Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Why iPhone sucks - Fact List

This is my web series. Watch this space for an episode on "hi-phone" ;)

"We put the Ape in Apple"

I don't have an irrational hatred of iPhones or even Apple. I do hate both, but it's based on facts. While hatred is an emotion, it comes from real, factual reasons.

Just to be clear I don't own an iPhone, I have never owned one, and I probably never will but I have researched them several times when I was looking to buy another phone. They never measured up to other phones for features and never could fulfill my requirements.

I have seen iPhones, I have operated them and I know what their appeal is, we'll discuss them along with the issues they come with.

I am quite vocal in dissing iPhones and many times been told by iPhone owners "You can jailbreak it!". So, I will be covering that in this thesis as well.

First of all, if you jailbreak it, it's not covered by warranty. Technically it's still an iPhone but really it's not, not the way Apple intended, so let us say my criticism applies more to out-of-the box iPhones, not a jailbroken one which I'd say is a custom device. The same way, you could root an Android phone and get even more functionality than you already get.

Secondly, the iPhone is known and praised for its ease of use and user-friendliness. Rooting or jailbreaking a phone is a risky, non-user-friendly business. If you have to jailbreak it to make it any use, purpose defeated.

Thirdly, even after jailbreaking most of the problems or lack of features in an iPhone remain unchanged.

I hate it when people compare iPhone with latest model Android phones or come up with terms like iPhone-killer! Even the first model of Android phone, G1, could do things that the latest model of iPhone can't. So no need for a new model, no need to kill it, it's a piece of crap, you don't kill a piece of crap.

Let's look at a list of things that iPhones can't do or won't do. The common theme in all these will be a lack of choice and freedom for the user as you'll see.

Flash -

I'll dispose of the most obvious and popular one first. Flash. iPhones cannot play flash, never have and possibly never will. Poor iPhone owners try to convince you that Flash is on its way out and HTML5 will replace flash in the very near future. While that maybe true I haven't seen this happen yet and until that happens I enjoy Flash on my Android phones while you can't. True story.

I have heard that Apple (Steve Jobs) decided to keep Flash out of iPhone for perormance reasons. May be true. But it would delay things when you open a Flash-rich website, isn't it? Then it's up to the user to make that choice, not the company.

Now you are serving up a fast internet by not loading part of the websites. I call that cheating. The company claims in their advt's that it's not "Watered-down internet". I call that false advertising. I am surprised nobody has taken them to court for that.

Bluetooth -
I was surprised to learn that while iPhone does have a bluetooth radio, it can only connect to bluetooth headphones. ALL of the other functionality of bluetooth is suppressed. Why? I have no idea. But you can't send and receive files over bluetooth, you can't use your phone as remove control to control other devices and you can't use it to exchange information like contact cards.

USB - Even with an Apple cable you cannot use your iPhone as a USB drive and just copy files. No, you always have to use iTunes and you always have to "sync". And you know what's wrong with iTunes? It sucks!

iTunes - I used it the first time (and last) when a friend of mine, idiot as he was, bought an ipod and asked me to put some songs on it as his own computer was back home in India. As soon as I started using it, I was apalled and infuriated by the asinine way it works!

Do you know that you cannot transfer MP3's, you can only sync? Let me take an example, suppose you had 999 songs on your computer. You connected your i-device (iPod or iPhone) and copied them, oh, excuse me, sync'ed them to your portable device.

At a later date, you moved those songs off your hard drive to an external hard drive to make space on your internal hard drive.

Later you bought another song from iTunes online store and want to copy it to your ipod or iPhone. When you connect your device to your computer and sync it, it'll DELETE the 999 songs from your device and copy the 1 new song to it!

Do you see how much fun that'd be?

So what it means for an iPhone or iPod owner is that every time he wants to copy a new song to his collection, he'll have to first gather all his music collection to the computer, all hard drives, all CDs, all MP3s etc. etc.

What if instead of taking a backup your hard drive crashed? I don't know if you'd still be able to re-download the songs you bought from iTunes but I know that any MP3 that were on your computer would be gone forever. But you think, "Oh, thank god, I have them backed up on my ipod."

No, you don't. The next time you connect your ipod to the computer, iTunes will DELETE the songs from your ipod. Stupid, isn't it? And again, the user has NO control over how it works.

Apparently, after you jailbreak it, you can use iPhone as USB drive.

Compatibility - Be it Mac or iPhone or iPad, Apple users always bring this up as a big plus point. "Everything just works!", they are fond of saying. Well, all the devices and their peripherals are made by the same company, for the same device to work in that specific way. I'd be really shocked if they weren't compatible! It's like saying I and my brother are related! Well, d-uh!

Or like saying that my Samsung TV remote works perfectly with my Samsung TV. Well, it was made to work like that!

The flip side of it is that the Apple devices are not extensible. In my Dell laptop I can install a Western Digital hard drive and extend the storage. I'd still be covered for warranty except for that hard drive. But Mac Users must pay a huge premium to Apple for a part replacement when they even can get a part replaced. Most times they have to buy the new version of the item. But we were talking about iPhone.

Adapters - Every lead, every cable, every adapter for iPhone must be either made by Apple or be Apple specific. If I forget my charger home, I can just borrow somoene's mini-USB charger or PC-connector cable. These days so many phones have mini-USB chargers that I'd have a good chance of finding one in the office. iPhone owners must find the proprietary cable. This doesn't change even if you jailbreak the phone.

Camera - There was a time I was looking for a second phone just to use as a pocketable camera with the phone attached. At that time, I looked at iPhone spec's as well. Today I laugh at my misguided attempt! iPhone camera has always been behind time. (At that time I ended up buying a Samsung Pixon12 for the camera. A Non-android phone and my last non-Android phone even though it was great in itself.) That time iPhone had a 3.2MP camera with no flash.

Even in iPhone 4 you get a 5MP camera, when most camera phones have 8MP or better cameras.

What Apple fanbois will tell you though is that it's not megapixels that matter in photo quality, it's the camera sensor. What they would conveniently forget to tell you is that Samsung Galaxy S2 comes with an 8MP camera sensor while the iPhone4 comes with a 5MP sensor.

The Samsung Galaxy S II can take 1080P video but Apple fanbois will try to convince you that it doesn't matter. Having seen both 1080P and 720P let me tell you - it does matter! Open both on your laptop and you'll see for yourself.

New versions - This is my beef with the company for all their products. They release a device with very limited functionality and just as people start buying them they announce another one with some of the missing features added. Like the iPad had no camera but the iPad 2 had one. So, they didn't have the technology to install a camera in iPad, but got one in two months? How come Samsung and other manufaturers had no problem installing a camera in their tablets? And how come Apple call themselves innovators then? What do they innovate - new, flashy ads for their crippled, over-priced devices?

Just to set the record straight, I could do copy-and-paste on my Sony Ericsson non-smartphone phone 2 years before the iphone was launched. But the first iphone had no such capability. But the new version had copy-paste.

I am sure this makes the iPhone buyers feel like idiots when they see the announcement for the next version a week after they buy theirs.

With Android also there are lots and lots of phone with varied capabilities, but they are all very powerful and feature-rich, and the technology is always state-of-the-art not suppressed for marketing reasons.

Battery - iPhone battery life is supposedly great. Nothing compared to SGS2 though. But even with the first Android phone G1 I had the option to replace the battery. iPhone owners try to sell the idea that a replaceable battery is not a big deal, so let me prove why it is.

Extra power for "those" situation - Sometimes you don't have access to a power outlet..for example, I won't say getting stranded on a desert island, but beach trips, long flights, long train journeys, cruises, picnics, day trips...you get the idea. In all those situations and places, an Android owner can simply slap in a spare battery (cheap to buy) while the iPhone owner can only use their run-down device to crack nuts. Actually not, from what I have heard, it's not a very strong device, physically.

Then there's the question of repairs. If the battery dies, as in die forever, any normal phone can have a replacement. For an iPhone you have to send it to Apple and get the whole phone replaced. With a cost of course. I am sure you can guess that replacing a phone will be much more expensive than buying a battery for a tenner and putting it in yourself.

MicroSD card - The internal storage in iPhone is okay, but you never get the option to add an SD card. Again, it might make things easy for Apple, but doesn't help the user. No matter how big the internal storage an additional card slot can always outdo it.
No jailbreaking can fix this hardware limitation.

Form factor - iPhone models right from the beginning have been OK to Ugly. Ugly being iPhone 4 with sharp corners, heavy body and unwieldy feel to it. It pisses me off when people call it a "good-looking" phone. It's not. It's the magic of marketing that makes it look attractive to people.
Jailbreaking can't help that.

Body - Can you believe that this is something the Apple fanbois actaully defend and praise? It's a glass-and-aluminium body. Glass not only adds weight, it makes it fragile as well.
Once again, jailbreaking won't change that.

Screen - At one time 3.5 inch screen was a good screen. But no more. If you doubt me, put your iphone 4 next to my Galaxy S II and play a movie. We'll see who can see more detail. But the retina display was quite good and is still comparable to the current phones. So I'd give it that.

Customization - On my Android phone, I am the king, I have so much control it's scary. On iPhone you can't even control how your application icons will be displayed. My phone desktop is customized for maximum efficiency. On iPhone you can only have your icons as Steve Jobs wants you to.

App Store - The AppStore is another argument that Apple fans try to use in a debate. While on paper it does look much better than Android market, in reality it's not. The Android market beats is on a couple of points.

Just in sheer numbers there are more apps in the AppStore. Granted. But now that the number of Android apps have crossed the 100,000 mark with the growth continuing the difference is losing its significance. In reality so many of the apps are either useless or duplicate on both platforms.

From personal experience I know that a lot of apps on AppStore are paid while their Android cousins are free of cost.

Then comes the question of censorship. You simply cannot install a 3rd party app on the iPhone. On Android you can download and install from anywhere you fancy.

While the censorships is applied under the guise of security and decency, it doesn't just stop adult apps. Anything that Apple or Steve Jobs don't like can be blocked from the iPhone. Like Google apps. You can't have them. why? Because they said so!

After jailbreaking you can get around this.

There are some iphone Apps that are not yet available on Android. But the reverse is true as well. The caveat here is that while the missing iPhone apps may ultimately be developed for Android, the reverse is not true.

Here are some stories about Apple-banned apps that would surprise you:

Apple can ban an app for politicial or commercial reasons, trying to keep their competition out. Case in point, the app Podcaster that provided the user more functionality than the Apple itunes was banned. Same is true for Google Voice.

Problems - There have always been issues with the iphones. "You have to hold it exactly like this or it won't work." was the famous one, but there have been many, many others. Yet, Apple tries to suppress them and does manage to keep them out of the press, trying to maintain the image that everything works.

Lawsuit - In order to keep their market share, Apple doesn't just spend money on marketing, they also try to browbeat anyone else to suppress competition. The latest example is the lawsuit against Samsung for the design of their 10.1 tablet. How many of these are bonafide cases? Probably none.

The Cult - iphone fanbois have their cult. It's not allowed to say anything against Apple or iPhone. If you start pointing out things that are wrong with the iPhone the fanbois start frothing at the mouth and spouting profanities.

Unfortunately, this is becoming true of Android as well. I myself would get red in the face if anybody in my earshot defends Apple. Unless it's a girl.


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shash.destroyer@gmail.com said...

Hm...do you hate macintosh too or just Iphone?

Can you tell something related to Windows and Macintosh?

Sunil Goswami said...

Oh, macs are on my list too. Pretty much anything Apple makes. I'll do another post on Mac's.

Anonymous said...

so you are just another clueless Apple hater ... move along, nothing to see here.

Sunil Goswami said...

LOL...I gave a list of facts, and your comment is a semantically null hate message. Typical Apple fanboi behaviour. I think I should be saying to you "move along" since this is my blog.

HRH King Arthure Pendragone said...

Sunil you are right .
Amiga is a superior - the best computer period . on a side note.
Apple is a pc period always has been with an half baked linux os. As Linus Trovlad said. Only thing different the mac is overpriced and underpowered.
Dam at least alien ware admits to being a pc.

GirthDiggler said...

You forgot to mention as most People do that the iPhone doesn't have a back button which is a horrible experience for BlackBerry, windows phone, and android users.

Sunil Goswami said...

@HRH, Welcome to my blog and thanks for the comment. I am planning to do a full post on Mac but just not getting around to it.

@GirthDiggler, You are right. I forgot that. I haven't used the iphone enough to remember all that but your comment reminded me that the couple of times I have used a friend's iphone to see an app or take a photo for them, I had to look at their face when I needed to "back" out of a screen and they told me how to find that on the screen. It's not a user-friendly way of doing things. But I am sure most iphone users would claim that THAT is how things should be!

Anonymous said...

Sunil, thanks for your insightful comments. I'm an IT administrator who is mystified by the cult of Apple. I've used Blackberries for years and they do exactly what I want them to - I have the freedom to load the apps I want, to use a micro SD card to access my data, and to focus on substance rather than style (the latter of which Apple seems overly obsessed with). For all their talk about "freedom" they don't seem to have an actual clue what that means. Hint: it doesn't mean running out to buy the latest model 5 minutes after the last overprice, overhyped one was pushed upon the general public.

While I am on a Blackberry Bold now, I was offered the use of an iPhone today, much to the envy of some of my coworkers, who apparently buy into the marketing hype surrounding Apple. I tried it out for approximately 10 minutes before I completely lost interest in it. I don't care for the interface, or the lack of options. I really am not interested in the little cutesey apps - what I wanted was the granular ability to filter emails (e.g. like with the Blackberry, prevent unwanted emails from going to my handheld based on sender, subject, etc.) The poor iPhone can only filter by folder meaning it doesn't measure up to Blackberry. And yet we are told constantly how much better the consumer-oriented iPhone is to the real business model of Blackberry. Sorry, not smoking whatever you're on.

I'm not slavishly devoted to Blackberry, though it does the job just fine for me. Alternatives such as Android seem the clear choice. If you want to watch videos or listen to music, enjoy your iPhone. For those of us who care about business apps and productivity, Blackberry and Android are just fine. Personally, I'm sick of Apple products being hawked at every corner and shoved down my throat by every columnist, who thinks a flashy interface means more than getting work done on a reliable and versatile handheld.

Sunil Goswami said...

@Anonymous, thank you for sharing your thoughts. Frankly, I have not been a fan of Blackberry, but I have never hated them like I hate iPhones. Blackberry devices were targeted at a sub-group of users for specific needs, and they fulfilled those needs. They never claimed to be the be-all and end-all of phones which iPhone claims to be but falls short, oh, so short!

I always liked my phones to have as many features as available so I never bought a Blackberry. But another thing I like about Blackberries is that they are not overpriced and over-hyped like the iCrap. I would not mind the iPhones AT ALL if they were priced around £100-£200 range where based on their features they belong.

But making it sound like the iphones is the bees knees and pricing it alongside REAL smartphones, that just burns me up!

You used exactly the right word - "cult". That's what it is, thanks to Apple's aggressive, all-out marketing. A cult is where the real value is never evaluated, the real principles are never talked about..but a hype is created, an environment where people outside the cult would want to join in and the people inside are committed so they will never admit they made a wrong decision.

If you EVER point out a problem or shortcoming of the iphone series, you'd notice that the Apple fanbois start foaming at the mouth and start hurling insults and threats at you. They will NEVER EVER give a reasonable response or explanation, they will simply froth and fume and call you names. Simply because they have no data or real reasons to support their Apple-worship. You see that kind of behaviour only in the followers of a religion or, as you said, a cult!

Anonymous said...

we know that iphones are not smartphones they are idiot phones; this is nothing new. what i am surprised to see is a page search for 'nokia' and 'symbian' coming up with zero hits. I wont get into what makes them amazing, for the list that starts with 2mp Xenon flash, total customization, no 'parenting' by the manufacturer, usb host, hdmi out, free satnav, internal gps (no bollocks a-gps only) couls just keep going. i instead urge you all to simply research and educate yourselves.

Anonymous said...

Apple has always made products for the least tech savvy and dumbest members of the information age and unfortunately for that reason is will always have a good market share.

Anonymous said...

Nice post, I would have went into more detail about iphone apps. If you ever find yourself browsing through the app store. You'll notice every app is broken for the awesome touch screen phone we call "iphone".

I use to be a blackberry user and was fooled into switching to the iphone because I was tolled it was "better". At first I was like "kool I can move things with my finger", but after finding out their instant messaging apps are not true instant messengers. I started to feel stupid about betraying blackberry.

I notice iphone is a huge data consuming phone. So it basically just helps at&t make more money by charging you for more data use. You might as well forget about the unlimited texting that includes unlimited instant messaging because the iphone apps use data...

NM said...

This is sooo true! I myself made a mistake of buying an iPhone 3G... I got pissed immediately! I had it jailbroken too. Was not of such great use though. and i gotta add that iPhone starts like "decaying" after a year. It starts to break down. For no reason one of my dynamics stopped working (I have never even dropped it). If before I was fine with Apple after owning one of their products I became full of hatred. As well as there was a lawsuit which was shut down as it was said that Apple stole Nokia's technology for iPhone.
Though iPhone is good for those users who like loads of apps and games and who are not very good with technology. I myself look forward to Android (not like I am the fan but it certainly is much better than iPhone, or in fact ANYTHING is much better than iPhone).
And btw, not all girls like iPhones! :D Not me at least

A.K said...

