Monday, April 18, 2011

Biphasic sleep log - Day 87 - 17th April

Had an active day. Towards the evening the exercise from yesterday and today started to catch up with me and felt a little tired, not too much, just a little.

Nap: Got home about 1700, but wasn't so tired that I had to sleep right away. Went for nap at 1800. Woke up before the alarm, felt fully awake so just woke up, without looking at the time. The 1830 alarm rang at least 10 minutes later.

Felt sleepy about 2300 and went to bed precisely at midnight with the alarm set for 0300. You see, it seems like I might have this week to myself and I have, as usual, too many projects demanding immediate attention that I have tried to give Everyman a serious try.

I woke up once about 0100 and then once more, then finally just before 0300. This time I just stayed up. It wasn't easy, but it wasn't difficult in view of my resolution.

I was able to play around on the computer easily and was fully awake but still feeling sleep dep. Then around 0600 started feeling more sleepy and decided to take a nap. I think I might need 3 naps in the beginning which I can later move around and reduce to 2.

So, first nap today was from 0630 to 0700. But I felt still sleepy so snoozed till 0716. Still have sleep dep but able to function fine.

Energy levels: 90%
Body: Sleep deprived
Health: Fine, will exercise today
Mood: Creative

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