Monday, February 27, 2017

The best teacher award

..and..the best teacher of 2016 is....

The crowd goes wild. Applause! Cheers! Whistles!


What year is this?

What country is this?

What UNIVERSE is this?

Because in our universe, in our world, teachers are not celebrated. It's the filmstars and sports personalities that are celebrated and applauded.

A teacher can literally change your life. Yes, literally. Our teachers have great influence on our life choices, our confidence, the skills we acquire and the way we approach the world. I can still track in my character which traits were influenced by which teachers in my childhood. And later when I learnt computers.

In contrast, actors and directors, provide you entertainment but mostly what you see is fake. Fake on the screen, fake in the press and fake on the stage. We even know this.

Mind you, I am not saying that the film celebrities don't work hard or what they do is not important to society. They do. It is. Hard work should be rewarded and recognised in every field.

But that's it. In EVERY field!

That doesn't happen. In reality, making a film makes you a star with billions of people shouting your name, and changing lives on a daily basis condemns you to a life of meagre and ignoble existence.

We live in a world where teachers and scientists live and die with hardly ever a mention and filmstars and singers are celebrated like they invented the sunshine.

In Jubal Early's style...Does that seem fair to you?

Friday, February 24, 2017

Random Ghazal - Hijr ki shab - Saqib Lakhnawi


(saqib lakhnawi)

Sher 4 is very famous but my favourite is the 5th. And the makta is the reason I was searching for this ghazal this morning. 

The link has meanings on click -

Monday, February 06, 2017

Quick movie review - Roy

I just finished watching Roy. Yes, I know it's been out for a long time. The only reason I watched it was because of the song "Sooraj dooba hai yaaro".

My expectations were quite low so it didn't disappoint me. And to be honest, it was a little better than I expected. A simple story of a filmmaker casanova falling in love for the first time. Not many plot twists but the story keeps moving on at a fair pace.

For the first time I saw Arjun Rampal actually acting. Ranbir Kapoor does well in his role. Jacqueline Fernandez looks pretty and does a decent job in her role of filmmaker.

The song I liked, I still like after watching the movie so that's a plus.

There is a slight suspense or intricacy of the story that gets revealed in the end. Not too complex but alright, worth watching.

Thursday, February 02, 2017

A Ghazal by Daag - Uzr aane mein bhi hai

uzr aane meñ bhī hai aur bulāte bhī nahīñ 

bā.is-e-tark-e-mulāqāt batāte bhī nahīñ 
muntazir haiñ dam-e-ruḳhsat ki ye mar jaa.e to jaa.eñ

phir ye ehsān ki ham chhoḌ ke jaate bhī nahīñ
sar uThāo to sahī aañkh milāo to sahī 

nashsha-e-mai bhī nahīñ niind ke maate bhī nahīñ 
kyā kahā phir to kaho ham nahīñ sunte terī 

nahīñ sunte to ham aisoñ ko sunāte bhī nahīñ 
ḳhuub parda hai ki chilman se lage baiThe haiñ

saaf chhupte bhī nahīñ sāmne aate bhī nahīñ
mujh se lāġhar tirī āñkhoñ meñ khaTakte to rahe

tujh se nāzuk mirī nazroñ meñ samāte bhī nahīñ
dekhte  mujhe mahfil meñ ye irshād huā

kaun baiThā hai use log uThāte bhī nahīñ 
ho chukā qat.a ta.alluq to jafā.eñ kyuuñ hoñ

jin ko matlab nahīñ rahtā vo satāte bhī nahīñ
ziist se tañg ho ai 'dāġh' to kyuuñ jiite ho

jaan pyārī bhī nahīñ jaan se jaate bhī nahīñ 

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