Alright, let's reply to your "facts" in order, my friend. :)

Flash - True, it's sad. However, you've got to admit that flash is extremely power hungry. How many hours can those android phones last while showing flash? Obviously not too long. Besides, look at the exponentially increasing number of HTML5-friendly websites and see that the revolution is indeed happening already.

Bluetooth - Indeed, they're not native features. However, with a small app from the gigantic appstore of iPhone you can send contacts, business cards, and photos via bluetooth. You can even use your iPhone as a remote control for many devices (number of supported devices again growing exponentially).

USB - I totally agree with you. It's sad how apple has put all these limitations on its devices.

iTunes - Actually the new iTunes is much better. It doesn't screw things up anymore if you don't check the "automatic sync" option, so this fact is invalid. You'd be able to download all your iTunes songs again through iCloud. Through a 3rd party app you can easily copy your iPod songs back to your PC, and no, this isn't a complicated user-unfriendly hacking method. It's just a simple application.

Compatibility - I agree again. So far this is the second fact you and I agree upon.

Adapters - Haha, yes, but then again, all the apple devices use the same adapter, and as you probably know, lots of people use apple products nowadays, so there's a high chance that your friend has an adapter if you run out of battery at his place.

Camera - iPhone 4S has an AMAZING camera. Don't even argue. I compared it to N9's camera the other day and it was phenomenal.

New Versions - Hey, Apple wants to make money too. That's what many companies do, not just apple!

Battery - iPhone battery life is GREAT considering its size. SGS2 is gigantic and heavy as a brick. Obviously you can fit a bigger battery in that than in iPhone. I agree with the extra power issue though.

MicroSD card - 64gb iPhone 4S? What else do you want seriously?! Besides, don't forget the iCloud and DropBox for even more storage. :)

Form Factor - This is personal and subjective, hence it's not universal. Therefore this fact is invalid, even though your personal opinion deserves respect.

Body - Look at the paragraph above.

Screen - True, but still a bit subjective. Some people love the 3.5inch screen, while others want Galaxy Note.

Customization - Jailbreak and customize the hell out of your iPhone. =)

App Store - It still rules the market. At least admit THAT. :D

Problems - Lawsuit - The Cult - Obviously you've run out of ideas but still want to add facts to strengthen your argument. Dude, it doesn't work that way. My history teacher always says it's quality not quantity. Those three facts were nonsensical to me.

So yeah, in the end most of your facts sound invalid and unacceptable to me, but I understand. It's subjective at the end of the day. People choose what pleases them the most. :)

Have a nice day, good sir! *flies away*

Sunil Goswami said...

@Chi-chi-kata, thanks for your comment. Sorry I didn't mean to imply that all girls pedestrians when it comes to technology, but you have to admit most girls are taken in by lots of hype and shiny things even when it comes to technology. However, it's nice to meet you.:)

NM said...

@A.K How would you then defend iPhone if I say that after about one year it starts to fail at the most important - serving as a phone. It starts to not get the phone calls through and even text messages. I suffer from that problem and many other people who have iPhones. Out my personal curiosity I began to ask all the people about it and what amazed me was that they were all saying "Yeah iPhone gets messed up after a while.. It can't pass the calls through but still.. It's awesome".
It might be awesome in some ways, looking pretty and all but what kind of a phone is it that fails to be a phone?
And frankly... My old Nokia which is 10 years old and doesn't even have a coloured display is much better than iPhone - it still works and passes all the calls.

And another point.. All guys that I know who want to work with phone as with a PC (coding, programming whatever) they never use Apple, Mac or iPhone. I think that is also an indicator.

@Sunil Goswami Thank you and it was a pleasure to meet you too! And what I admit is that girls don't really bother with all the technical stuff. Yet girls around me prefer Nokia :D

Sunil Goswami said...

comment in three parts
Part 1
@A.K. Welcome to my blog and thanks for leaving your comment. First of all, I must commend you on a well-written response rather than just foaming at the mouth like most Apple fanbois do when confronted with the shortcomings of their device. And then, I will take your comment to pieces. Hey, it's just how I roll. :)

Let's take them one by one.

Flash -
“How many hours can those android phones last while showing flash? Obviously not too long.“
1. Obvious to whom? What do you base your data on?
Power hungry? Maybe. I don't think it's especially power hungry but... the most power hungry item is video playback, my phone can do non-stop straight 7 hours of video playback.
2. If I want to, I can turn Flash off for websites on my phone. An iphone user can't turn his "on".
3. It should be my choice to have the power hungry item on my phone or not, if technologically possible. Not the company's.
4. HTML-5. Exponentially-increasing? That's an empty term, semantically NULL unless you define the variables of the exponential equation.
5. As and when HTML-5 grabs a hold on the web, I would have both Flash AND HTML5, so that argument is worthless unless Apple was planning to file a suit to grab exclusive rights to HTML5 as well. I wouldn’t put it past them.

Bluetooth - So, you have to do a number of things before you can get a limited functionality. And you are proud of that fact? Only with iphone one can see such funny attitude. How much does that app cost, btw? The remote control functionality has been there from too long, even before smartphones, no big whoop there.

USB - That's also my experience of a conversation with any iPhone owner. They start agreeing on things one by one, and finally either admit that they bought it in a fit of insanity under the influence of hype or...they start foaming at the mouth.

iTunes - Of course, new version will be better than the last, isn't that the point? Next one will be better than this one (you hope). But no matter how good it gets, iPhone owners will never have the freedom and convenience that Android owners (and even Windows Phone owners) enjoy right out of the box. So, just because an evil thing is less evil now, is not a positive point. Again you talk about hacks and work-around and apps, to do what? Something simple that an Android owner can do with a click-and-drag.

Camera - I won't argue. But I will urge you to do one thing. Look at the options for camera in iPhone 4S. Then look at the camera settings available on the Galaxy S II. It'd make you cry. SGS2 has camera features that parallel digital cameras not mobile cameras. iPhone is nowhere near yet.

Compatibility - This is only the second thing you are agreeing with me on, yet...as they say, the night is still young..:)

Adapters - It doesn’t really matter how many people use an apple device and can loan you an adapter, it’s a question of being universal or not. Now with Android outselling Apple, they could use the same excuse but that wouldn’t be acceptable to me either. If an iphone owner needs an adapter he would have to hunt down a loan. I have mini-USB cables from other devices, (they are cheap to buy as well unlike you-know-what), and I keep one in the flat, one in the office, one in my car, one in my bag....you get the idea. Same thing for chargers.

New Versions - Sure, Apple has to make money, everybody does. The difference is how you make it, by using marketing tactics to fool your customers or by really innovating something new. Guess which one Apple does. ;)

Battery - SGS2 is heavey??I am really trying NOT to call you an idiot, believe me, I am trying, but you make it so hard. SGS2 is 116gms and iphone 4S is 140 gms. Surely, even an iPhone owner can do a simple arithmetic to compare figures like that? I should also point out that I had written this post before the launch of iPhone 4S, but the facts still remain.

Sunil Goswami said...

Part 2, still @A.K.
Sure, SGS2 has a bigger battery, my point is not just that. The earlier Androids didn’t have such a great battery life but they always had replaceable batteries. Any time I bought a new device I spent £10 more and bought a spare battery. And before you say who changes batteries on the phone when they are out, I will remind you that I do. I have done that in the past and I will do it again in the future if the situation demands it. On a 9 hour long flight with a 4-hour lay over, you’d kill to have the option of a spare battery!

Btw, have you thought about what would happen if the battery permanently died on an iphone. The owner will have to send in the phone for replacement. What happens to their personal data? With the battery dead and no option of SD card they can’t really transfer it, can they?

And this is the THIRD time you are agreeing with me. :)

MicroSD card - Again the point is not 64GB, the point is there is a limit on iPhone and no limit on Android. Nothing is stopping an Android user from carrying 10 32GB microSD cards if they want, bringing the capacity to 320GB which is about the size of a fair-sized hard drive.

It’s not the question of how much you can store on one device, it’s the options that a detachable memory card provides you. Since you don’t seem to grasp the concept, let me illustrate with some examples.

I keep a selection of some good movies on a micoSD card that I can put in my Android tablet or my Android phone depending on whether I am taking the tablet with me or not.

If a situation arises where I have some data on my phone or card and I need to give it to someone, I can hand over the card, an iPhone owner can’t give them their phone to take with them.

If I am going on a cruise or going on the road, I can carry a selection of SD cards filled with entertainment material, data and spare capacity to voice-record my notes on the trip. I can use my phone as a replacement for a laptop that way, iPhone owners can’t.

And before you say you don’t do any of these things, let me remind you that not everybody does everything, but it’s the options that count. I can do it, you can’t. And that’s all my argument is about - limits. Android frees a user, enhancing their life with technology. iPhone puts the user in a straitjacket and then tells them it’s a good thing they don’t have to make any decisions.

As for the cloud and DropBox they are available to everybody, not just to iPhone users. And they are both online service with the limits that that imposes. Can you store a movie in your DropBox and watch it on a long flight? Obviously not. (That’s how you use that word!)

Form factor - Okay, I’ll give you form factor. It is subjective, and I don’t mind it, I just hate it when people say it’s a good-looking phone.

Sunil Goswami said...

Part 3 of my comment @A.K.
Body - No, I won’t say look at the paragraph above. It’s not all subjective. Having a glass body that shatters on impact is stupid. It makes the phone heavy and also fragile. That’s not subjective, that’s physics. Very counter-intuitive. And why? So it would look attractive to the poor buyers who don’t know that a phone must perform not just look good.

Screen - Subjective, but again the question of options comes in. With Android you can get a screen from 3” to 5.3” AND be able to use the latest version of the OS. With Apple, you HAVE to like the 3.5” because Apple said so!

Customisation - Jailbreaking I’ve already addressed in each point separately. But if you have to do stuff to your phone above and beyond turning it on after you take it out of the box, what is the manufacturer doing for you?

App Store - No, I wouldn’t say it rules the market. It might have the most number of apps, at the moment, but the difference is decreasing. And like an expert debater you have completely ignored my objections about Apple’s dictatorial control and censorship over the appstore because you could not address them.

Problems, lawsuits and cult - they are ALL searchable facts not flights of fancy. Being an Apple fanboi, of course, they would sound non-sensical to you. How else can you dismiss them without addressing them?

Good closing, calling it all subjective after I have given hard facts on why iPhone sucks. If people chose what was best or pleased them most I would not need to write this post. My biggest gripe is that Apple sells an inferior product simply on the basis of marketing, making people think that they need or want this. It’s this iCrap propaganda that I am really against.

On top of this what I left out in my original post was that Android is open, so I have the option to have Custom ROMs on my phone with even more features. (You can compare this to jailbreaking which makes the iPhone barely usable. That same kind of trouble can enhance an Android phone. And when you talk about Jailbreaking, don’t forget that with that process there is always a risk of bricking your phone. Apple touts their devices to a target audience most of whom would not be technical enough to know jailbreaking, though most of them would be technical enough to use a real smartphone if they had one.)

Android also has a open API which allows people to create apps like Tasker and Locale, the equivalent of these will NEVER be created for iPhone because Apple cannot bear to give up control of their precious OS.

Have a nice day and come back again. :)

Anonymous said...

this blog is nonsense!
The iPhone 27,203, released after Steve Jobs re-encarnation, can beat the Samsung SII!

Sunil Goswami said...

At that time SamCel XV would be so superior that people would not even think about insulting Androix comdev's by comparing them to iPhones.

[Footnote: SamCel would be a new company that would emerge from the result of a merger of Samsung and Indian communications company AirCel.
Androix would be the evolved version of Android, created with some features of Linux.
ComDev would be short for Communication Device, the name used for multi-purpose smartphones of that time.
iPhone would still be called iPhone.]

randyhos said...

I bought my daughter an IPhone 4S for Christmas. It has to be hooked to Wi-Fi to do facetime or download apps. So if you are traveling there is No facetime or downloading apps. Apple decided you shouldn't be allowed to use your data plan that way.

Sunil Goswami said...

That is my most prominent problem with Apple, restricting the user from using something he paid good money to own. This way it seems more like you don't own the iPhone the iPhone owns you.

Anonymous said...

I recently had to DOWNGRADE from my Droid X to an iPhone 4s because all of our co workers have iPhones and are on AT&T. I feel so limited now. This interface on the iPhone is frustrating. On my Droid X, I had animated wall papers, widgets, and I could specify what icons/widgets I wanted on my 5 screens, all my other icons were one button away and they could be organized by groups.

let's talk about another magical feature the crApple zombies don't know about... context menus. On my droid, I could press and hold on a message or contact and have a popup menu show up to give me access to actions/features/settings ... many times now on my iPhone, I will be staring at the screen looking for a menu button or holding my finger on an email list waiting for a menu to popup.

And let's talk about the fact that on my Android phone, I could select multiple messages and delete them, not having to swipe each message and press it's individual delete button...

Yes, I am convinced the "i" in iPhone stands for idiot. How can these zombies love this piece of crap so much?

Thank you for letting me vent... I am so jealous of the people that will be getting the Nexus or the Razr...

Sunil Goswami said...

Hi Anonymous, thanks for taking the time to comment. It is amusing (it is to me because I don't have to live with the damn thing) that even though I posted what I thought was a comprehensive list of reasons to hate the iPhone (i for idiot, I like that), people keep adding to the list, and not just emotions but real, practical reasons..and this is the device for which Apple is called "Innovative". Go figure.

IGnatius T Foobar said...

Dunno why there's so much fuss about the iPhone, it's really not all that great compared to Android.

Anonymous said...

Apple sucks. To compare it cars. Apple will build an engine that has 7 to 1 compression ratio and then say you must use 91 octane for the gas. They are a communist company dictating everything. Apple fans must all love a communist government as well go live in europe where facist dictatorship and and eves rotten apple share the same ideals.

Ed said...

Sunil, I must say this is the best most informative blog I have ever come across. I plan to build a site with much of this info including my own opinions. This way I can refer people to a site for facts rather than argue in public. My favorite thing is when you state something that a fanboi agrees with then they continue to arguee a completelty different point as if they won the argument.

When someone makes a mistake they defend their
actions. All fanbois do this! They bought an Iphone while it was hyped up and can't get away. Apple won't let them. Opposite of *flies away*.

Anonymous said...

Another reason my wife just got an ipad from a friend as a bday gift. She goes to install a free facebook app and apple wants a full debit card info in order to get the app. This is stupid android doesnt require this crap. Just one hacker is all it will take and people will have their money stolen.

Sunil Goswami said...

Welcome to the new readers to my blog. Let me address some comments.

@Ignatius, the fuss is because Apple spends a huge amount of money on marketing the iCrap and making it look cool to people. It's my guess that they spend more money on marketing than making the actual product and R&D.

@Anonymous, it seems logical that Apple users don't value their freedom when it comes to technology. They let a company dictate their lives just so that they don't have to think for themselves. Android has a reputation of being "complicated" when in fact, you can just take an Android phone and use it out of the box and have more functionality without EVER having to do any complex operations on it.

@Ed, thank you for your kind comments.
The fanbois defending their actions, that's true. According to Robert Cialdini in classic book "Influence" he mentions this as Consistency and Commitment. When we make a decision, we defend it at all costs so as not to appear stupid in our own eyes.

@Anonymous, that is typical Apple behaviour, it's their way or the highway, and no options.

I appreciate all your comments and joining the discussion. Keep them coming, even if you don't agree with something I have said, feel free to voice your dissent.

Jake said...

Not sure how you missed this one... Lack of 4G support on the iPhone 4s. I guess that will be available on the iPhone 5, this way people can spend their hard earned money to get that.

Seems to me like Apple is really starting to fall behind when it comes to hardware. Might have something to do with 1 company trying to compete with all the other big boys working together (Google with HTC, Samsung, Motorolla...). They're fighting a losing battle and will really need to change their ways to stay afloat. Looking forward to the day some little kid says "What's an iPhone"?

Hey Siri "What should I do in order to use my Iphone the way I want to"?
Siri's Response (after it says I didn't understand you 5 times) "Purchase an Android and drop this phone in the next dumpster".

F' SIRI and all of it's hype. Android has the ability to talk into the phone too but they don't have to brag about it like it's a new feature.

Anonymous said...

wow. lol. so much hate...
well, just gonna share a experiment in sweden, wich results shows that each 4th, wants a iphone 4s for christmas.
just give it up. android is going down.

Sunil Goswami said...

@Anonymous, as I have said in the first line of this post, my hate it based on facts. And each commenter has also reported some fact, a reason why iPhone is not a good smartphone.

Each 4th what? Each 4th dodderhead? The mention of this experiment does NOT impress me since you very carefully avoided mentioning the test conditions. Who conducted the experiment, what was the sample group, what were the other influencing factors? For example, if you asked 8 drunk college students and 2 of them wanted an iPhone, that wouldn't be much of an impressive result.

Once again in your last comment you manage to show that you are a true Apple Fanboi and facts don't matter to you. Android is going down? Based on what? Have you looked at the market reports lately?

Sunil Goswami said...

