Wednesday, September 14, 2011

iPhone 4 Vs. Samsung Galaxy S II

Warning: The following article may (and will) cause serious heartburn in iphone owners. While the comparison by the reviewer have been made based on paper spec for SGS2, I can vouch that the specs are true and the real life experience for all these features is as he expected, in most cases it's better than expected.

Edit: Even after posting this I was reading the comments on that article. And believe me comments are the real fun where Apple fanbois come out and try to discredit the review with really great comments like "iphone is more fun". This one comment really impressed me, well done. My favourite line I have put in bold. ;)
I'll post more if I like any other comments..

CAN’T wait to ditch my iPhone 4 for this beauty!!! Apple is about to be SPANKED, and most deservedly so. This thing is a BEAST. Can’t wait to make the leap from stupid non-innovative, oversimplistic, money-grubbing, mass-appeal/brainwashing blind-sheep-herding Apple to Google and Android. Good riddance Steve Jobs. Getting rid of my iPad 2 for a Galaxy Tab 10.1 as well. To quote the inimitable Captain Jack Sparrow, “Gentlemen…I wash my hands of this weirdness.”

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