Monday, May 02, 2011

Biphasic sleep log - Day 100 - 30th April

It's ironic how this the 100th day of my biphasic sleep pattern wasn't really biphasic except that I slept ttwice.

Because of the whole tiredness, shoulders aching thing I decided to take an early and long nap. So I went to bed at 1430 and didn't set an alarm. So, woke up 1623 on my own. And felt very, very rested. It was amazing. Like 100%+ energy levels.

This reminded me that even on biphasic, I should do a reset once in a while when I take unlimited sleep with no alarm. Once in a while it's good, and despite the idea people get from my biphasic experiments and all this, I do love sleep. It's great! I just want better sleep and more waking time also. I guess, I am just greedy!

In the afternoon and evening I felt quite energetic, but took it easy for the shoulders. And that was fine too. But at about 2330 started feeling sleepy quite suddenly. I think it was more my schedule than any actual tiredness.

Went to bed at 0015 with alarm set for 0500, but also with the understanding that I might sleep longer. Felt asleep quite quickly. Woke up at 0500 and turned the alarm off. Then thought about the shoulders and the fact that even after I woke up I would probably just rest to let my recover from overwork. So why not use sleep for that? So, went back to sleep.

Woke up at 0716. Again, very, very rested, body felt fine including the shoulders.

And that's the 100th day done.

I am sure going to miss writing this log, but as I have said before it serves no purpose any more and the time I save maybe used in other things like a proper blog post.

I'll probably do a summary a few days later and I might add some periodic logs but not more than once a week, just to keep the experiment updated and provide data for the future generations. :)

There's one variation of polyphasic that I haven't tried yet and that's 6hours naps, each one 30 minutes. I think it's called Dymaxion pattern. I might try that soon. :D

Since I am closing this log today, I will reiterate the conclusion once for easy access.
Conclusion: Biphasic sleep pattern works like magic. It delivers on all its promises, more efficient sleeping, better quality of sleep, more energy in the waking hours, short falling asleep time, quick entry into REM, long vivid dreams, good health, good appetite, no effect on weight, abundance of creative energy, increase in productivity.
I have no intention of going back to monphasic sleep in the foreseeable future.

End of Captain's Log, Stardate 30th April 2011.


Always Happy said...

Well done for maintaining 100 logs. Good luck with the future experiments too. Lookin forward to reading more posts from you.

Sunil Goswami said...

Thank you very much, AH. As a regular and active reader of the logs, you have helped me maintain the unbroken flow of these logs. And I do plan to use the time I took in writing logs in some other posts. I find that I still have a lot to say. :)

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