@Jake, welcome to my blog. I didn't know about that. I think I missed it because I take those connectivity options for granted.

About Siri, I am going to publish a separate post today.

administration said...

Agreed on your input about iPhone. IPhone sucks compare to Android. I have Samsung galaxy s2. The games are more advance and the camera on my phone is far more superior than the iPhone. Flash is very important. Why? My coworker has an iPhone and we both were trying to apply for benefits and guess who can't apply using her phone? My coworker because her iPhone can't download flash. She had to wait to get home and do it on her laptop while I was able to apply when I was at work.

Sunil Goswami said...

Yes, that's a common scenario, for all the hype about them, iPhone is not useful like a real smartphone.
I have a Galaxy S2 as well right now. :)

Anonymous said...

Touchscreen is way better on an iDevice. MOTO does the comparison.

Anonymous said...

Funny, I search "iphone sucks" and come across your blog. I recently purchased an iphone just to see what all the hype was about. I've used Android phones for a couple of years and most of my co-workers have them. Only one has an iPhone. Frankly I wasn't impressed. Most of your observations are true. iTunes has got to be the biggest pile I've ran across. Apple has this OS so locked down it isn't worth it to "jail break" the phone. I used mine for only a couple days, pulled the sim, and then sold it on eBay.

dmc said...

I don't understand what is better about Android in practical use. Yes, I can have my 4G hotspots and 5 inch screens, but for the most part that garbage is never actually used. Apple needs to work on getting more ambient info on screen, and having 4G for people who have that. I guess a bigger screen would be good, but anything more than 4.2 inches is so pointless. The bigger screen would be the only thing holding back the iPhone's keyboard from being better.

The thing I like most about the iPhone is it's keyboard though, definitely a lot nicer than the various Android ones I have used. Though I have not used the Galaxy Nexus, I have not heard it is much better. I do love the WP7 keyboard though. The new Lumia 900, a Windows Phone seems a lot better than any Android, and does ambient info better than iOS. Now if only Android had the apps and was on more networks, then it would be there.

Overall, I don't care for the terrible ship Google is running with Android, where they release the lovely Nexus phones, then these other companies but on bloatware and all this other crap and the terrible marketplace where I have to scroll down for 5 minutes just to get to ADW when I get a new phone or format one or whatever.

Anyway, all 3 smartphone makers have a bunch of problems, all of them suck in certain ways, the Android and Apple high horses are both dumb.

BTW here's a look at the Lumia: http://www.tested.com/ces-2012-hands-on-nokia-lumia-900/47-682/

Sunil Goswami said...


Dan, I am not sure what you are trying to say here, I doubt if you know it yourself but when I try to analyze your comment it seems to me that you are trying to put down Android in a subtle way while trying to appear fair so that you cannot be accused of being an Apple fanboi which you are really are.

To be absolutely fair, I will address your comment item by item, and if I leave anything out you go ahead and point it out. Actually, most of your objections are already addressed in my original post but being a fanboi of course, you would ignore that.

4G hotspots and 5 inch screens. Nobody is shoving either of those down your throat. If you have 4G it makes sense that you would want a platform where you can enjoy that.

As for screens, on Android you have the freedom to buy a phone with a 3" inch screen you can have a mammoth 5.3" inch screen if you fancy. Even the 7" tablets work as phone (which iPad didn't), and if you want you can use that huge device as a phone. And before you say who does that, I will have you know that I have done that. Last time I went to India it was in so much of a hurry that I forgot to get my new Android phone (I change every six months usually), unlocked. But my Samsung Galaxy Tab was unlocked so I put my UK sim in that and carried it everywhere with me as a phone. I mostly used a bluetooth handsfree (which I do even with a phone) and at times when I was just in my room, I enjoyed using it with the speakphone.

With Apple you can't have that freedom and are stuck with 3.5" screen whether you like it or not so naturally all fanboi's pretend that 3.5" is THE perfect screen size for a phone. I have held my phone side by side with an iPhone user in the real world more than once and of course, I can have more information in a better format on my 4.3" screen than they can, be it navigation, or watching videos or just navigating the photo gallery.

While you are singing praises of the iPhone keyboard and hiding behind a generic adjective "nicer" let me ask you this - have you used Swype on Android? If you haven't go and try it then come back and join the discussion.

I have used both iPhone and Android keyboards and iPhone keyboard is so-so. I haven't used WP7 so I won't comment on that. My experience is dated as far back as Windows Mobile 5, which was a so-so operating system with a kind of ok keyboard, I don't expect much better from Microsoft now, but without hands-on experience I won't comment on it.

"Now if only Android had the apps and was on more networks, then it would be there."

Android IS there, people are buying it, people are enjoying it, people are even leaving Apple's walled garden to convert to it, you can close your eyes and bury your head in the sand all you want!

"Overall, I don't care for..."

In this para you have become completely incoherent (possibly foaming at the mouth as fanbois tend to), if you care to come back and re-write it in a way that makes sense, I will reply. So far it seems to me that you are trying to denounce Android and Google but gone way too emotional to make any coherent comment.

"Anyway, all 3 smartphone.."

Things do suck in a way, and then they keep getting better with innovation and in case you don't know, that's why it's called state-of-the-art. That's why we compare things as they are now and not live in a fantasy world.

Your link to Lumia is completely irrelevant since we are not talking about WP7, we are discussing iPhone and why it sucks even after so many years. I thought I had made that clear from the title of the post?

Btw, welcome to my blog! :)

Vynncy Skullie said...

I totally agree with you Sunil.
I wonder when is all this iphone/ipad crap gonna stop. I do not own an iphone and i will never want to get one, it is nowhere near a good gadget. Cannot multitask with it, no 'back' button,nothing. It sucks, those iphone/ipad users are sooooo unwise i can't believe how many people are falling into the trap. That's how apple rolls. Creates a piece of shit without something basic like a camera or flash,etc, then add it on/upgrade it on the next model ,changes the design a bit and increases the price. Those people never complain about that yet they keep buying apple's latest products. they're unbelievable! O_O
Top selling product in the market doeasn't make it the best product. How could people accept the low quality camera,low volume,useless bluetooth,no usb port and most importantly no flash! Apple is good at marketing, convincing enough to fool those fanboys but not us.
Seriously can't believe how it can get so big in the market for so long.

Btw,thanks for the post it's very clear. :)

Anonymous said...







Sunil Goswami said...

Vynncy, welcome to my blog and thanks for your comment.
That is one of the major reasons I have written this post because people fall into the Apple marketing trap and buy this stupid crap thinking it's a great gadget. But it's not true that people don't complain and keep buying, I have known many users personally who bought one iPhone or iPod, saw how bad it was, and moved on to Android or other platforms, in some cases selling the iCrap on ebay within a couple of months of buying it. But that's too late if you have already wasted money on it.

Anonymous said...

Aha. People are too emotional with apple they fight logic with emotions classic apple nerd rage ahahah. SUNIL YOUR THE BEST YOU WOULD MAKE A GOOD LAWYER LOVE THIS STUFF.

Sunil Goswami said...

Good job. Nice reply. I like the last line "Be a leader..." and it is true, most Android users I have seen are either tech savvy people or people who say they wanted to be away from the crowd.

Anonymous said...

My droid x2 is the best thing I ever bought for $50. This thing can multitask...play flash....take 720p video. No itunes. Real usb drive. Hdmi. Apple is crap. iphone 5 will fail without flash. Apple will become the next AOL. If u hate itunes as much as me checkout ejukebox for windows.

Mark said...

I just bought an iPhone simply because I could never download the videos from my HTC EVO to my iMac. This is probably the worst decision on a phone I have ever made. I did not know you couldn't download things from the Internet without going thru multiple steps that are a pain. Having to put everything thru iTunes is terrible. Numerous times I have seen a humorous clip on the web and would love to share with friends but you can't do that with an iPhone. The biggest problem is that the phone itself doesn't even come with a manual on how to use the darn thing

Sunil Goswami said...

Hi Mark,
I am sorry to hear that you became the latest victim of the iPhone hype. I think they don't publish the manual because it'd be so thin everybody will be able to see how few things an iPhone can really do. In order to pad the manual they will have to list the things it cannot do and that would cut through their hype, so they just don't print it.
iTunes has been one of the most hated topic in the comments on this post and other places on the web that I have read.

Sunil Goswami said...

Congratulations in making a good decision. I am happy to see that Android's market share has been increasing, so apparently, even with all of Apple's marketing hype, people are learning the difference between good technology and expensive piece of crap.

Anonymous said...

Haha Sunil you would make a great lawyer. You state facts and good ones so far no apple fanboi has debated properly cause they cant. Cant debate on a pos device. Btw apple is samsungs @#%&*. Apple gets the heart of its phone parts made by samsung. So i dare you fanbois to start talking trash about samsung. A worker at my job saw my s2 and said what phone is that. I said s2. He responded thats a big screen man then he looked at his pos 4s in disappointment ahahahhahahahahahhahahahah. Phuck apple. Bs ass company. Thanks sunil for this blog.

Sunil Goswami said...

Hi Anonymous, thanks, but I'd make a bad lawyer, I can't memorize all those dates and precedents. But I do know what makes sense and what not and iPhone doesn't make sense.

If fanbois could debate they wouldn't be Apple fanbois because that assume that they have sense enough to reason out good and bad, if they could reason that they wouldn't buy iCrap. Okay, I guess I would make a lawyer. :)

That's good to know that Samsung makes the components for Apple...lol. Ironical, isn't it?

Yes, fanbois who are jealous of the big screens available to Android users come up with stuff like "3.5" is the perfect screen, anything bigger is too big." Recently I watched Jim Carry's movie "Mr. Popper's Penguins" and the huge phones they have shown in the film, I suspect, are Galaxy Note phones. After seeing that I am thinking, maybe it's not THAT big...lol.

Thank you for kind remarks, I am glad you enjoy the blog.

Anonymous said...

Who gives a rambling either way.. THESE ARE PHONES, for gods sake, not neurosurgery.. buy one and be done with it.. talk about majoring in minors..

Sunil Goswami said...

Apparently you give a rambling...I posted my opinion, people have been added theirs and you added yours even if to pretend that it doesn't matter. :) Welcome to my blog.

Anonymous said...

Love my Galaxy, going to get the Galaxy S2 soon.

Maybe the iPhone 6 will be as good as my current Galaxy. What do you think Sunil?

Sunil Goswami said...

Galaxy S2 is awesome.

I have to disagree no model of iphone will ever be good enough to compare with any Android phones because of one basic, inherent difference, Android gives you choice and freedom, iOS doesn't. Models will be upgraded on both sides and new features added but this basic fact won't change.

Anonymous said...

Let me preface this by saying that I am an iPhone user and I honestly do love most Apple products. However, the list you have provided is accurate.. I can't disagree with much. You are, however, mistaken about iTunes. The issue you described is simply fixed by unchecking a single box. I think it is a matter of preference; some people prefer to automatically sync, while others prefer to manually manage individual songs, albums, etc.

I recently purchased the HTC Rezound, not because I was unhappy with iPhone, but because I was curious as to what else is out there. (I realize the Rezound is not a pure Android phone/experience.) The Rezound is a great phone in every way, and it could do everything that I was used to as an iPhone user. But I was unhappy with it, and returned it in favor of the iPhone 4s. My point here is this: I think some people simply prefer the iPhone or Android devices. I am certainly not an insane, unreasonable Apple follower, nor am "tech-stupid."

I found your article interesting and you make valid points. But there are some reasonable iPhone users out there! We aren't all "fanbois," as you stated. For some people, the iPhone is just more to our taste.

Anonymous said...

Also, I download apps without wireless all the time. Whoever posted that wireless is needed to download apps is mistaken..

Anonymous said...

Sunil i got an update for my s2 and it reboots and says update interrupted wth man what to do?

Sunil Goswami said...

Oh, I haven't got that update yet. You could try two things.
1. Plug the phone into the charger. And wait until the battery is nearly full.
2. Connect the phone to the Wifi and make sure your bandwidth is not being taken up by other programs.
3. Also try at different times of the day when server maybe less busy. If the update has just been released the update servers maybe overloaded.

If all else fails, call the customer support.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Sunil thanks what you wrote is 1billionthly true and i will never go close to even iphone50SUPER S.

But You and I cannot convince fanbois bad eh? let them troll into the dark.

Sunil Goswami said...

The reply button on this page is not working at present so I am forced to reply to comments the old fashioned way. It becomes a little hard to address though with so many comments from just one person called "Anonymous". :)

To the last commenter. Thank you for your kind remarks. I will be with you on that decision, even iPhone50SUPER S will be a super piece of crap and nothing more.

As for the fanbois, we can't convince them but I think the trend might be changing. With the increase in sales of Android phones it seems like marketing hype is being overpowered by superior user experience. I look forward to the day when Apple Fanboi will be added to the list of endangered species.

Sunil Goswami said...

Now replying to "Anonymous Feb 20, 2012 07:49 AM
Let me preface this by saying that..."

At first I was quite willing to take your claim of not being a fanboi at face value but....let's look deeper.

You have an iPhone and you bought an Android phone because "you were curious". Sounds fair enough! And this phone "could do everything your iPhone could do" but.."you just loved your iPhone". Those, my friend, are the symptoms of fanboitis.

Just as a matter of curiosity what did you not like in HTC Rezound, was it the fast 1.5 GHz processor or the in-built 16GB RAM or was it the capability to insert a microSD card to increase the storage?

You agree with all my list and counter my LOOOONG post with one checkbox in iTunes. I agree that it's a matter of preference how people want to sync their music but at the end of the day, an Android user can choose any of possible ways to sync whereas you would only be able to sync as Apple allows you to. THAT, is the real point, not that Apple deigned to give you a checkbox.

You agree that the Android phone was better, it could do everything that your iPhone could do (and the reverse is not true, your iPhone, even the 4S can't do everything the Rezound can do) but you still went back and bought a new iPhone. And yet you want me to believe that you are not an irrational, hype-controlled, mass-hypnotised Sheeple type of fanboi...hmmm, interesting!

You may not be "tech-stupid" as you say, but you'd need to provide better evidence of that than "I just prefer my iPhone" that's not tech-savvy enough for me.

"Your phone is superior in every way but I just love my iPhone" that is the motto of the Apple fanbois and that's what your comment boils down to....to paraphrase an old expression, if it looks like a Sheeple and talks like a Sheeple...

Welcome to my blog.

Unknown said...

I just read the article.. and most of the comments.. I have to agree with you in everything I am a proud owner of HTC EVO 4G, I get all I want with it.. my Iphone friend always keep fighting with me because he says that Iphone is a better phone that mine.. which in countless occasions I proved him wrong and still defending his Idropper. He always tells me that it will come out an Iphone 5.. but for what? so they can go and do all the stuff android's phones have been doing for years? haha They didn't even get 4G yet! then again.. I just laugh at the typical fanbois.. and I'm a girl who is not interested in the fancy (useless) Iphone, Icrap.. who in their right mind would make a phone out of glass? My friend dropped his Icrap and was broke.. the first time.. I dropped mine a loooot of times and the only thing it has is a crack in the back lol and is small.. well congrats in this article.. I loved it.. and I'm showing it to my friend to see if at least he can make a smart choice :)

Sunil Goswami said...


Hi Sandy,

Thank you for your comment, it made me smile. That is the typical fanboi behaviour, they will keep agreeing that their phone lacks the features and functions but still keep insisting that their iCrap is better. Once they made the mistake of buying iCrap they can't admit that they were wrong, that's why they keep on repeating what they know in their bones is wrong.

From first model to the current 4S there have been very few 'real' improvements. And whatever they have done, they have only caught up with the rest of the world. Like the camera, it's finally 8MP and still doesn't have half the options that you get in a 2-year old Android phone. Fanbois always say, "Megapixels is not everything". True. But then what is? I have seen photos from iPhone camera and they ALWAYS suck, don't get megapixels but at least make a camera that doesn't suck.

Even with iPhone 4S they haven't got a removable battery, a SD card slot or flash for the web. And none of these they can hope for in the future versions.

Not to sound patronizing or anything, but I always find it refreshing when a girl ignores the hype and goes for Android withstanding the lure of the mass appeal. Kudos to you!

Anonymous said...

You have to use an iphone/use it's periphrals (3rd party)/uses same apps/ 1 month and discuss it again.
4s does pretty much ipad 2 does. If you are a musicin on the go, Android can't touch I phone.(No simutaneous plug and play ability and 3rd party hardware support).Try Irig and Sampleank to line6 Midi mobilizer.android can't do.Do your research and come back to talk.

Isheep and Fandroids have same metality.Just to use the right tool for the job.
BTW if you are PC/Windows fan, do you think all pro photo/music makers using Macs because they are fanbois?
Wake up.

Sunil Goswami said...

*wakes up*


The only situation I can see myself using an iPhone in is if my life depended on it. It is like saying to a motorcyclist, "Go ride a tricycle to work for a month and then come talk." Not gonna happen. I have used an iPhone several times before and the only reason I didn't smash it into the wall was because it belonged to some friend of mine. It's frustrating.

iPhone 4S does pretty much the same stuff as iPad2, well, that's not saying much, is it?

iPhone has more options for the musicians right now, I'll give you that. But then it has been in production for longer and because of Apple's commercial focus has had much better 3rd party involvement when it comes to app creation. That's changing. IK Multimedia is working on creating for Android what they created for iPhone in the form of iRig, Amplitube and SampleTank. Check their forum.

