Thursday, February 12, 2015

Why everyone loves a Salsera

Ever since I started to learn salsa I have been meeting so many new people. By the very nature of salsa you get to meet and greet more girls than guys. In the class you dance with them and after the class you want to practice with them. When I was good enough to go to the socials I met even more. So, in the course of less than a year I have had the good fortune to meet many remarkable women.

There are some things common to all salsera's no matter what the age, background, colour etc. I wanted to write a post on the salsera's but I didn't know how to go about it. I was worried that it might come across as cheesy or sleazy or even sycophantic but then while browsing about salsa I came across this fantastic article on that very topic. Although the article is about "Why you should date a salsera" I think it's an excellent character sketch of a salsera and I am really glad that I found it. Now, I don't have to write it and the author has done a much better job than I could hope to do. In addition to being a better writer, she's a salsera herself and as such has insights that I would not be privy to.

As you can guess by now I really love this article and would like all salsa people to read it. So, with that much ado, here's the link:

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