Thursday, May 05, 2011

Ice cream is life

I planned to write this post before but AH's post reminded me to do it now.

I have told you before I love ice cream and also shared the thought that "Life is like an ice cream, enjoy it before it melts."

But why do I say that Ice cream is life, or like's why:

  • * Ice cream doesn't have a real meaning, it's not part of a breakfast, lunch or dinner, but you can still eat it when you like. Just like life, if you go seeking its meaning you could spend centuries looking for it, yet if you want to enjoy it, it's right here, in this moment.
  • * You must enjoy the ice cream as soon as you get it, you can't keep holding it hoping to eat it later, it'll melt. Just like life, if you don't live it right now, enjoy it in this moment, it'll pass you by.
  • * It is possible to gulp down the ice cream without really tasting it. Very much like life, if you are too busy to notice it, you wouldn't really enjoy life even though you pass through it.
  • * Ice cream is full of calories. And you think life isn't? Then why do people gain more weight as they age? :)
  • * Ice cream comes in many flavours. So does life. And in both, different people have a liking for the different flavours and they claim that's the best.
  • * Ice cream and life both taste more delicious when we share them with near and dear ones.
  • * If you pay attention, each bite of ice cream tastes subtly different. Do I even need to say it? So does life, each moment is different and each moment is delicious.
  • * If you eat it too quickly, ice cream gives you a headache, so does life.
  • * Ice cream is a guilty pleasure. When done right, so is life. ;-)
  • * Ice cream must be high quality for it to be enjoyable. Quality of life is equally important. 

I rest my case.

When you comment, do share what's your favourite flavour...of ice cream. 


The Technical Author said...

And ice cream is best on hot sunny days... just like life ;0)

Sunil Goswami said...

Ummm, sorry I can't agree with you on India we like rainy days and I have enjoyed lots of ice creams in December in Delhi with friends. It's awesome! It lasts longer.:)

Irfanuddin said...

Interesting Logic Sunil Bhai...:))

and who cares for flavor,it should be "ICE SCREAM".... i just go for it........ buttttttt the amount of calories just haunt me at my age you know...:(

Sunil Goswami said...

Irfan bhai, there is one solution for calories go jogging with a ice cream in your hand..lick and run ;)

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