As for using the right tool for the job, doing one niche thing does not make it an overall good platform and not an excuse to saddle its users with an inferior or restrictive device in an expensive shell.

Yes, I am a PC/Windows fan and you tell me why the Photo/Music makers use Macs. I use Premiere Pro for my film editing though the industry standard is Final Cut Pro. There's nothing that Premiere cannot do but industry people will use mostly Final Cut Pro because Mac is "the" platform to go to and Final Cut Pro is "the" solution to use. Those people are not IT professionals who will do their research to find the best possible solution, they will go by reputation and brand, and if it is more expensive than the rest well that just proves that it's the BEST, doesn't it?

I concede that there are some specilist apps for iOS that are either not available for PC/Android as yet or as happens more, not as well-known as their iOS cousins. Everybody and their dog have heard about Garageband, but does anybody know about Sony ACID Pro? And they both do the same thing. Here I will homage to Apple for what I have always said they do best - marketing.

And that's the kind of elitist, exclusivist thinking pisses me off and makes write against Apple's iCrap.

Thank you for your comment though, at least you had something to bring to the discussion.

Welcome to my blog. :)

Anonymous said...

Acid is a loop sofware and Garage band is low level DAW whick has VST like instruments.
The limitations of android is thier USB port doesnt equal to Iphone's data port.Forums can talk all they want but the limitation is Androisd USB port/OS which can't do simutanneous record as far as I know.Since tonds of hardware without the standard, hardware makers choose not to spend thier time on Android.ICSandwish amy not be fully functional with HTC/Samsung 's TOTL phones those are produced 1 -2 yeras ago.Glitches still continue.
3Gs/$/$s and ipod touch is copetible as well as Ipad, so developers (bot hard and software) put the money where the mouth it and consumers benifit form it.

Sunil Goswami said...


I must say I am impressed, you have taken one specific, niche functionality where iOS happens not to suck and leveraged it to make it sound like that is the literal Word of God. Well done! If you are not already part of Apple marketing team I'd suggest you try, you definitely have the potential.

Now, let's see you address the rest of my long list of FACTS from this post with the same deft cleverness. Go ahead and tell me that replaceable batteries are bad for health and 3.5" is size of the phone that Moses carried with him to the Mountain!

Oh, just btw, ACID pro is also a Digital Audio Workstation (see, how simple it sounds when you don't try to be impressive with abbreviations?), check this page - http://www.sonycreativesoftware.com/acidpro.
And ACID Pro is just one example, there are other alternatives available for PC, but as I said nobody knows them because they don't have Apple's crack publicity team behind them.

Anonymous said...

I live where there is only 1 cell tower,out in the Ocean,about ten miles out! I think the locals must believe thier kids will be born w/ten arms,n,legs,or maybe a few more eyes than needed,but never the less,only that cell tower,making every cell obsolete upon entrance to the public. I got an iPhone,cuz i wasn't accepted in my clique till i got 1. So a new iPhone 4GS aint what its crack(smoked by the makers),ed up to be. IOS5 Sucks,more than you can believe. Nothing works,like i saw the long video I saw on YouTube,shows! They must have gone throught the cells used in that vid., like a million times before letting each person show how good they have become. . . So I got mine,on reference to what I saw in the Circus Show of accomplishments made by Apple. They made me feel like I was the stupidest person on earth,if I didn't have one. . . so i got one. Nothing works as shown in the video. For instance "find my iPhone",no luck,so called a TRAINED TECH!!!! She said,"its not supposed to show you where it is!!! Then,went on to say,"it gives an approximate location,as I told her "It always showed,and dropped the blue pin EXACTLY where I was",when she told me,"You turn on the "locate my iPhone",from your Comp., THEN,CALL all your friends in the area,and tell them to GO OUTSIDE+ LISTEN AS YOU SEND A SIGNAL TO YOUR CELL,and they will find it for you!!! Last I heard,GPS,tells EXACTLY where it is,and ALWAYS DID,till this day. So thats how APPLE Techs are TRAINED(DUMBASS LOGIC),she went on to tell me GPS,isnt exact,just a,sort of locator.(go down street,and take a left,somewhere,before you get to end of street. Then go a while,till u feel right,taking a turn,your choice,then keep going,till u think your in a familiar place=GPS!). . . I was in my house on the Ocean,when i told her,my cell showed up,in the Ocean,when I was Holding it in my hand,in my house!!! Then,the Blue Dot,came out of the Ocean,and roamed around a few streets until it(Blue Dot),landed about a quarter mile from my house on a street,far away from me. . . ALL OTHER APPLE IOS5 APPS WORK THIS EXACT WAY-SHITTY+ BAD. . . . HTC 4G EVO has not done this to me(yet),since bought it 4 months ago,and it has ALL THE SAME THINGS(including a SIRI,type System),which APPLE uses SEO,just like they all do,except SIRI connects your things together(dont 4r get to bring a present to the party,saturday)<- taken right from thier video on SIRI. . .

Anonymous said...


I don't know where yur going with trying to be Smart ass personal attacks as you know what you are talking about but

wikiing and copy pasting.

This is not PC vs Mac. I can built a PC that out perform a Mac in everyway and still cheper.So don't be a sheep.

This is not about limitations of I phone.My point is advantage of Ios run devices which has advantages over Androids.

You talk about 3.5 " screen ( did I say I like 3.5") .Do not mix facts to prove your point.It's won't.

IPHONE sucks in the following

3.5 screen
fragile hardware
limited user customization


Best third party hardware support ( no you can swear to your god but, it's a fact)
More fully fuctioning apps with less glitchs ( don't bring exceptions to make your point)

BTW.I've use acid even before Sony bought them ( their DAW functionality still limited compared to Cubase/logic ( apple

bought from Emagic), sonar and protools ( again all of these run on PC/Mac, nothing to do with Android, so I don't think

you know what you are talking about).G band is entry level yet functional software that has every thing for a starter in


Please educate yourself before defending Fanbroid club.( no they can't compete IOS devices for simple reason.5 companes

doing 20 phones and incompetible haedwae.add that to not so great updates with not so grades fuctionality.add that to

software testing done for each device by each maker.)

Please do not pretend to know things that you don't because, it's JUST FUNNY FOR SOMEONE WHO KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT.

I want you to google the following and come up with competible Android hardware that has fully funtional software.

Tascam iXZ
Ik media irig/irig midi ( can use your midi KB - attach to it with IK media software -you'll have better sounding modules

than comercially availble modules those are less than $ 1500)
Line 6 midi mobilizer
Peavy ampkit

What I see with IOS bashers are mainly simple phone users/internet browsers/game players.
Once they start to use it extensively for a month, they will start to wake up.



Sunil Goswami said...

Reply to AnonymousFeb 27, 2012 04:31 PM

"I got an iPhone,cuz i wasn't accepted in my clique till i got 1."

That is exactly what irritates me about the iPhone the most. It's an extremely expensive, technologically inferior device that the fanbois treat like it's the cat's whiskers, the bee's knees and all the rest of it.

I am having a hard time believing that even Apple support techs are that stupid about GPS as you are saying but you have talked to them and I haven't so you know better.

Sunil Goswami said...

Reply to AnonymousFeb 27, 2012 09:05 PM


I am not being a smartass, I AM really impressed by your skill. I mean you had only one thing to go on, that iPhone has better hardware support for traveling musicians and look how much mileage you got out of it!

Even your new comment is predicated entirely on the SAME fact but see how cleverly you make me look stupid like I don't know anything about phones and just copy-paste data from spec sheets. And yet you didn't really say it outright. That takes some skill, man. Kudos.

If you are short on CONs for iPhone, just look up, they are right there on the top in my original post. And the commenters have added more. Also take note that many of those commenters are iPhone owners.

You have spewed around lots of stuff, all around the one functionality, music hardware support, mixing iOS for Mac with iPhone to very effectively confuse the issue. And then you have mentioned some stuff that is good and very skilfully made it sound negative. Like 5 companies coming out with Android phones as compared to 1 in iPhone's case. To me that spells openness and choices, but you make it sound like it's oh, so horrible!

As for testing by each company, I think iPhone manages to come up with more issues singlehandedly even though the testing is done by one company. At least, I have never been told by a company to "Hold the phone, just like that or your call won't go through."

"What I see with IOS bashers are mainly simple phone users/internet browsers/game players."

I must say wow again. Sounds like such a bad thing to use your phone to browse the net, play games or make phone calls. Maybe we should all becomes travelling musicians?

"Once they start to use it extensively for a month, they will start to wake up."

Then how would you explain the iPhone users who try Android for the first time, feel the freedom and never go back? I'd LOVE to hear your comments on that.

And how would you explain the rising market share of Android that's ALREADY more than iPhone?

Oh, I am just a geek who has tried and loved Android right from G1. Before Android I had other, non-smartphones and iPhone didn't measure up even to them.

I don't blame you for not wanting to comment further. There was one thing that you could sing about iPhone and that's done. What would you say now?

And anyway, you have spent your money on it, and spent some time defending a device that's not worth defending, so why waste more of your life doing that. I understand, mate.

Anonymous said...

i COMPLETLY AGREE!!! I had an iphone about a month ago until i got an android. never going back to apple again.oh, and for the people who argue siri is better then voice actions :)http://gizmodo.com/5888973/siri-vs-android-voice-actions

Anonymous said...

Hey Sunil. Even the hip hop folks know android is better. Phuck you apple fanbois and yo pussy ass iphone. Watch this video Sunil it made me laugh. Im glad the hip hop boys knows whats good for them.


Sunil Goswami said...

@AnonymousMar 1, 2012 08:44 PM

Thanks for the link, it was amusing, though I don't put much stock in the actual comparison. There are ways in which the Siri is totally useless in the UK.

Sunil Goswami said...

@AnonymousMar 2, 2012 07:17 PM

LOL! That's funny. I am thinking of making it my ringtone...;)

shaunbright said...

Actually, you can select to manually transfer music to an iPhone instead of having it automatically sync... thus completely negating that entire argument.

Just have to check the "Manually manage music and videos" box on the main device screen in iTunes.

Learn your facts before reporting on them.

Sunil Goswami said...

I think somebody else also talked about that checkbox in a comment. It is funny to see the fanbois getting excited about any small feature that Apple feels like giving them. Even with that checkbox you can only use your phone in a very limited capacity. Tell me if I am wrong but you can't really use it like a USB drive no matter how many options you check.

I won't say "learn your facts" or even "read the post carefully" but just "Buy an Android and be free."

Anonymous said...

What you think about the ipad 3 sunil. Can you shine some light into the darkness on apples new ipad 3.

Sunil Goswami said...

Oh, it's not called ipad 3, following the great innovative trend at Apple they have come up with a really unique name...are you ready? It's called the "New iPad", yeah, just like that, the NEW ipad. Maybe the next one will be called the super-absorbent ipad?

Anyway, it looks good on paper. The specs are good even if not as amazing as Apple wants us to believe. But the basic problem with any Apple product is still here, you buy an iCrap device and you walk into the Walled Garden of Apple. Same with this one.

Even though the spec's look good on paper, Apple has a way of making everything sucky its own innovative way. Like bluetooth on iCrap is very, very limited. Like the camera on iPhone 4S, it has good specs on paper, 8MP and all but the options are so limited you want to throw it in the bin. And performance sucks. I know because I have seen it and shamed the 4S owners with my Galaxy S II camera.

There is still no micrSD card, miniDisplay port etc. on the "New iPad" and I am sure Apple thinks that's the "way to go" and that's what the fanbois will think as well. In the meantime, I will be looking to buy a new tablet around Easter and you can be sure I won't be looking at the "New iCrap".

That's my 2 cents on the "New iCrap" for now. More later. :)

Anonymous said...

Love this post! Hope you don't hate Palm, cuz my Palm Pre 2 works WAY better than my wife's iPhone 4. Her phone pisses me off cuz it never works right and I have way more features. Only bad thing are Aps...and HP messed them up. But it's still a better phone and an iPhone. Also, stupid apple makes us upgrade everything. My wife's Mac pro will cost her just as much to buy a new Mac pro as it would to upgrade the OS and all the software that will no longer work with the upgrade! How do we stop people from buying crappy Apple products?

Sunil Goswami said...

Thank you, Anonymous. I don't hate Palm because I don't know much about it but I do know that Palm was a real innovative product unlike the Crapple products that are hyped to be innovative. From what I remember Palm started this revolution of convergence.
How we stop people from buying Crapple products...by raising awareness and hope to inform the people who are not Fanbois.

Anonymous said...

I have to say that I bought the iPhone 3Gs and at the time was VERY new to smartphones so I liked it because it was not my crappy flip phone. This went on for a year and the new iPhone 4 came out and again I only knew of the iPhone's so I went with it as well. In the past 3 months I have read just about every scrap of info i could on all of the new phones and EVERY SINGLE other phone on the market out does the iPhone in just about EVERY way possible.
I am proud and happy to report because of threads/blogs like yours I am the proud owner of the Samsung Galaxy Note which is better than the iPhone4s and the joke they are calling the iPad3 combined.
I went as far back as some of the 1st generation Samsung Galaxy phones and with each new version there was significant upgrades with the devices where as Apple adds maybe 1-2 things and its a HUGE deal.....

Just look for example at the iPhone 4 vs 4s. Same look, no upgrades to the battery, slightly faster processor, same screen size...i mean the list goes on basically its the iphone 4 just with the S added so the sheep of apple go nuts over it. OH AND WAIT THE 4S CAN'T EVEN GET ON THE LTE NETWORK!! "oh but it has 4G speeds"

Now lets look at the Samsung Galaxy S II to the Skyrocket. Larger sharper screen/resolution, improvement on the processor, Skyrocket can go on LTE 4G network now. Just those alone are better upgrades than apple has done since the iPhone gen 1 and that is just 1 upgrade from Samsung. Don't even get me started on the Note.

But here is the PLUS to owning my 2 apple phones. I was able to sell the 3Gs and the 4 on craigs list for over $500 for the pair because there are apple morons out there EVERYWHERE so I thank you apple for purchasing my new Samsung Galaxy Note and every accessory I could want with it and have enough money to take my fiance out to dinner. A good parting away from apple and their inferior products.

And remember apple users, use the ONLY line you can to defend yourselves "but when I jailbreak it" which ='s ignorance is bliss and people like you are FREE therapy for the rest of us thanking god we are not like the apple sheep.

Anonymous said...

Apple = communism and dictatorship. As i said long ago. People who love apple products love hitler stalin and all those other supremem rulling freaks. Apple gives no freedom you enjoy what they say you can enjoy. Your phone does only what they want it to. Jailbreak lmao go ahead that just means your committing treason and further means you want out of their control. So why you apple fans keep defending. You must have stock in the company. You want freedom go android. Drop that glass back one model iphone and join the crowd of joy and innovation samsung for life baby.

Sunil Goswami said...

@AnonymousMar 20, 2012 11:43 AM
Nice comment, mate. I really like the last para, if you are looking to jailbreak that means you are not happy with it, so why not go a step further and get yourself a real smartphone because even after jailbreak an iPhone is still crap phone.

@AnonymousMar 21, 2012 05:11 PM
Nice analogy and quite fitting. And I agree, if you are looking to jailbreak you are looking for freedom, come to AndroidCountry.

NM said...

I'm sorry I can't reply to the upper comment (it just doesn't load). But I disagree because communism is basically when everything is shared among people. Everything in a way belongs to community although you yourself do not really own it. I don't see this happening with iPhone and Apple. I see them as monopolists (although everybody on the market of technology is a monopolist, some having more power, some having less). Hitler on the other hand was not for communism. He had his Nationalist party. Which is totally different. Although in a sense, we could say that Apple is being "nationalist". It basically claims itself as the best product and that the rest cannot compete with it as it is so superior. But still, it is not very accurate to say that.

Another point I'd like to mention... From what I see here, people have two clans. Android fans and Apple fans. Both claiming that their thing is much better. BUT, both are not perfect. Android also has flaws. Yes, for me, Android is much better than iOS. But I can't say that Android is so great either. They both have upsides and downsides. And you can't really argue upon this because different people prefer different things out of various reasons.

Some might prefer Apple because of brand loyalty. Or some like it because it is considered to be a kind of "luxury" (it is very expensive). Etc.

So either way, this seems to be going a bit off the track...

Sunil Goswami said...

Hi Chi-Chi-Kata, nice to see you back. :)

Wow, you really take your political systems seriously. I just thought he remembered dictators from communist countries and let it go at that. But can't argue with your analysis. Well done.

Yes, it would be silly to say that even Android is perfect. Nothing is and nothing ever will be. That's why it's called state-of-the-art. This is the state in which this art is currently. I personally like Android because I get a better choice of phones, as in hardware, and as a platform it gives me wider choice in apps, and in the kind of things I can do with it. And with each version of Android we see real improvements in user experience as well as phone capabilities.

Yes, luxury and brand recognition is very good with Apple and that's why I keep bashing it, it's all just hype.

I think that was on track.

NM said...

