Sunday, July 27, 2008

Big bite of elephant.

For some time now, I have been planning and learning (slowly) and trying different approaches to get better with this flying this but one doubt always remained - what if I can't stomach it? I can learn it, it's just technical stuff, the mechanical stuff also I can master with practice but let's face it, I am scared in roller-coasters and the reason I decided to be a pilot (one of the reasons) was to face the fear of flying. What if it's too much for me to handle?

So I decided to spend some moolah on a real flying lesson. And guess what it's all going to be alright! It was a small Cessna 172 SP (I mean it was a small plane called a Cessna not that this one was small for its breed), but it is a small plane hardly any elbow room with two people in it. My instructor flew it most of the time, but I did get a feel of the control for a little while. It's not bad. It's quite a nice, thrilling feeling to be up there looking down at the world like a map or (let's face it) an aerial photograph. :)

I enjoyed it enough that I would want to go back up again if I could afford it.

I took a couple of bad photographs and two small, useless videos while I was up there 2000 feet above the ground. But hey, these are not from youtube, they are mine, a record of my very own adventure in the air, so I like'em!

This one is what I saw outside the plane:

Monday, July 21, 2008

Will you marry...

Just cos it's a comedy show, doesn't mean it doesn't apply to real life.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Cheers-The Kiss of War

I watch this American TV show "Cheers". I started watching it about 7 years ago when I was in US and it's done the usual journey of "Why the hell are they promoting it so much" to "Boy, I love this show!". So, now that I finally have all the seasons I am watching it from the beginning. And some scenes are so funny that I just can't help thinking "I should share it.". But you know me, I am too lazy for this. Finally, I came across this scene which was incredibly romantic and really funny at the same time. Plus it reminded me of myself. After all what is Ted Danson, just a slightly more handsome version of me? LOL.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the scene so much that it compels you to comment.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thought of the day - 17th July 2008

Nothing is impossible to achieve but not everything is required to be happy!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

In Zurich

Okay, so I am in Zurich today, but while I would like to impress you with my jet-setting lifestyle this post is not about me but about Zurich. I don't really have time to write a long post about my first (actually second) impressions about Switzerland or Zurich but I do want to share two observations with you.

One is about the immigration or passport control officers. They are weird. They actually smile! Not the forced or official smile but a geninue welcoming smile that I received from this passport control person. Not even Indian immigration officers smile at people, even if the passengers are Indian. And American immigration officers let you feel that they are giving you the key to the paradise by just letting you enter their fair country. But this man wished me a "nice stay" without the grumpiness that I seem to remember from my immigration check at the Philadelphia airport. Don't ask me why or how but he transacted the business in a businesslike manner and still made me feel welcome. Enough said.

Second, this place is so very beautiful. All of it! Without going anywhere, I just took a few pictures from my hotel room. Look at them and tell me if you don't agree!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Short Circuit 2 - Clips

3 video clips from Short Circuit part 2. I like this Indian guy also, even though I think he's not really Indian but born in US. They have gone very heavy on the Indian accent, too heavy, but funny, very funny.

Johny5 arrives in the city to help Ben build toy robots.

Johny5 goes for input in a big way.

Ben and Johny5 have a heart to heart talk about life.

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