Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Biphasic sleep log - Day 75 - 5th April - Uberman 3

Summary: The Uberman experiment has failed, at least for this time. Read on for details.

1900 Nap: Woke up at 1930 but then fell back into sleep and woke up at 1959.

So far, I am not liking Uberman, with 6 naps, the possibility to oversleep is much more esp. in the adaptation period. If I oversleep in the 2300 nap, it's usually till 0330, which is total 4.5 hours. Same as my core sleep in biphasic. But the number of naps in Uberman is more, so I end up losing time over biphasic.

Plus there's the "intertia period" the time I take to get out of bed and be active after waking up. Because of number of naps that also wastes more time in Uberman than biphasic.

If it keeps going on like this, I'd lose so much time this week and won't be adapted to Uberman. That's not a desirable outcome. If I oversleep tonight on the 2300 nap, I will drop the Uberman and move to either Biphasic or Everyman 3, both of which are more sustainable even in a job than Uberman. But for tonight, I am still trying Uberman. 1 nap down, 5 to go.

2300 nap: 2311-2330. I got late in sleeping because I setting up a third alarm, a video playlist to play on the TV for the 23.30 time. Didn't change time as I was sure to fall asleep very quickly and it's a pain to change 3 different alarms. Did fall asleep within 5 minutes. And woke up by the first alarm at 2330 and managed to get up as well.

Feeling very sleep deprived now. Waiting for the next nap even though it's only 0123 yet. I won't be able to do much during these between-nap periods but since I didn't oversleep the 2300 nap, I am going to continue with the Uberman pattern still.

Final update of the day: It was very hard to stay awake even till 0200. And that made me think. Between extreme sleep dep, being tired and the time Uberman naps need in the day, I am wasting a lot of time. The long and short of it is that I couldn't handle the sleep dep, didn't like it and decided to just sleep.

The rationalizations are as under:
1. In the short term, the adjustment period for Uberman is proving to be very counter-productive, time-wasting and stressful.
2. In the long term, I won't be able to do it just yet, so any success I get during this period will be immediately wasted.
3. Even this week I have a couple of things I don't want to ruin with sleep dep.
4. The 4-hour periods are too short to indulge in anything properly, even for playing in SL.
5. I need to eat once in almost all 4-hour periods wasting time by multiplication.
6. More naps need more sleep-to-alertness initial period wasting yet more time.

So, in other words, I was getting the worst of all worlds here. Just dumped it then. Slept from 0200 till 0730. It felt very indulgent and lazy, but good on the body. Now I feel very good except the back that hurts. I think that's from playing Wii last evening. I did some half-hour of Wii Fit plus training and enjoyed it very much. Playing games to work out is the best way to work out. Actually, I played some more of snowball fighting this morning and will play still more later today.

For sleep pattern, I am thinking of trying Everyman E3 with 3 hours of core sleep and 2-3 naps. It is much more flexible and I can go back from E3 to biphasic very easily once I start a job and can't maintain E3.

That's it for now I will of course update later with today's report on E3.

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