I agree that Android gives real improvements and a variety. Although there is one thing that (from what I have seen) share the Android phones: after a while you get lags... And as from what I have heard from my technical friend (who is not an Apple fan btw) that iOS currently has better organisation than Android.
And well, some people just don't use their phones very much, so they will be fine with iPhone (:

Sunil Goswami said...

I have been using Android phones for several years now and I have experienced lag but not as a standard thing, just in special circumstances like waking up the phone sometime. Esp. on my new Galaxy Note things are very fine and speedy but it does have a 1.4GHz processor.

NM said...

Oh, Galaxy Note! I wanted to get that phone but I was told how not good it is and that it starts to lag after a while and etc. That in a way stopped me... I don't even know what to believe in because I can't have the phone and then change it to another one (I am a student and so this is quite a big sum for me) so I do not want it to be something like my iPhone... Buying it, paying a lot of money and then cursing myself to the end of days and it totally breaking relatively soon (by soon i mean 3 years). So I am taking a sort of neutral position... But I would love to get to know Android better (:

Sunil Goswami said...

Well, I have had it less than a month but I am mighty pleased with it. It's a big phone and I got it in white which is absolutely gorgeous! Talk about the luxury look! So far, it's very fast, the user experience is amazing and I love the stylus even though I haven't started sketching yet as was my original plan.
But I have had my Galaxy S II more than 6 months and still love it, still fast, powerful, lovely screen, great user experience.
Once I have spent a few more weeks with my Galaxy Note, I will do a proper review. It is an amazing phone. And I mean that literally. It amazed me even after all my expectations!

Anonymous said...

Think it was funny that being able to convert your iphone to a mobile wifi hotspot is null.My wife has an iphone and despises it when were cruising down the interstate and im on my laptop using my droid as a modem and she cant.the google maps on android being able to overlay arial straight up smokes iphone.My wife borrows my droid to find restaraunts and gets directions.Its way more easy to use and has way better detail

Anonymous said...

I dont know about you but i like how koreans think. Trust me they are difficult to beat. For example american made game starcraft got totally transformed by them. I bet very few american gamers if any can beat a rookie at that game if their life depended on it. They will always try to go over the top. The only thing i see what keeps apple in the game is people wih money in the company. Just as sunil said i can only imagine if samsung hooked up with indian programmers it will be a nightmare for apple. Heck steve jobs was willing to spend apples fortune to crush android what does that tell you? It means android is very good. Enjoy your iphone it sucks.

Anonymous said...

Chi chi kata. Your a smart guy but i must say you took my posting to literal. Sunil got it right off the bat. Let me explain. The whole base my of comment is freedom. Something apple doesnt give. I said apple equals communism and dictatorship. Its my job to explain why. That reason is again freedom. Communism private ownership is abolished. You think you own your iphone when you buy it ? No it belongs to apple . With android its yours trust me. Dictatorship. Well what apple says goes e.g. 3.5 inch screen and everyone says amen. Jailbreak. Well it means you want your freedom hence anyone as an apple fan is admitting this yet they defend its strange. Hitler and stalin well you get my point what they said went hence same as apple. Next time dont jump the gun. I enjoed the gov history though although it wasnt needed. Iphone still sucks btw.

NM said...

I am a perfectionist that loves great accuracy (:

I agree that you don't get much "freedom" with iPhone. I had mine jailbroken. It did not satisfy me either. I am strongly against Apple (:

And you had my point. I have always been telling this to my friends who own an iPhone. They keep on ignoring it and saying that when it is jailbroken you can do wonders with it. I just keep saying that it only proves how crappy it is and why bother with jailbreak instead of buying something you don't need to jailbreak.

Although my friends argue that android phones are poor quality and although apple is crap the quality of built is better and so many of them choose apple for that.

I personally have not noticed any quality in apple. My iPhone started literally decaying after a while... After one year my right dynamic broke. After another year it started crashing, after another half of the year my both dynamics got destroyed, my volume button stopped working and just slight pressure on the left side (anywhere) was boosting the volume to the max. And short time afterwards the iPod broke too. And microphone as well. Not saying that sometimes it was not letting calls through.

So I am completely disappointed in the quality. So the freedom question is even less important to me. Although originally this "freedom" seemed to me to be a lot more important (:

Anonymous said...


Read this chacha you have alot of people to argue with. Im not the only person with this type of thinking. Just google apple is like communism and you will find tons of people sharing the same idea. This is the very reason why i dont like apple. I disliked them ever since i was 4 i didnt know why but my dna raged against them. One model iphone vs 20+ androids. I guess apple folk all love vanilla ice cream cause thas all they are going to get. Apple = eves rotten fruit. Koreans all the way. Btw im hispanic.

NM said...

Thanks for the link, but I hate to argue.
And funny how you called me chacha (: since it's latin american dance (used to dance). And I don't necessarily think that if some people decide to call Apple being communist it is right. From the definition point of view they are wrong. So they don't actually know what communism is about and are building their argument on a mistake.
I am Russian btw.

Anonymous said...

Im finished here i meant chi chi but this forum lags so bad on this phone that letters overlap for some esoteric reason. I guess truth is relative. As from my pov you take things accurate for what they are. Its your style. I might ask then you might not be too good at chess or are you? Taking a queen just might cost you the game. Sometimes its best to look in a non linear way. I have ate turtle meat before and it tastes like chicken. You might deem that criminal as well because of your precision. How can we compare things in life if we cant use something else to judge it against? Your taking the communism way too serious for what it was intended for in the comment. Take a spiral approach next time your being to linear. If anything i can say for no hard feelings dobroe utro..... If thats how its spelled. Later

NM said...

This is going way off topic. Talking about me and my nature.

No, I am not that linear as you called me. I do agree that I am rather detailish, love precision and accuracy. But what you wrote there does not quite apply to me.

Still, I do not see any relevance of those comments to the main theme.

So please, if you have nothing to add to the thread about iPhone, don't get into discussion of my personality. Thank you in advance.

And yes, that's how you spell it in Latin letters.

Sunil Goswami said...

Anonymous, I agree with Chi-chi-kata. Let's keep the thread on technical track and refrain from personalities. Especially we are all on the side of the good technology.

May the SOURCE be with you. :)

Anonymous said...

Despite whos side your on Sunil thank you for understanding the analogy as simple as it was intended for. Everyones pov should be respected not disregarded. Apple as monopolists fine with me i can see the perspective not incorrect in anyway. Apple as communists and dictators thats how i see it in some aspects. Should be fine with anyone if they get analogy and leave it there. I dont hate apple just that they are like cult material. Android can be thought of as a cult but freedom androids bring imo negates that aspect. My boss swears by apple like its a god send. Is very disturbing. Meanwhile the entire computer system running the company is windows. Irony at its best. Ill end on this however apple still = communism and dictatorship if you catch my drift. Android rules

eddy said...

A.K said- "iTunes - Actually the new iTunes is much better. It doesn't screw things up anymore if you don't check the "automatic sync" option, so this fact is invalid. You'd be able to download all your iTunes songs again through iCloud. Through a 3rd party app you can easily copy your iPod songs back to your PC, and no, this isn't a complicated user-unfriendly hacking method. It's just a simple application."

Really? I just copy and paste. Never have I seen a more convoluted program like iTunes. Apple stuff is Fisher-Price for adults. And not even as good as the Fisher-Price for kids stuff.

I plan on following this blog. Apple fanboys trying to defend the iLife amuse me.

An Oriented Indian said...

I searched for "iPhone sucks", and came across your blog! Well written, Sunil, quite a good way to pass time, humorously! :)

Anonymous said...

Sunil. I just found out xda developers have hacked and got ios on android. what do you think about this? ios now with the android free will.

Sunil Goswami said...

Welcome to my blog, mate. I have seen iTunes only once and never before did I need to read a manual to find out how a user application works (reading a manual for C++ or Java makes sense but not for a program that copies data across). Once I found out how it worked, my reaction was "Are you fucking kidding me?!" You are right, for us Android users, we "just copy and paste". And that's how simple these things should be!

Dude, honestly, I don't even care. Here we have an open platform, hardware and software. To this hardware you bring a restricted software like iOS. What do you think would happen? It would bring the restrictions with it and turn happy Android users into miserable iOS zombies. Not a good idea.

It would be better if they try to port Android to iPhones, that way, it MIGHT give the iPhone users a LITTLE more freedom within the limits of their hardware restrictions.

The difference between iPhone and Android is that an Android user has a complete device in his hand, whereas the iPhone user is always dependent on his computer, on extra connectivity cables, on Apple and a LOT of luck.

Yes, I do mean that last one. Majority of iPhone devices turn into pure shit after about a year - dropping calls, crappy battery life, broken screen....the works. If yours doesn't have these things you are the lucky exception not the rule!

'nuff said.

Anonymous said...

Apple is a marketing company not a technology driven company. They can sell ice to Eskimos due to their marketing ability. So people who buy into the Apple crap is either stupid, retarded or plain dumb. Better go for nokia or any other manufacturer or OS instead. Even RIM is better that Apple. Dumb ass apples.

Not to be confused with the fruit. The fruit apple is great. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Jack said...

Thank you for this blog, I have spent the good part of two hours lmao at you tearing apart apple fanbois comments. One problem I have with the iPhone is their thing about usability, yes a two-year-old can use it, but most of us, I am assuming aren't two years old (although some fanbois act like it). I think it's better with android to spend maybe a half an hour to learn how to use it and have way more functions available to you. When I got my android I played with it constantly for 24 hours straight because it was so awesome. Anyway, back to my point, lets say you are a game creator, you wouldn't want to make a game that is overly simplified that a toddler could beat. You would want the game to actually have some content and features available that are fun and interesting to use. But hey, with a good marketing team you could sell any kind of crappy game that is just the same thing with a new cover *coughs* CoD *coughs*. However I do have one huge complaint with android that most people would probably agree with, and that cell phone companies need to stop, BLOATWARE! Yes I can get rid of it by rooting the phone, but why should I have too. For the most part I just ignore it, but they do take up space in my all apps screen and do occasionally ask to be updated when I don't care about or ever even use them. Other than that I am perfectly happy with my android and the even the sight of an iPhone ad annoys me.

Mike Jones said...

I agree with you jack. Iphone users are suckers. Like for reals if apple made a sports vehicle they would only give you 3 axles with the other axle on a jack stand.Why not make the car fully functional from the start... oh thats because thats our next sportscar S model then you will be able to drive the car. iZombies crack me up they praise half baked products. Id rather deal with bloatware than a low pos overpriced device anyday. Iphone sucks noobs

Sunil Goswami said...

@Anonymous, 100% true, mate. Apple is a marketing-based company. They spend a little time and money in developing the product and rest of their energy in creating the hype. If they wanted to, they could have made the device better, all the technology is already there in the market, but they didn't want to. For example, with Flash a website takes longer to load, so remove Flash so that it gives the illusion that browsing on iPhone is fast. And THAT is Apple's real innovation.

@Jack, I am glad you liked the post. I don't know what bloatware are you talking about though and why would you need to root to remove it. I have had several Android phones over the years and not getting any bloatware in the last few models. The only change from stock I see is the Samsung TouchWiz UI on Samsung phones and SenseUI on HTC phones. And they are good. I realized this when I upgraded my Galaxy S II to ICS without waiting for Samsung to customize it for their phones. Then I realized that I missed the TouchWiz enhancements.

@Mike, Isn't a car supposed to have two axles? LOL. But I agree with your premise, the car or device should be functional from the start not after 3 updates or jailbreaking.

Anonymous said...

Check out this post. Another ios user sees the light.

http://drippler.com/samsung/galaxy_s_ii#!270731 via Drippler

Sunil Goswami said...

Thank you anonymous, I like that post and I am going to link to it in a new post. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

I thought I was alone in my new hatred for apple ... Dumb people are annoying ... IPhone sucks!!! An off topic question ...what do you think of the Samsung S3? In the States it's still a rumor. .. I have the S2 so I'd definitely get thr s3

Sunil Goswami said...

Agreed and agreed.

Yes, I am also waiting for Galaxy S3 but so far all the spec's are just speculations. I would like to get it but only if the specs are great. If they screw things up like don't have a replaceable battery like the HTC One X, I won't compromise, if they don't have an SD card slot, no matter how much storage is on it, I won't go for it.

I liked the Galaxy S as well, but didn't buy it because it didn't have camera Flash. For me to buy a new phone it must be near-perfect if not 100% perfect.

Hey, I am an Android user, I can afford to be picky!

Mike Jones said...

I have a att I-727 samsung galaxy s2 skyrocket. How to update to ICS need help.

Sunil Goswami said...

Mike best way is to Google. Or see if Cyanogen has a custom mod for it. I upgraded my Galaxy SII to ICS without rooting, I just googled it.

AITB said...

iPhone does suck, but some Android phones also lack important basic features such as SD card slot, a regular SIM slot (f**k microSIM), and a removable battery (actually it doesn't matter much if it is massive such as a 3300mAh one in Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX). And I'm talking about HTC One series and all new Sony Xperias except Neo L.
I have Samsung Galaxy S II and Sony Ericsson Xperia pro. Since Sony let me down with its pathetic new phones, all that's left is to wait for Samsung Galaxy S III. Or maybe LG Optimus 4X HD.

Sunil Goswami said...

Yes, with Android we have a choice so we can pick the phone that satisfies our criteria and enjoy the same consistent Android experience. If a company makes a "great" phone on Android and leave out something as basic as a SD card slot, and try to promote is as the next BIG thing, we can simply give it the finger and buy a model that suits our needs. Poor iPhone users don't get that choice. Hence, my strong liking for Android.

Choice...there's no App for it!

AITB said...

Thanks for reply, it's nice to talk with someone who thinks same as I do.
Have you ever visited www.GSMarena.com? They have a "most popular phones" list. In 2011, HTC made many good phones such as Sensation, Desire S, ChaCha etc. but none of them ever got in the top 15. Now, in 2012, they make the crappy HTC One X with no SD slot, microSIM only and non-removable battery (which, again, I wouldn't complain about if it wasn't only 1850mAh) and it instantly becomes the 2nd most popular (the 1st one being the damn Samsung Galaxy Y)! There's proof that people don't know what's good.
Also, I've recently read a review that said iPhone 4S was better than Galaxy S II just because "the S II was on the throne for long enough". Lol.

Sunil Goswami said...

YW. I have visited GSMArena in the past, but I found couple of times that their spec's for the phones were not correct, and the mistakes were big, so I stopped visiting it from then on even though their link is right there in Google search results but I avoid it. What you are telling me has confirmed my decision that I was right to shun that site.

AITB said...

No, no, no. You got it wrong. The review that said the thing about 4S being better than S II is on some other site, not GSMArena. And the most popular phone list is based on page visits by site visitors (most visited page = most popular phone) so it's not GSMArena's fault, it's about people who like shiny phones more than ones that are real quality. Anyway, thanks a lot for writing this article, now I can finally prove my uncle against buying an iPhone :)

Sunil Goswami said...

Okay, thanks for the clarification.

Good luck with your uncle. The shiny phone principle does get in the way most times.

mike Jones said...

Haha. Just saw your short film Sunil good stuff. Haha how sad that fool felt. Anyway yea please help your uncle windtv. Dont let him buy that iphone. There is no such thing as one model fits all.. Yet all these iphone users seem to hold to that principle.
.. Weird people

Sunil Goswami said...

Thanks, Mike. Glad you liked the film. He was just an actor but he did portray the dismay very well. But the guy who really did it felt the same, I'll bet.

Anonymous said...

Apple is a marketing company and spends little time on development? Yeah, you really have no idea what you're talking about.

First, Flash. I cannot believe in 2012 (or '11) anyone is bringing up Flash as a selling point on a mobile device. Even Adobe has given up the fight. Flash flat out sucked on mobile devices save one or two (the S2 did a good job with it). Flash is a non-issue. If you're going to insist only Apple fanboys claim flash is going away, then I guess Adobe and, like, the whole rest of the development community in the world are comprised of Apple fanboys.

Let's look at this gem:

"Problems - There have always been issues with the iphones. "You have to hold it exactly like this or it won't work." was the famous one, but there have been many, many others. Yet, Apple tries to suppress them and does manage to keep them out of the press, trying to maintain the image that everything works."

So, you list a "famous" issue that received a lot of press and then insist that Apple manages to keep them out of the press? Wait, what? These words you're stringing together, you do know what they mean, yes? When making an argument, you should probably use examples that SUPPORT that argument. And you can't imagine how hysterical it is for an ANDROID user to babble about "problems." Lemme know if any of this sounds familiar: "Ohh, just do a hard reset." "Ohh, yeah, you need to do a battery pull." "Oh, well, yeah that feature sucks, but if you root your device you can..." Please.

Let's continue...

It's "censorship" that Apple doesn't allow 3rd party apps? Wha? You do know what that word actually means? Maybe not. I'll let you look it up. Welcome back. Now, as far as "censorship" goes, maybe if Android applied a little more "censorship" to it's app market it wouldn't be such a cesspool of junk and malware. BUH BUH BUH I GET TO DOWNLOAD STUFFS FOR FREE!!!

"The caveat here is that while the missing iPhone apps may ultimately be developed for Android, the reverse is not true."

