more like a complete system shutdown, "The application could not be started because this workstation is shutting down" kind of sleepiness.

But still went to bed at 0030 with alarm for 0510. Woke up at 0510 and felt confident that I could stay up but wasn't careful enough and slid back into sleep very easily. Next thing I knew it was 0647.

Even though I had wasted more time in sleep than I intended, I wasn't sorry about it today. I had had a long, vivid, very beautiful dream! So that was time well-spent.

As for energy levels everything was great.

Energy levels: 100%
Body: Fine
Health: Good
Mood: Relaxed and happy

Three more days to go but having second thoughts about discontinuing the log.

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