Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Story of Desmond Doyle

I have just finished this movie called "Evelyn". It's the story of an Irish man whose wife leaves him and his three children the day after Christmas. Because he's an out-of-job house-painter, with no prospects, the Irish court rules that his children be taken from him and put in orphanages. Needless to say, it's based on real events.

Usually, I don't go for movies with such themes, but this had Pierce Brosnan in the main lead and I'd watch almost anything with Brosnan in it (almost, I couldn't finish Mamma Mia).

The movie is great. It's not too long, and moves along quite rapidly. Brosnan has done a great job of acting as usual, but other characters are quite rich and the actors have done them justice.

If you like deep, emotional, human-drama type movies, I'd recommend it.

Btw, Evelyn is his daughter, the oldest child, and she deserves to have the movie named after her.

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