Why is the reverse not true? I mean, other than you made some silly decision that it was true and then posted it with no logic behind the statement? I can't think of a major app available for either platform that doesn't eventually migrate one way or the other. It's okay to bash, but when you make stuff up your bashing just sounds like bashing.

"The Cult - iphone fanbois have their cult. It's not allowed to say anything against Apple or iPhone. If you start pointing out things that are wrong with the iPhone the fanbois start frothing at the mouth and spouting profanities."

People that use the term "fanbois" generally misspell the word like that because their keyboard is lathered in froth.

Also, I loved the opening: "I hate Apple, Apple products, I have never owned one or would own one...but I did some research!" Yes, of course you did. You picked one up, smirked, put it back down. Research over.

I've owned virtually every smartphone on the market, I'm familiar with all of their features, their pros and their cons. This is all about preference, one is not better than the other. That's the universal and objective truth. And as more Android vendors move away from removable batteries and storage, I'm sure you'll convince yourself that their reason for doing it is so much smarter than Apple's.

In short, you don't know shit but what you like and you mistake what you like for "truth."

Apple blows dog balls! said...

Excellent reading indeed!

I recently got rid of my shitty iPhone 4 and got me a Samsung GS2 with 4G. The texting with the damn iphone was a right pain in the ass! If autocorrect was enabled, it would change words to absolutely retarded shit and when it wasn't, I had to deal with constantly going back to fix up things I'd typed because I'd hit the wrong keys because there's no feel to the onscreen keyboard. What's even more ridiculous is the space bar itself despite being the largest key on the screen, was damn near impossible to hit! I'd find myself pressing C or N or B or some shit like that! Since using the Swype function on my droid phone, that frustration is long gone.

iTunes sucked a big bag of donkey balls too! Absolutely belligerent in the way it functions and way too restricted. Despite the fact that I'd ripped all of my CDs onto the computer as mp3 to put on the phone, it still butchered song names, cover art and just about everything else on it. Then by simply clicking one little button incorrectly one night when I was tired due to staying up for hours on end trying to fix up the pure rape it committed on my audio files, it deleted every single mp3 on my system! What a fuckload of fuckin bullfuck! A droid device that just functions as a USB storage gives me no such issues at all and doesn't try to completely hijack my system. Apple users may defend the capability of iTunes saying that you can turn those features off etc, that doesn't mean shit! The mere fact they need to be turned off is purely annoying from the get go. I shouldn't have to tell iTunes not to rape my PC in the ass with a baseball bat and have its way with it like a pimp does on his junkie whore.

To top it all off, I broke the screen 3 times in a matter of 8 months! No, I don't want to use a crappy, ugly, bulky case for the phone so it feels like I am carrying a watermelon in my pocket! Truth is, the thing feel from no less than a whole 11 inches from the ground and didn't really land that hard. The screen was completely destroyed! As if that wasn't bad enough, I'd bought and aftermarket screen as I wasn't prepared to pay a whopping amount of cash for a new one from crapple, so I changed it myself. Upon doing that, saving myself $170 in the process, days later I got up off my couch and leaned with my hand onto the sofa next to where the phone was sitting. The phone then rolled onto my knuckle and the screen broke! Guess all that NASA technology they are using is going to great use lol.

I've personally seen lumps of shit come out of my ass with more usability, functionality and are far stronger than an iPhone. I'd sooner ram a billiard table up my ass than use another crapple product! So, yes, I've owned apple products and can confirm they are nothing but a god damned pain in the ass to use, no end! The phone I have now isn't free from flaws but they don't get on my nerves anywhere near as much as the iphone did. The utter irritability the iphone caused was more than had I walked around with a pair of shit stained undergarments on for a week. It's actually less stressful setting yourself on fucking fire than trying to make a text message on an iphone! So for me, NO, the iPhone didn't 'just work' as Apple product owners claim it to. It damn well gave me the utter shits every single moment of the day!

Anonymous said...

"It's actually less stressful setting yourself on fucking fire than trying to make a text message on an iphone! So for me, NO, the iPhone didn't 'just work' as Apple product owners claim it to. It damn well gave me the utter shits every single moment of the day!"

So you're saying a device that Android users insist is so dumb that it's made for children, old people, and apes completely defeated you when it came to creating a text message?


AITB said...

iPhone is more of a portable game console than a phone.
iPhone made me realize that I'm surrounded by idiots.
For example, my friend wants to buy an iPhone just because his university principal owns one, and won't buy Samsung Galaxy 2 because he says "it's overly big and looks like a plate"! o_O
ANDROID ROCKS! In fact, I'm typing this on my Xperia pro. I wouldn't be able to type on the iPhone because of its f*cking small keyboard!

Anonymous said...

Check out this video. Why apple sucks


Sunil Goswami said...

Replying to - AnonymousApr 21, 2012 11:05 AM

I wasn't sure I needed to reply to this as couple of users had already done so but let me sort through your heavy sarcasm and emotional reaction and try to see if there is anything really worth replying to.

First Flash, say whatever you want to say to pacify that burn on your ass but I have Flash you don't. You gotta say something to make yourself feel better, it doesn't make an argument, however.

Problems...ever heard of "Perfect crime"? I will let YOU look that up.... Welcome back. Now, you know why I can only point out things that people know. But for added bonus, look in the comments on this post, you'll find things reported by iPhone owners that you won't find on the net or in Apple's FAQ.

Rest of that was your emotional rambling so I'll let that go.

Censorship..yes, as any dictator in history has always claimed "It's for your own good." Guess what, it's not! It's for THEIR own good. Google "top 10 iPhones banned apps" some time and find out.

Apps comparison - The reverse is not true because Apple is more closed than Shylock's heart (look it up too). Apps like Tasker and Locale will NEVER be on iOS because Apple will never open its API to developers like that. Hold on, before you shake your head and say (in typical Fanboi fashion) "I don't need Tasker". Read my post on iPAD http://sunilgoswami.blogspot.co.uk/2011/01/wtf-is-this-crap-called-ipad.html
and find out what those apps really do. Of course, you'll still say you don't need them but that's okay, I expect that from Fanbois.

And while we are at it, Fanboi is not a misspell it's deliberate, it's a term to describe technologically challenged iCrap lovers, not a concatenation of two words.

iCult - Yes, read above for a comment where the guy was not accepted in his peer group until he bought himself an iPhone. A similar cult cannot exist for Android because there are so many Android phones. What you Fanbois call "Fragmentation" we call it choice.

Glad you loved the opening, I am sure after that your eyes burning were with hate and you weren't able to read much but I am glad you liked what you read. Thanks.

When you say
"I've owned virtually every smartphone on the market"
I take it to mean that you have owned every overhyped piece of iCrap since it was launched and you probably stood in line for it, tell me the truth, you did, didn't you?

"This is all about preference"
If it's really all about preference then why did it burn your ass so much that I said anything against your precious iPhone? Don't try to sound sane now, Fanboi, too late for it.

When Android vendors move away from removable batteries and SD card slots, I can move away from them. As an Android user I am spoiled for choice. I don't have to walk in line and buy the POS the "company" releases.

"In short, you don't know shit "
Here I completely agree with you! I am not familiar with "shit" since I don't own an iPhone.

What more you got?

And I am really curious how do fanbois find this post anyway? Do they Google "iPhone sucks"? Oh, the irony! *doubles up laughing*

Sunil Goswami said...

Replying to Apple blows dog balls!Apr 21, 2012 02:35 PM

Dude, that's a really obscene name you got there. LOL! Your post had me ROFL. I mean I am sorry you had all that trouble with the iShit but oh man, I can totally feel your rage, mate. Don't go the iRoute any more, will ya?

@WINDTV, these are all the excuses people will use to choose iPhone. In fact it's just the peer peer pressure "ooh look shiny phone, everybody has one, must get it". If (when) Apple releases the iPhone version with 4+ inch screen, what do you wanna bet these same people will be standing in line outside the store to get one?

Looks like a plate...LOL. I have an SGSII and it's a sleek, slim piece of kit, which gives Fanbois a burn in the ass! LOL.

@AnonymousApr 24, 2012 12:55 AM
Thanks for the video link, haven't seen it full yet, but liked what I saw. Going to watch it to completion in the evening.

Mike jones said...

Gawd I must say Sunil checkmatted that last poster so bad i kinda felt sorry for him.... NOT. Anonymous thats what happens when you think your smart google up iphone sucks and then try to defend your schitty ass iphone and the rest of apples products. I never liked apple and i was going to get a 4s over a sg2 skyrocket just because everyone at my job had an iphone. The teller would not let me buy the 4s he was determined and i got the sg2. Im glad he put me back on track. You can continue and be an iZombie and let apple dictate your iphone have fun being a brainless itrash lover. Its not all that bad talk to siri maybe that iZombie bitch might cheer you up.... Siri does iphone suck......Yes anonymous iphone sucks you shoulda got an android.

AITB said...

I know, I've got SGSII too, bought it about 6 months ago and it's still the best phone on the market if you ask me. My other phone, Sony Ericsson Xperia pro, I use to compare the performance.
So when someone says SGSII is overly big, I say "Go for Xperia pro". Choice is the greatest thing about Android.
Those two phones I have now, but I'm worried about the future. New HTC phones suck, new Sony phones suck. The only remaining options are LG Optimus 4X and Samsung Galaxy S III. I'm worried about the latter, though, because its rumored specs are shitty. Can't wait for May 3rd (its official preview date)!

Joseph said...

Hello Mr. Goswami,
I too do not understand why people buy Iphones. Recently, I had a person I know buy a Iphone who had an Android device. I tried so hard to get her to buy an Android again but she said "It looks better and it comes in white". I did a face palm and gave up and said "I guess the IPhone IS for stupid people." I have a Droid X. I love the huge screen and back button etc. This blog post is great. It makes me laugh because its all true. I am an IT major in school and see other IT majors think they are so smart because they have an IPhone. I am looking for a new phone soon since I think my contract epires this October. I am hoping to pick up a Samsung Galaxy SIII when it comes out (Please Verizon). I have also heard news of an HTC 5 inch monster phone to compete with the Note that will end up on Verizon. Any Suggestions?

Sunil Goswami said...

Once again, time to reply to comments. I try to do it only once in a while on this post otherwise it ends up with more comments from me and less from my readers. And I'd rather hear from my readers, I ramble on way too much as it is.

I have rescued a couple of comments from Spam as well just now, including Jospeh's which I don't understand. It's a normally written comment with good grammar, no weird links or anything and yet it ends up in Spam!

@Mike Jones - I had to, mate. I don't like fanbois pretending to be sane and intelligent about their choice while waving an iPhone. I like that comment of yours "Siri does iPhone suck" LOL. I would like to make a cartoon like that if I could get to my Photoshop one of these days. I am too busy with film projects these days.
Good to see you back too, Mike.

@WindTV, I have a Galaxy S2 and a Galaxy Note, both are the very best phones in the world, and I love the Note, but I don't mind if anyone calls SGSII the best in the world because I know that the Note is not for everyone because of its size which I love btw.

I am also a bit concerned about S3's final spec's but one thing I am sure of. If it's not absolutely perfect and a good sequel to S2, I will give it a miss just like I didn't buy the Galaxy S because it didn't have a camera flash. We are android users we only have to wait a couple of months before the next great phone is available for us to pick.

Because the Android OS is upgradable easily and regularly, I don't even feel the need to upgrade the phone so quickly. As long as you have decent hardware to begin with just upgrade the firmware and you are good to go. And SGS2 is definitely more than decent hardware.

@Joseph, no need to be this formal on this blog. Just call me Sunny :) Welcome to my blog and let me tell you I know the frustration of telling someone about Android and then hear an asinine response like "It comes in white" or "all my friends have one". Jesus Christ! Stop being sheep, people. But no, doesn't happen.

Still, I give girls some slack. It may be sexist but girls usually don't make informed choices they make emotional decisions. So if I see a girl sporting a iCrap device, I keep my calm. :)

I am waiting eagerly for the Galaxy S3 to see what spec's it comes out with. The way HTC fucked up on One X, no SD card, no replaceable battery, I am not sure if their next phone will be able to compete with the Galaxy Note, but we will see.

My suggestion is wait until HTC releases their monster and when the Galaxy Note prices drop because of the new competition, grab a Galaxy Note. It's incredible in every sense of the word! I have not had a single person who looked at it and wasn't impressed even if they thought it was too big for them.

Oh, last week we had auditions for a role in my current film. We had 7 actresses who came for the auditions and EACH one asked something like "Is that a PHONE?" or "What is THAT?". It just grabs attention. And I found it really convenient to use the S-Pen to make notes in the S-Memo app, it is as good as advertised!


AITB said...

Note is a great phone, but I prefer Galaxy S II because its smaller resolution means it's faster. Also, it's less fragile. But I don't mind its size much.
The S III official preview event is tomorrow, can't wait!
On my site, I post links of useful sites. Can I add a link to this page?

Sunil Goswami said...

@WindTV - Dude, don't like an iPhone owner! Smaller resolution doesn't mean it's faster or anything. Note has a 1.4 GHz CPU. I have both phones and I use them both every day. The Note is neither fragile nor slow, it's a delight to browse the internet on it. If you don't mind its size then it's the best phone in the world bar none!

It's only a preview of SIII tomorrow? I thought it was the launch? More wait for the actual phone to come out? Damn!

If the links are relevant to the conversation you can post them on this page. Be careful though, a link makes it more likely that Google will class your comment as spam.


AITB said...

I don't dislike Note. Note is an AWESOME phone. But 3D graphics benchmarks (NenaMark 2) shows Galaxy S II as slightly faster:
Galaxy S II (Gingerbread): 46.2 fps
Galaxy S II (ICS): 51.6 fps
Galaxy Note (Gingerbread): 33.9 fps
Not that it really matters (everything above 30fps is very good) but still it does matter for some users (gamers). Still, for other users, Note is one of the best choices they can make.

You misunderstood my question. Sorry, my mistake, I was in a hurry while I was writing it. What I meant was, can I advertise YOUR BLOG on MY SITE? I wrote an article about why iPhone sucks (10 reasons) about 3 months ago, and some people don't find that enough.
Thanks in advance.

Sunil Goswami said...

Ah, now I got you. Okay, I hadn't read the benchmarks and to be frank, I don't put much stock in them. User experience counts for more. But they are both awesome phones so comparing them in the real world is not easy. I do want ICS on Note though. I installed it on the SGSII myself and it is a great upgrade.

Oh yes, of course, feel free to link to my post, it's all about raising awareness. Also put a link here for your "top 10 resons" post.


AITB said...

Thanks :)
People really need to realize the truth about Apple.
I agree with you, it's not the speed but the user experience that counts. Take HTC One X for example. Fuck the quad-core processor when you can't have a microSD card slot and you have to cut down your SIM to use the phone.

Updating an Android phone is very important, take my father's Galaxy S for example. For some reason, it won't update to 2.3 Gingerbread and is stuck on 2.2 Froyo. He used it for months and it became so slow it's barely usable (example for "barely usable": when you pull down the notification area, it gets stuck in the middle, so you have to flip it to landscape, then to portrait again to open it)!
He is using Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX now. Luckily.
Have a nice day.

Sunil Goswami said...

Oh yes, HTC really fucked up with the One X, I am not gonna buy it not going to advice anyone to buy it. Just because it's Android we are not going to start singing its praises. We are not iSheep after all.

That's a shame about your father's phone especially considering what a major upgrade Gingerbread was. How about doing a hard reset to Froyo?

I was watching your "Hitler hates iPhone" video...very clever, and hilarious. :) Good job!

Anonymous said...

I'm a Graphic designer. I'v been using macs since the beginner. Today I can say Apple is a Crap company. It has stopped supporting the people that supported it for years. Dropping flash. the best coding technology on the web not only was a slap in designers faces and has hurt the banner advertising industry. There's nothing to replace it with. HTML5 is a joke. You can't also play AVI or other none mac audio and video formats. They just have a beef with Adobe. That's all. Get over it. When Iphones just came out you could not view one YOUTUBE video. Because Youtube when with the biggest video standard on the web. Which is Flash video. They had to change the formate because of apple. I talk to a lot of Iphone people about not seeing flash. They say they get that once in a while. They don't realize that web designers link myself build sexy flash sites for the rest of the world and crappy HTML sites for apple ipad and Iphone users. It's all hip from the iphone to Mirror screens that reflect more than what they show. What good is a RETNA screen what your seeing the window behind you reflecting of it. APPLE is THE NEW MICROSOFT. I thought I would never see this day but it has come for a couple of years now. APPLE just wants you to be an Itune junky. That's what it's all about and Adobe was an apple partner in the early days. They made Apple hardware work with postscript and it's great apps. They weren't even available one the PC back then. Now Adobe is a competitor because Apple has entered every market and they will keep sucking people to buy there crap. I will always buy mac computers because that's all I know when it comes to computing. But I do have designer friends who tell me I can get much more PC for the money.
I do believe that. I just an old dog that way. But I will be damed if I buy a Mac phone or a Apple Ipad. They just are crap.

