Monday, March 02, 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6 - Samsung Taking a Piss

I hope Samsung have some shepherds on  their staff or at least they plan to hire some soon because they have got my goat and I suspect they will get a lot of people's goats with this S6 announcement.

The reason I hate, nay despise Apple, is not personal. They make high-priced, crippled, unusable shiny tech products and try to use marketing to sell them to mostly gullible, non-tech-savvy users. And that gets my goat. Samsung has done the same with S6. Non-replaceable battery, glass back, no-SD card…I wouldn’t buy this phone if they paid me to use it! No Sale!

It's nice to see when a company listens to its consumers. On the other hand, it's frustrating to see when a company completely disregards what their users like and try to copy their competitors. The plastic body Galaxy phones were light and popular. So, why go for the aluminium body because some reviewers ask you? The glass back?  WTF, Samsung?

I love the edge on a phone, I currently own the Note Edge and love it to bits. The edge screen is good-looking and very useful. It's so handy that I can't go back to non-edged phone now. But two edges? No, not good. Especially, as according to CNET reviewer the edges are not used in the same way.

People make light of the lack of expandable storage and say stupid things like use the cloud or 32GB is more than enough. No, it's not. And cloud is not the same thing as a micro-sd card in the phone. I currently have a 32GB phone with a 128GB microSD card and for the first time in my life, I am happy with my phone storage capacity.

Same goes for the replaceable battery. I could carry a charger or a powerpack or even a solar charger. None of it compares the convenience of just popping out the battery and putting in a charged one.

Honestly, I was not even thinking to buy the S6 as I am going to wait for the Note 5 Edge but this just pisses me off. If they do this kind of BS with the Note 5 series I will just stick to my Note Edge or shop around for a different phone from another company.

You can read the specs for the S6 here -

Google Web Search

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