Saturday, April 09, 2011

Biphasic sleep log - Day 78 - 8th April

Morning energy levels were very good but then started feeling sleepy quickly as the sun got brighter.

Nap 1: 0950-1020. Good sleep, wanted more.

It was hard to stay up, but most of it was to do with staying home and having the freedom to sleep any time. Also the days are like summer, lots of sunshine that makes one drowsy. And don't forget all my exercise on the Wii. Did 1 hour 7 minutes on it in 2 instalments, most of it running on the balance board for Obstacle Course.

Nap 2: 1800-1830. Slid back and slept till 1845. And could have slept more had my friend not called on the phone.

Then went out at night and did a little bit more walking, not too much, but enough to know that my legs were tired from all the running on the Wii.

Considering that I have tired myself today and I will have an active, long and nap-less day tomorrow, the plan is to sleep 4.5 hours not 3.

More in the morning.

Morning 9th: To bed by 0050. And up at 0530. How I love when a plan works! Didn't feel like sleeping more. Up and at'em by 0545.

Energy level: 100%
Body: Legs still a bit tired but good enough to play more Wii if I weren't going out.
Mood: Relaxed but Active


Ritu said... this is the reason you are able to squeeze in so much in your day...I wish I could do that

Always Happy said...

Aha! really good going. Can I borrow few hours from you? 24hrs in a day seem so little to me.

Sunil Goswami said...

@Ritu, I can get more done when I am doing biphasic on a consistent basis. Also, all my waking time is quality time, so I can be more productive, more creative in the same amount of hours.

@AH, Thank you. :) Well, of course, 24 hours are too few, esp. if you waste 8 of them in sleeping, that's 1/3rd of the day! Sure, you can borrow you a few hours to tide you over, but do you know my interest rates? :D

Irfanuddin said...

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