MythRa said...

hi there...nice facts indeed...

btw, i'm here to share my little opinion about iphone...:)

i bought my 1st iPhone4 last year, what i wanna say is...i'm happy to use it, but to be honest...i hate it when some of my friend call me an 'iPhone fanboy'..

i'm not a gadget's geek or whatever..i'm a Nokia user for years, i bought a new phone when my last Nokia was damaged..Y_Y

FYI, i'm an artist/illustrator...1st requirement i want for my new smartphone is, it has a large screen, so i can put my artwork as wallpapers...2nd, i can check my emails wherever & whenever i want...:)

at 1st i really want blackberry torch, what i do is i trying to play around with my friend's BB Torch for a while and i like it...:)

after that, my other friend bought an iPhone, i tried that too...and i like it more than BB Torch...why, bcoz the screen is also big like BB Torch, but the bonus is, the screen quality for retina display is far better than BB Torch..and 1 more thing, when i slide the screen..the smoothness is also far better than BB Torch...

the prices between BB Torch & iPhone4 in my country at that time is almost the same...so i have to make a good decision, at least for that time...so i Google some research...to make it short, i go for iPhone4...

i'm really not following the trend of nowadays gadgets, but bcoz some of my friends call me 'an iPhone fanboy'..i'm starting to get annoyed by it...so i do some readings about it...1 thing i wonder is, why there's must be a group of haters that hate 'that phone' & 'this phone' so much?why this happened?why always generalized people by their interest and call them idiots just because their interest's not the same as us?and i still wonder...

after a while bfore i bought an iPhone4, there comes Samsung with touch screen( i forgot the model)..i bought it to my sister...she love it and i love it too...(see, i didn't hate any phones)

and this year, i bought another phone as my 2nd phone, also to replace my Nokia(i use 2 phones before and they're both Nokia)...what i bought is Samsung Galaxy Note, it's becoz i can do sketches better than what i can do with my iPhone4...(once again, i didn't hate any phones)...

the point here is, what decision we made to buy phones or whatever, it's depends on our own interest, as for me..i love a good quality screen, the specs goes second...if i want high capacity hard drive, i will buy external hdd, if i want a good quality photo, i will buy DSLR,etc...now i have both Android & iPhone...i wonder why my friend doesn't call me "Hey u, an iPhone and Android fanboy!"...:p

afterall, it is useless to argue something like this...haters gonna hate like there's NO tommorrow...and honestly,i really pity them...it's is better to be an Apps Developer than to hate this and that...:)

MythRa said...

sorry, there's an error in this paragraph...

"after a while bfore(it's supposed to be 'after') i bought an iPhone4, there comes Samsung with touch screen( i forgot the model)..i bought it to my sister...she love it and i love it too...(see, i didn't hate any phones)"

ohh...i forgot to add my experience with iPhone when it comes really useful for me at that time...

at one day, i stay at my brother's place and i have to use the PC to to do some works there...but, unfortunately i can't connect the PC to the network to use internet bcoz i didn't bring my donggle/wifi receiver...what i do is Googling to see if there's any way i can use my phone as a wifi receiver...and the result is, IT WAS THERE!

what i have to do is just download the app called PDANet from the Appstore, then my iPhone4 now can connect my PC to the network...it's really useful...but, i really don't know if android also can do that...my story is NOT to shows the comparison, just sharing my experience...

have a nice day...:)

MythRa said...

hi there...nice facts indeed...

btw, i'm here to share my little opinion about iphone...:)

i bought my 1st iPhone4 last year, what i wanna say is...i'm happy to use it, but to be honest...i hate it when some of my friend call me an 'iPhone fanboy'..

i'm not a gadget's geek or whatever..i'm a Nokia user for years, i bought a new phone when my last Nokia was damaged..Y_Y

FYI, i'm an artist/illustrator...1st requirement i want for my new smartphone is, it has a large screen, so i can put my artwork as wallpapers...2nd, i can check my emails wherever & whenever i want...:)

at 1st i really want blackberry torch, what i do is i trying to play around with my friend's BB Torch for a while and i like it...:)

after that, my other friend bought an iPhone, i tried that too...and i like it more than BB Torch...why, bcoz the screen is also big like BB Torch, but the bonus is, the screen quality for retina display is far better than BB Torch..and 1 more thing, when i slide the screen..the smoothness is also far better than BB Torch...

the prices between BB Torch & iPhone4 in my country at that time is almost the same...so i have to make a good decision, at least for that time...so i Google some research...to make it short, i go for iPhone4...

i'm really not following the trend of nowadays gadgets, but bcoz some of my friends call me 'an iPhone fanboy'..i'm starting to get annoyed by it...so i do some readings about it...1 thing i wonder is, why there's must be a group of haters that hate 'that phone' & 'this phone' so much?why this happened?why always generalized people by their interest and call them idiots just because their interest's not the same as us?and i still wonder...

after a while after i bought an iPhone4, there comes Samsung with touch screen( i forgot the model)..i bought it to my sister...she love it and i love it too...(see, i didn't hate any phones)

and this year, i bought another phone as my 2nd phone, also to replace my Nokia(i use 2 phones before and they're both Nokia)...what i bought is Samsung Galaxy Note, it's becoz i can do sketches better than what i can do with my iPhone4...(once again, i didn't hate any phones)...

the point here is, what decision we made to buy phones or whatever, it's depends on our own interest, as for me..i love a good quality screen, the specs goes second...if i want high capacity hard drive, i will buy external hdd, if i want a good quality photo, i will buy DSLR,etc...now i have both Android & iPhone...i wonder why my friend doesn't call me "Hey u, an iPhone and Android fanboy!"...:p

afterall, it is useless to argue something like this...haters gonna hate like there's NO tommorrow...and honestly,i really pity them...it's is better to be an Apps Developer than to hate this and that...:)

ohh...i forgot to add my experience with iPhone when it comes really useful for me at that time...

at one day, i stay at my brother's place and i have to use the PC to to do some works there...but, unfortunately i can't connect the PC to the network to use internet bcoz i didn't bring my donggle/wifi receiver...what i do is Googling to see if there's any way i can use my phone as a wifi receiver...and the result is, IT WAS THERE!

what i have to do is just download the app called PDANet from the Appstore, then my iPhone4 now can connect my PC to the network...it's really useful...but, i really don't know if android also can do that...my story is NOT to shows the comparison, just sharing my experience...

have a nice day...:)

Sunil Goswami said...

@AnonymousMay 4, 2012 08:48 AM
Welcome to my blog and thanks for your comment. You have made some really good points.

Sunil Goswami said...

Welcome to my blog and thanks for taking the time to comment. Let me respond.

Buddy, I wouldn't call you a fanboy, knowing what you want is not being a fanboy and as you say you don't hate any phones.

The reason I take this so seriously (too seriously, I admit) is because of Apple policies and fanboi behaviour. For example, Apple doesn't allow Flash in their browser thereby reducing the choice that a user has. But Fanbois try to prove that it's a good thing that they don't have the option.

If you like the display and iPhone screen is your choice, fine, as long as you are informed about it and know that that's what you want. What I don't like is that people are hypnotised by Apple's aggressive marketing and buy it because "Oh, it's shiny!" That's what I really hate.

These days iPhone's screen is not really big in comparison and I think you have made a great choice in buying Galaxy Note. I have one myself and I absolutely love it. Now that you have the Note you will be in the best position to make a good comparison. If later on you realize that the iPhone lacks so many features, you can come back and comment again. :) Or if you find that there are certain things where the iPhone excels you are welcome to come and share those as well.

Another reason I hate iPhone is because it's overpriced. It's too expensive for what it is. It lacks a lot of features, restricts its user in many ways and still they charge so much for it, because of marketing. I think Apple fools their customer this way and I don't like it at all!

To answer your question about connecting your PC to the internet via your phone, it's called Tethering and you can do that for free on Android. Actually you can do that in 3 ways. You can use the phone's data connection and pass it on to the PC by using an option called Portable Hotspot. In this configuration the phone acts like a Wifi Access Point and the PC can find it just like a broadband router .

If your phone is connecting to a wifi and you want to pass it on to the computer, you can use either a USB cable or use Bluetooth. This is one of the things that Apple had restricted before on the iPhone.

I don't agree with your point about the spec being second. It's okay that some features may be more important to you than others but I don't agree that other things are not important because you can buy different hardware for it.

It's all about the users' need and the use of that feature in the lifestyle. For example, I watch a lot of movies and TV shows on my phone when I am on the train or on the London tube. For that purpose I like to have lots of storage on my phone so I can copy lots of movies and don't have to keep updating every few days. Now, I can't buy an external hdd drive for that. Actually, I have several high capacity drives but to plug one of those in I will need to carry my laptop with me. Now, you tell me how easy and comfortable it will be to open my 17-inch laptop on the tube and watch a movie? My 5.3" Galaxy Note screen however, is very convenient for this purpose. So I can copy the movies to my microSD card or USB flash drive and watch them anywhere I like.

Same thing about photos. I do have a DSLR (recently bought), and I had other cameras before this, but I can't always take my camera with me (for various practical reasons), one of the reasons is that I don't expect to take any photos in that trip. But if I suddenly find something that I want to photograph...that's exactly the kind of situation cellphone cameras were made for. Then why should I not expect my phone to give me a decent photo. Especially when other phones are doing it and the technology is easily available?

You see what I am saying? It's not the phone or the brand, it's what the phone adds to a user's life and at what price.

I hope that makes sense. :)


AITB said...

Have you seen the Galaxy S III?
Bad news... They fucked it up!
MicroSIM only... Why microSIM? Is the regular SIM too big to fit (I doubt because it's 8.5mm thin, same as SGSII)? Why don't you make the phone thicker then, Samsung? Making a phone slim at the cost of features is not a smart move. You've disappointed me, Samsung.
All that's left is to wait for LG Optimus 4X HD. It's not the slimmest phone out there, so what. It has more features than SGSIII, and it's the features that count.

Anonymous said...

Hello, people from the past. I'm a time traveler from the year 2035. I can tell you that Apple finally made a phone better than T-Mobile G1, first Android phone ever: the iPhone 32 Super S! It can even make a call, and survive a drop from 5 inches! Apple claims that this is the "pinnacle of phone evolution" and priced it 50000$, which they say is because of the luxury microSD card slot, which made its first appearance on an Apple device.
Meanwhile, Android 12.0 Strawberry Yogurt confirmed Android's place as the best mobile platform in the world by adding a new function to its massive feature set: making breakfast. The first phone to have this function will be the long-awaited Samsung Galaxy S XXVI.

Sunil Goswami said...

LOL..those are all good news from the future! I am looking forward Strawberry Yogurt on my Galaxy S26. Oh joy, I hope the new feature can be configured to make veg breakfast. What am I saying? It's Android! Of course, it can be configured.

Good one! :)

AITB said...

Hahaha, good one, Anonymous! I'm glad to hear that Samsung Galaxy S XXVI is going to be so great. I hope it will be revolutionary, like S II and unlike S III.
Don't get me wrong, S III isn't that bad (certainly better than HTC's and Sony's new phones), but since it has nothing more than detecting if you're looking at the phone and turning the screen on/off based on that, it seems like all the waiting was for nothing.

A????? P??????? said...

Hi. I just read dis blog and I must say, you're absolutely correct! iPhone sucks and so do Apple Fanboy (or Fanboi) faces!
Lol, I saw an Fanboi troll on GSMarena blog! You should have seen that fool! He said something like "I don't need a girlfriend, Apple told me Siri is my girlfriend". While that is funny it makes you think the guy was dropped on his head when he was little.
What do you think about the Samsung Galaxy S3?

Sunil Goswami said...

@A? ? ? ? ? P? ? ? ? ? ?
That is funny in a sad way.

For my views on Galaxy S3, please read my recent post on the topic.

I hate the microSim secession too but read my detailed discussion on the same in my post on S3.

Mike jones said...

Wow. Just read some other blogs. Didnt realize the s in iphone 4s stands for suckers. Apple says we will make the iphone 4 and shortly after the iphone 4(s)uckers. Sure enuff alot of suckers bought it. Ironic letter s. Anyway im looking at the s3 it looks nice man. Miles ahead of apple

Sunil Goswami said...

@Mike, that's the thing, but the beauty of it is that they don't like it if you call them suckers. That's why I call it a cult. It is forbidden to apply common sense and logic in a cult.

Frankly, I like the S3. It is miles ahead of Apple even Galaxy S was. People are complaining about S3 but I think it was just a question of high expectations based on rumours. If you look carefully, you are getting several new technologies in the S3, some as part of ICS and others by Samsung. And they are real, new, innovating technologies not like packaging an age-old voice-command technology and calling it Siri.

For example, the eye-movement detection technology. It's brand new and I don't know how well it works but as it matures it could even be used to control your phone with just your eyes. Talk about one-hand operation, selecting menu options with a blink, scrolling webpages with your eyes, launching the camera by closing one eye, releasing shutter by blinking the other eye...the possibilities, man.

Or Face-unlock with ICS, how secure is that. I have tried it in an unofficial app already and it's awesome, works fast, no need for password, works even in low light. Apple, on the other hand, still uses the old number password, not even a dot-matrix like the old Android method. And if you just ask one fanboi, I am sure you will find out why the pattern unlock method is oh, so evil!

Mike jones said...

Yes Samsung is leading Imo. The only issue i have with this new s3 is i havent had my s2 for a year. I still dont have ics for my att i-727 model. I dont want to install a buggy ics rom either. Where is ics for i-727? The s3 i dont feel the need to upgrade so fast. I think im going to wait get ics and see how this plays out. I keep hearing iZombies say the iphone 5 will blow samsung out the water. With what? Apple has always dissapointed and will continue to disappoint. Btw i saw the video with hitler and iphone 5. Funny as hell even my pops was dying awesome video.

Sunil Goswami said...

Mike, we all have our criteria. Mine is 6 months or a revolutionary new phone. Since I am carrying 2 phones these days, it is harder to justify but my SGS2 is older than 6 months. :) Plus I am eligible for an early upgrade with T-Mobile, (have been for months, but was waiting for S3), I am going to go for it.

I have installed the ICS ROM on my S2 from the web. Yes, I don't like that Samsung didn't release the Samsung-ICS rom for S2 still, but I quite like ICS on my S2. Actually, I would like to have it on my Note as well but I am hesitating because the Note is great as it is too. I use the stylus double-tap method for creating S Memo's quite a lot, and I think I might lose it if I install an ICS rom from the web.
iPhone 5 or iPhone 50, the basic philosophy of Apple and iCrap doesn't change. Let them first come close to Windows Phone then try to compete with Android.
Well, that video is funny really. Kudos to WindTV for that. :)

AITB said...

Good news, ICS update for Galaxy Note is coming to Europe May 15th. And the release of Galaxy S III is set to May 29th. But I'm not gonna get a new phone so soon. Galaxy S II and Xperia pro are smooth enough for now, and research shows that over 95% games are made to be ran lag-free on 1.4GHz single-core and Adreno 205 GPU, so all dual-cores are fast enough, no need for an update yet. Maybe next year.

MC Sceisi said...

Hey Sunil, nice article. I totally agree with you. iPhone is an overpriced piece of s**t.
What do you think about Sony Ericsson Xperia arc S? I'm thinking of buying it because I'm looking for an Android smartphone that doesn't cost too much and has a lot of features (and to be better than Galaxy S I9000, which is too damn slow), and I Arc S looks good.

Sunil Goswami said...

Hey, that's good news. I am looking forward to it. Of course, update is a personal decision. Since Android phones are updated quickly with so many companies bringing out some very nice choices, nobody can upgrade to each phone, maybe another few months.

@MC Sceisi
Thanks. I haven't seen the Xperia Arc S myself, but I have heard good things about it. Just checked the specs and it looks really good.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog. I simply do not know what to say about Apple, they have definitely brought about a change (significant) in the consumer electronics blah blah blah. And they have the recipe and the "magic" to overprice and sell their products... Kudos to that. But to me it is like, "they do 10 things good, but screw up 3 which really really annoys to the point of hating it all and not wanting to pay their asking price (however I own used ipods and ipads paid less than half price...)"

Some things that totally annoy me are. I do not want to hear that these are possible if jailbroken.

* No deleting all messages - you have to do it one by one (however deleting selected/multiple conversations with a specific contact is possible - what an irony)
* call history only of the last 3 days??
* cannot delete individual calls, if own a small business and want to delete unimportant calls so I can attend to others better, it is not possible. the unimportant calls will also probably count towards the small max history count thereby deleting other important calls... I am sure enough people have bi*ched about this
* on ipad (or maybe iphone too), can i not lock specific apps like gmail if I have to hand it over to my kid or say someone else...?

I probably have many more hate items, but I have moved to android long before and I am at peace.

I think Apple knows how to make exellent products, however their first motive is making excellent money.


Sunil Goswami said...

Hi Aravind, welcome to my blog.

Excellent comment. You have mentioned annoying things some of which have not been mentioned before in this threat. Also your last line is very insightful and correct - Apple is indeed capable of making excellent devices but they don't on purpose in order to make money at the cost of creating restrictive devices.

Anonymous said...

Thank you.

For what it is worth, Apple - if you are hearing this: Not being able to delete individual calls from my call history (which any $10 phone can do) and keep my call history uncluttered (because I receive so many calls) was the primary reason I quit. It is like saying you can keep your mails (only from the last 3 days) or delete all of them.

Not providing a small option / app to lock away sensitive items like mail on the iPad (which I can on my Android) - it seems like Apple might have done that on purpose so the child gets an iPad of his/her own.

