Friday, April 29, 2011

Biphasic sleep log - Day 98 - 28th April

Considering that these are summer days and I am at  home, I do feel sleepy in the day, but usually I try not sleep other than my one nap, though I have been thinking of adding another scheduled nap in the day then either reducing core time or just keeping it as it is.

Nap at normal time, 1800 to 1817, woke up, did 1 minute of something on the laptop then went back to sleep. I love now how easily I can go back to sleep. Then slept till the alarm rang and woke up at 1830 by the alarm.

Felt refreshed and instantly active as I woke up, no issues there.

At night, felt sleepy about midnight. Therefore, slept at 0050. Alarm set for 0430. I was about to wake up with a little bit of effort but again wasn't careful and feel back to sleep. Till 0510. At that time, I just woke up naturally and this time stayed up.

Again, I had a very vivid dreams in the extra sleep like yesterday, but not as beautiful as yesterday.

Still loving biphasic. 

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