Wednesday, April 06, 2011

I'd like to thank...

...the producers, the directors, my dog, my parrot, my girlfriend, her dog, her parrot.....

No, none of these. But I would like to thank my Blogdost Irfan ji who has given me my very first blogger award - the Versatile Blogger award. This was the first email I read this morning and it absolutely made my day! Many thanks to Irfan ji for the award and here I go fulfilling the requirements of the award.

1- Express gratitude and link back the person giving you the award....
Irfan ji, many thanks for your kindness. I always appreciate your comments on my posts and I love your blog - Apniboli.

2- Share seven things about you, that too honestly......

1. The one thing I am crazy about is self-improvement. 

2. I think books are the treasure of the world. 
3. I am an introvert always trying to be an extrovert. 
4. I don't buy leather or other products for which animals are killed inhumanely. It bothers me when I can't help this, for example when I buy a new phone and it comes with a leather case in the box. 
5. I believe that people are inherently good even when they digress some time. 
6. I don't follow news. 
7. I absolutely love to laugh and make people laugh. I seriously believe that that's the key to a happier life and a better world. 

3- Pass this Honour to other newly discovered or followed Blogger friends....

I will list my favourite bloggers then. In no order of merit..

- Dil Ki Baat, Blog Ke Saath
- Mirroring My thoughts 
- A-Musing
- Food For Thought
- Blogging all the way
- Ritu's Weblog

Sine I am only going to pass on the award to the blogs I myself follow and genuinely like, these are the ones I will include. Award or no award, each one of them is a great blog worth reading and following. :) 

4- Inform the concerned Bloggers about their award....

I will do so on their blogs but before I finish this post I would indeed like to thank my Blogdosts (blatantly stealing AH's term here) and all the other readers who don't blog themselves but take time to read my blog and comment, your feedback is appreciated and encourages me to keep blogging.


Anita Jeyan said...

Thanks a lot, Sunil !! Totally unexpected !

Bikram said...

Came to ur blog from Irfan's..

congrats on the award .. all the best for many more to come ...

leather products :- how will you know if they are killed humanely or inhumanely :)


Sunil Goswami said...

@Anita, you are welcome! :)

@Bikramjit, welcome to my blog. Thanks for your wishes.
As for leather projects, I read a newspaper article long time ago about how horribly animals are killed for their skin and other products. There is no change in case to case methods and I don't discriminate on case to case basis either, I just don't buy any, as much as I can help.

Irfanuddin said...

hey.... you are so quick in posting this....good.

its indeed my pleasure to have you there in my list.... keep going.

Best wishes,

Always Happy said...

Congratulations Sunil. You deserve it.

Many Thanks for passing the award to m e. Much appreciated.

Always Happy

Sunil Goswami said...

Irfan ji, I was very excited about it so of course I posted it quickly. Thanks once again.:)

Ritu said...

Awwww...thanks a lot Sunil...this is my first award too n I'm super excited...

I especially enjoyed reading 7 things about you...almost eerily they are ditto for me..i'm big on improving myself each day; am a bookoholic; an introvert, a bit outspoken for an introvert but I prefer to be in my own company rather than chattering away meaninglessly with people; me too stopped buying leathers ages ago; I don't follow news: my own world interests me more than any news happening out there & yup of course love laughing...nice to know you again :-)

Sunil Goswami said...

@AH, you are very much welcome. And thanks for your wishes. :)

@Ritu, You are welcome. It IS spooky that your answers are so similar to mine. :)

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