Back to the topic of deleting SMS messages, do you know how it is done. Tap edit at the top, then you can select a specific single message, and then select delete for that message. Do this for the 500 messages. To make this faster there is a shortcut - you can slide a message to the right and press delete. Wow! What a help. Can any Apple fan boy justify this w/o asking me to break (oh it is jailbreak) the device?

Anyway enuogh ranting on this :)


Mike Jones said...

I would not know. As much as a mulitasker i am this is the very reason why i went android. My mom is a foreigner she has used windows and ios. She prefers windows. She cant stand macs. She also prefers android instead of iphones. Android is the best love it. I find some irony with applefans. They hate android which is powered by google of course and when they search on their precious iphone chances are they use google search engine. SMDH. Why dont you izombies tell apple to make its own search engine so you fans can be 100% apple. Instead of google it will be apppple. LMAO. Btw i heard apple might ban google maps on their new os and get their own system. The apple arden will soon be underground. Anyway Sunil have you seen the new UCLE2 ICS update for s2 lte. I just downloaded it i might flash my phone tnight i just dont want my phone to get bricked even though they say its a new may 8th build.

Sunil Goswami said...

Oh, that seems bad, no Google Maps? I was just thinking the other day, remembering about the other SatNav systems I have used on my Windows Mobile phones and then on Android. None of them come close to Google Maps. It's not perfect, but it's the best there is, I don't even use my purchased SatNav now because of the sheer ease of use of google maps. Plus they keep them updated with new features coming quickly and seamlessly, no need to sync or buying an update. Once Apple launches their own system I think the iSheep will need to use the Google Maps in the browser.

I would actually want Apple to ban ALL Google apps on iCrap. That will ensure that they lose a huge userbase overnight.

Mike, I haven't seen this update. I recently flashed the ICS released by Samsung on my Galaxy Note. They didn't release in the UK at the same time so I downloaded the German version. It's in English language, of course. The download and install all went smoothly and I am loving ICS on the note. It's the best combination of hardware and software. The best thing was I didn't have to do anything except the install, all my apps, all my data, all my settings, everything intact.

Mike Jones said...

Alright Im Going for it. I will tell you how it went.

Anonymous said...

I just found a video on android vs Ios. This should shut Iphone fans up forever. A true video on how iphone is a overpriced POS


Sunil Goswami said...

Hey Anonymous, thanks for that video. It is really good, I like how he's done everything with clear examples. You are right, this should shut up the iPhone fanbois, at least the ones who have a brain. Wait, is that an oxymoron?

Sam said...

What do you think of Samsung galaxy s3? Should I get it over s2??

Sunil Goswami said...

Hey Sam,
I have done a review of the Galaxy S3 based on the specs. On the whole I like it. I have an S2 and I am going to get an S3, I think it would be an exciting phone.

Anonymous said...

iPhone 4S = iPhone for ass

Mike Jones said...

Hey Sunil. Man have you checked out Samsung's new smart TV. We had a talk about face recognition and controlling the phone with blinking and face movements, well they got some nice features with the TV. I wouldn't doubt they can make a phone as you indicated.

Well anyway I downloaded espier launcher for my s2 and applied the apple theme just for proving to my iphone friends how schitty their 4s is. One guy was amazed i said see i got your same so called ease of use and layout, a larger screen and more functions. He looked at his phone like it was a mistake. LMAO yes buying a 4s is a huge mistake. I want to see what argument an iZombie can come up with against a powerful android applying crappy ass ios theme.

Baisa said...

I disagree, I have an android (galaxy y) and I find it hard to get a decent (i say again, decent) working app for my phone (and LOTS of android free apps are JUNK) and the built in apps are VERY buggy, for example the message app, sometimes the keyboard stops working and I have to close the app from the task manager and start it again. some apps just won't even work with my phone. The phone is damn slow!! so who's fault is that? android fragmentation or my poor wallet? do I have to buy an expensive android to get a good android phone? if that is the case, then shame on you google for letting the manufacturers to make a rough, buggy, poor build quality phone. Now, don't blame me, I was told that android phones are awesome not 'some android phones are awesome'. So, based on my experience, and I bet many other unsatisfied android users, I dare say that only SOME android phones are good and the rest are garbage! FYI, they are still selling my phone today so please don't tell me that my phone is and old phone. they should change the name 'android' to two different names 'expensivedroid' and 'crapdroid'

Sunil Goswami said...

I haven't checked out the Smart TV yet, but I do have a Samsung LCD 40" which I really love.

The iPhone theme won't restrict your Android phone as much as the actual iPhone hardware. You can only compare the crappy desktop of the iphone with the customised, sexy look of Android.

First of all, you have a valid point. Having said that, not all phones are created equal, that's what this whole iPhone vs. Android debate is all about. If it's the fault of your wallet and you can't afford an expensive Android phone then you definitely cannot afford iPhone. So the point stands.

When you have so many different phones on Android from so many different manufacturers definitely they can't all perform the same. The difference is not so much on the price but on the design and execution. The price may not matter but the country does.

Depending on country you may get only a limited range of hardware as well as apps. This is especially true of India from what I have heard.

Same thing applies to apps, in tens of thousands of apps some will be good, some will be bad. Some paid ones are bad too, and some free ones are awesome.

In selecting phone or apps, you need to do proper research before buying. For free apps, at
least you can try and uninstall. For hardware, I am sure there are phones in the same price range that are really good. I don't do my research there because I go for the high-end phones right off but the same things applies. Even in high-end, I think HTC ONE X is not so good but Galaxy S2 which is much older is better.

As for blaming Google letting people make what they want...I would not agree at all. That would be equivalent to Apple vetting their apps and keeping a strict control on what the user can have or can't have. Any censorship or central control always starts with such great motives and then turns into a dictatorship. I am very much against that.

With Android you would most likely have the option to install a custom ROM to get rid of all of the built-in apps and start fresh.

Mike jones said...

Hey Sunil. Sorry for spamming your blog but i love this blog. Anyway android is awesome. Have you seen the new mk802 pc in a pocket. Its insane man i mean for 78 bucks you get this usb pc that is portable and it has android os on. Where is apple at? I bet these devices will sell like hotcakes man. I like it.

AITB said...

Baisa, if your budget is limited, you should definitely go for one of the following:
Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini,
Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini pro,
Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman.
They have the best price-quality ratio for an Android phone.
I'm glad if I helped.

Sunil Goswami said...

Hi Mike, nobody thinks you are spamming, not even Google, you are always welcome on my blog.

Yes, I have seen that news plus another one of such ultra-cheap devices powered by Android. I do like this trend of Android being adopted for very accessible devices.

WindTV, thanks for your input on this, mate. I was saddened by Baisa's experience, hopefully his next phone will be better.

Unknown said...

I hate how overrated the iPhones are and how the 'fanbois' defend it so fiercely when in reality the iPhone is a piece of garbage. The only good thing about the iPhone are the cases, lots of different styles and yadayadayada. I was actually considering getting one for the sake of having all those cute cases in my possession but then read this article and opened my eyes again.

Sunil Goswami said...

Hi Denny, welcome to my blog. Thank you for that comment. After 9 months and 1 day of writing this post, finally its purpose has been fulfilled. If I could make one person realize the folly of buying an iphone and stop him, then it was worth writing this article.

I read somewhere that "the weak person always takes offence more quickly." I think it's the same issue with Apple fanbois, deep down they know they picked up a POS phone and that makes them try to defend their decision so vehemently.

Anonymous said...

You can call me by my name, Andrew

Wowza, look at alll the hate. Insulting Apple is like prompting a swarm of bees to sting you. Little buggers that can't do much at all but attack you for promoting yourself.

Promoting that you're right, of course.

I am a music major, and I absolutely love watching Apple enthusiasts go around with their white computers, white phones, white ear-buds, white white white apple white clean, sleek, intelligent looking...woohoo?

I use this analogy: "Apple is like a Blonde Prostitute. They look really nice on the outside and have some basic functionality, but on the inside there's nothing but failure."

I am running my HTC Thunderbolt on NYC's 4G LTE network, and even AT&T's new 4G iPhone 4S can't compare to the sheer speed. It's truly lovely. And battery life is beautiful on this thing with the stock battery. Maybe I'm just lucky?

What's your opinion on the new ICS devices coming out? I am licking my lips for the HTC Incredible 4G LTE.

AITB said...

I just saw this article about an Apple's desperate move, and had a good laugh.

Sunil Goswami said...

Oh, that's a good one. Made me laugh too. LOL.

AITB said...

Yes. Almost unbelievable that it's actually true. Apple, you're so desperate.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sunil,
I'd like to point out a few more problems with the iPhone. First of all any new messages are displayed on the lockscreen even if you have set a password. Doesn't anybody realize this is a huge breach of privacy? Secondly even the people who love the iPhone's looks (I am not one of them) have to wrap the iPhone in a bug-ugly case to stop it from smashing to bits. Dumb! Thirdly, and this is a minor point, the volume controls for music and calls is the same which can cause problems. in android you have different volume settings for music and media, ringtones and notifications, which is much more flexible. And last and worst, the fact that Apple is stifling innovation and trying to produce a monopoly by irrationally suing other companies. Oh, and by the way, I,m an Indian too. We rock!

Mike Jones said...

Hey Sunil. I just read apple is trying to ban the sale of the s3 in the USA man. Wth is apples problem. Here we go again patent wars. Apple are such losers. With all the new features of the s3 it kills their chance of milking their customers incremently based on the s3 features. I hate apple.


quaraong said...

Sunil, did u know that the iPhone 4s camera has no self timer or any decent camera features at all? It can only do what "true cell phone camera" do: shoot and flash. Lol. It's redonculous!!!

AITB said...

I don't get why people are calling iPad the best tablet. Not talking about fanboys. Talking about people who are trying to be fair by saying "Get Android for phone, iPad for tablet, Windows for computer". I don't get why. Okay, it has more apps optimized for it, but would you really trade your freedom for that?
I can get a 8.2" Motorola Xoom for free from my work but it has a con that I hate most about devices: no card slot. Or I can buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus. I don't know what to do...

Sunil Goswami said...

Time to reply to some comments:
@Anonymous8:54 AM, June 08, 2012 - Thanks for those details. I didn't know that. Yes, we do have much more choice in Android. Yeah, of course, Indians rock. LOL.

@Mike Jones - Yes, I read that as well. I think Apple's all innovation is now limited to suing the competition. They have nothing else to offer.

@WindTV - I have seen that too, and I really don't understand it. I would not trade my freedom for Apple's optimizations, no, definitely no.
Okay, for you my advice would be to get the 8.2 Xoom for free then buy a USB Host cable and a 64GB flash drive. That's what I'd do in your place.

Anonymous said...

There is one thing that should tell you all you need to know about Apple and iPhone fanboys. Apple fanboys hate every other mfg's (MS, Google, Motorola, Samsung etc.). While every other fanboy of ANY other device hate Apple. So if I hate everyone and everyone hates me, OBVIOUSLY everyone else is just stupid and ignorant. Someone who owns a Toshiba will more than likely tell you, "yeah a Mac book pro is better than this." But you will never hear a mac book pro owner say, "That Alienware is better than this."

Lets see what runs Mac OS's;
Nuclear reactors - nope
Power grids - nope
Space programs - nope
Military communications - nope
Super computers - nope
ANY fabrication/automation machine - nope
Sally Mae's birthday photography - Damn right, cause its even better than Jesus.

Back in the Air Force everyone had an iPhone, not one of them wasn't jailbroke. If it is so great then why do you have to hack it to make it worth a crap. It's like those tards who think a Civic is the greatest car ever and can do anything....once you upgrade 50% of it.

Like you and others have said, the OS interface is more or less a polished turd. My PDA from the 90's was more useful. And to use the same theme, layout, feel etc since the original is just stupid. It's like watching the next Twilight movie, it is the same horrible story just told a little different this time. They just repackage the same bologna sandwich in a different box and call it 'deli'.

If I am going to shell out a car payment for a new phone every year it better look different, act different, have a radically different OS, god forbid a discount and do more than the phone I bought half a decade ago.

*On a side note* Whoever says that a bigger screen is pointless can eat a ****. After using a Dell Streak for over a year I about wanted to kill myself using a GalaxyS2 loaner. Size does matter, she just tells you it doesn't to make you feel better.

Sunil Goswami said...

Hehehe, nicely reasoned comment, well done. I like that part about the MacOS running on nothing important still having the attitude like it's bigger than god himself.
Yes, I agree. I really enjoy the big screen of my Galaxy Note. My S3 has a better looking screen, but because of the size I still use the Note much more for media consumption.

Anonymous said...

Hello Sunil,

I really wish that I've found your blog before I downgraded my NOKIA N97Mini to Iphone 4, I found your blog via frustration that I literally typed "Iphone sucks!" to release my anger and see what ppl has to say. My 4years old Nokia camera, picture quality, MP is so much better than a 2years old Iphone 4!

Let me tell you why am I pissed at this moment, I can't transfer my files from my laptop without having to delete the files on my phone as it was "SYNC" with my other PC, where it is now 2hours away! I need this one file from my pc! but I can't afford to lose the rest of 999!

Limit! limit! limit! I'm so used to click n drag, change my ringtones whenever by using my music file, and even to assign to every single contact on my phone simply because I can and I want to! not everyone does this, but if one wants to do it, they can or not gonna be such a pain!

Now, I must freakin edit my tones, N'SYNC is so frustrating and disappointing! I can only sync with one Itunes, i can't copy my multiple pcs, yea, there are ways to get around it, like changing the Library Persistent Id, but def not a simple few clicks away!

While in the past, I've always been curious why so many Iphone users around me just tend to have the same annoying "Marimba" ringtone! Now I know why, cause it's such a pain in the arse just to set a ringtone! or u must buy it for 99cents!

totally agree with the Micro SD card, only idiots still brag about the internal memory, it's not about how much you can store in the internal memory. It's about portability, not that u need to take it in and out, but when u want to do so, you can!

What about Micro Simcard?! time when I just need to swap my sims, oh yea, I can't! Let me share a personal experience, once my foreign clients came over and bought a local sim(micro) for his Ipad, given the fact that he was stranded, and he tried to call for assistance via Skype on his Ipad, due to poor Data connectivity, you can hardly hear what he is trying to say.

While I felt like why Skype when you can just take the sim out and put it into ur regular phone and make a regular phone call for such critical situation?! Oh yea, his regular phone is not an Iphone! So the micro simcard from his pad will not work!

So why do I change to Iphone, because ppl around me have been using it for a while, and I have been refusing, till 2 months back. Now, everything seems restricted. I would feel bad even to give it to my staff...

Sunil Goswami said...

I am sorry to hear of your pain, mate. Yes, the decision to move iPhone is always either stupid or unfortunate. Most times, like in your case, it's unfortunate because you got pressured by the hype and now you are paying the price.

What you are saying is 100% true, of course. The fanboi's argue that you "do this" or that by using an app some other workaround but the fact of the matter is - iPhone doesn't add value to your life, period.

When you can do that easily, just move to Android and feel the freedom.

Welcome to my blog. I am sorry you didn't find it before, but I hope it provided you some relief by being able to share your frustration with the rest of us who know.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, but can I translate your article to Korean? I think this writing can wake those korean apple fanboys that they lived in a world of apple-based bullshit.

Sunil Goswami said...

Yes, sure. Be my guest.

AITB said...

Bad news... No more Flash on Android :(


Stupid Adobe. They should write a book called "How to ruin your own product"

Sunil Goswami said...

Damn! This is a sad day for Android. And a chance for fanbois to gloat. (God knows, they don't get many.)

This is in my eyes a very stupid decision. Haven't they heard, don't monkey with the system that's working...if it ain't broke, don't fix it?

Oh, well!

Mike Jones said...

I like the chess move samsung is implementing. They got itunes to sync to android to attract isheep. Man why people buy iphone i will not understand it really sucks. Foxconn is under some heavy fire with labor laws. The ceo said iphone 5 will blow s3 out of the water. How? Apple plays catch up. Im w8n for the day apple gets a big chunk of apple flesh bitten off them by that green robot i will not support fascism.

Anonymous said...

Hello Sunil,
Can you please tell me whether to buy a s3 or wait for the next nexus? I was also considering a GNex, but it isn't available in India. Do you know of any way I can get one? Thanks!

Unknown said...

One of the most insightful, FACTUAL, and detailing write ups I've seen dismantling the ifraud.

As a mobile-life-long BlackBerry user, I've been trying to tell all these fanboys that the ifraud is a piece of shit. Apple does not innovate, they imitate. But when they do so, their marketing teams does such a good job of brainwashing these easily preyed on minds into buying their shitty, overpriced products.

I am to this day still a BlackBerry user and yes while RIM has fallen behind on the consumerism that Apple has indulged itself in, they are still by far superior to anything Apple has.

I enjoyed reading this blog and look forward to many more about what a shitty company and product Apple are.

K. Nguyen

Sunil Goswami said...

Hi Khanh Nguyen,

Thanks for your comment. Well, I will continue to report the facts and with a lot of help from the readers, even this post has become really informative and useful.


Sunil Goswami said...

@Mike, yes it seems like a good idea. I hope it works.

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