Friday, April 08, 2011

Biphasic sleep log - Day 77 - 7th April - Everyman

Yes, I have started Everyman. After last night's regulation 4.5 hours sleep I felt fresh and rested and thought I was up to trying the Everyman schedule. Esp. as I have my schedule free to take as many naps as I want right now.

Since it's experimentation time I chose nap times today whenever I felt the need.

Nap 1: 1100-1130. I am actually considering reducing the nap time to about 25 minutes since I fall asleep within 2-3 minutes. I did this time as well and woke up once at 1113 but went back to sleep to wake up by the alarm and 1130.

Energy was good after the nap, I could do work that required presence of my brain.
Body is healthy but not in training so while I enjoyed doing some fitness stuff on Wii it did tire me a little.

Nap 2: 1910-1940. Again I fell asleep within 3 minutes and slept through.

It's about 2200, energy levels are good, mind is clear and I think I'd feel sleep in about 2 hours.

Plan for the night to get core sleep from 0100 to 0400.

Morning 8th: The plan didn't work entirely. I did go to bed at 00050, and turned the alarm off at 0400 but then slid back into sleep without even realizing. Woke up at 0530 by another alarm, an obsolete one on my laptop with much less volume. Since it was 4.5 hours as per my normal biphasic schedule, I wasn't devastated about the extra sleep cycle. Also, I woke up in a very creative+active mood so decided to not mind it.

Energy levels: 100%
Body: Fine
Health: Fine
Mood: Creative & Active

Creative to the point that I finished the posts I was writing last night and posted them. Active to the point that I did some stuff on Wii even before breakfast.

Plan for today is to try and continue to do E3. 


Always Happy said...

Good going. Well done.

Impressed i am!

Sunil Goswami said...

Thank you, AH. :)

Red Handed said...

OOOh nice nice!! I like people who plan and do things accordingly!! I am jealous actually

Sunil Goswami said...

Thanks, Red. I do keep making plans even if they don't always work out perfectly. :) But why are you, jealous? Surely, it's easy to make a plan?

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