Thursday, June 13, 2019

Poem: Living in the moment

Poem: Living in the moment
by: Sunny Goswami

My life is made up of moments
I must live in each moment
and let it go as it passes.
I must die at the end of each moment
to be reborn in the next.

My sorrow and happiness
are all in the moment.

My joys are all here
with me, in the moment
I don't wait for them
I don't plan them
I don't anticipate them.

My happiness is not a star
on the calendar
It's a beat in my chest
it's the butterflies in my gut.
It's quickening of my pulse.

So, is my sorrow, of the moment.
I must absorb the pain
as wholeheartedly as the joy,
I must allow it to soak through my soul
and colour me in its colour
the dark red of agony
the blue of despair
the grey of loneliness.

I must drown in the deep pool of sadness
for that moment
And let it go as the moment passes.
To be open to the next moment
with whatever it brings.

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