Thursday, April 21, 2011

Biphasic sleep log - Day 90 - 20th April

Having a clear plan is important. Without a plan things go kind of random.

For today I had a sort of plan but at night I messed it up.

Nap1: 0730-0800. By the book and worked well.

Didn't have time for an afternoon nap as I had an appointment outside. But didn't feel like I needed the afternoon nap either. I was home by 1500 and feeling fine.

Nap 2: 1830-1900. By this time I needed the nap and delayed it half an hour only because of SL. This one worked fine as well.

By midnight I was feeling fine, sleepy but not like everyday when I can't keep my eyes open.

Went to bed at 0000 and set 2 alarms, one for 0300 so I could wake up by E3 routine if I felt like it, and second for 0430 to use biphasic core time if I felt I needed more sleep.

Well that's where I lost the plot. Both alarms rang, and I turned them off (apparently) but kept on sleeping...until 0740!

A Chinese proverb comes to mind, "A man with a watch knows what time it is, a man with two watches is never sure."

Plan must be concrete if I expect it to be followed. Lesson learnt.

Energy levels: 100%
Health: Fine
Body: Fine
Mood: Resentful

Even though body and energy levels were all good, waking up late starts me off in a bad, almost panicky mood. I feel like it has put me behind the clock. It's merely psychological as I do have lots of hours to do what I want.

The reason I considered Biphasic instead of Everyman last night was the time-saving vs. the effort.

Total Sleeping Time: 3 hours core + 3 x 30 minutes for naps = 4.5 hours
Pros: Waking up at 0300 gives me time for SL appointments.
Cons: Shorter waking time slots, more times goes in preparing for sleeping and coming awake. Complicated sleep log entries.

Total Sleeping Time: 4.5 hours core + 30 minute nap = 5 hours
Pros: Longer waking slots, flexible nap time, much less sleep inertia.
Cons: Wasting 30 minutes in extra sleep, can't do 3 am SL appointments.

So, you see, even once Everyman started working, it'd still give me maximum of one hour more at the cost of flexibility and shorter waking slots. I am leaning towards Biphasic again.


Always Happy said...

I hate waking up late too. It just spoils my entire day. Like you mentioned, if I wake up late,I feel panicky and resentful.

Sunil Goswami said...

AH, that was one of the main reasons I tried biphasic - to get rid of that panic. Mostly it's been working well. :)

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