Saturday, April 02, 2011

Biphasic sleep log - Day 71 - 1st April - Everyman 3

Let the madness begin!

I should mention that this post, even though has "1st April" in the title does not contain a joke. Well, except for my usual sense of humour. 

I didn't really get a chance to have a nap as I was out on my business engagement and got home about 1845. But I had a headache when I got back and didn't want to waste a perfectly good evening with fatigue and headache, so what's the best way to fix that? You are right, a nap!

So nap was from 1910 to 1940. And it was heavenly! Well, maybe heavenly is an overstatement, but it was a great nap. No problem getting up, no headache left, no fatigue, everything awesome! 

Now, we come to the nub as I call it. I have this whole weekend plus a few days of next week to take the sleep pattern to the next level. 

As I mentioned in yesterday's log (written today) I want to really try Uberman. I have to admit, a big part of the attraction of Uberman to me is its extreme craziness. Imagine sleeping every 4 hours! And just for 20 minutes! A total of 2 hours in 24 hours! Having 22 hours to yourself every day!! 

It's extreme! It's crazy! It's!!

Since I want to be able to still use my time and don't like the thought of extreme sleep dep while I am at home (think of wasting all that time, just fighting sleep), I plan to slide into Uberman by way of Everyman 3 (3 hours core and 2 naps). 

It does bring up a few question as to how would I progress with the log now. Well, I have decided to keep simple rather than technically accurate. So, I will keep the same format, as in evening to evening. Will keep the same title but will add one word for technical accuracy like polyphasic, Everyman 3 or Uberman as I go through the stages. 

For this weekend I will keep Everyman. Then I will add more naps and reduce the core. LOL. I am talking like it's going to be sooo simple. I know there will be issues, mainly with oversleeping and sleep dep but you need a plan to start with. 

I will update this same entry after each nap. It'll be less confusing to track then I think. 

I already have a polyphasic to-do list to keep me busy during the waking hours when I am not resting and watching movies. 

So, here's the schedule I plan to follow until Sunday evening. 

Nap 1: 1800-1830
Core sleep: 0100-0400
Nap2: 1100-1130

This will change tomorrow when I figure out what schedule I will keep for Uberman and adjust the nap times to the same times. But all that tomorrow. For now, Goodnight. 

Wish me luck!

I was able to sleep by 0100 but woke up at 0600. It made me sad a bit though I understand that this could happen.

Energy levels: 100% (after I managed to get up.)
Body: Fine
Health: Almost normal.
Mood: Sad

Nap 2: 1100-1130

Took a few minutes to fall asleep, not hard at all. Woke up at 1120 of my own but tried to sleep till 1130 so as to get a full nap. Managed it in 2 minutes, then woke up by the alarm. Waking up was quite easily.

Energy levels: 100%
Mood: Productive (Writing type)

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