Monday, September 29, 2008

The Power of One!

Never say you couldn't achieve anything because noone was there to support you. Did you dare to start?

It reminds me of this sher from Allama Iqbal -
"Main akela hee chala tha jaanib-e-manzil magar,
Log saath aate gaye, kaarvaaN ban.ta gayaa".

(I had started alone towards the destination,
People kept falling in step with me and procession was thus built.)

(Originally seen here -

Monday, September 22, 2008

No Sorry No Thank You

In the blockbuster, record-breaking movie 0f 1989 - "Maine Pyar Kiya" Salman Khan says to Bhagyashree, "Dosti ka ek usool hai madam, No Sorry No Thank You." (In friendship, no sorry no thank you).

Sounds nice and romantic, yes? Yes. A lot of chumps, including me (I can chump with the best of them!), fell for it and thought it was such a great principle.

Now, think about it seriously without the glamour of Bollywood behind it. When you make friends with someone, you don't do it for a moment, you want it to last, hopefully, for years. With both friends being human (alien friendships and other relationships are outside the scope of this textbook), there are sure to be some misunderstandings, one might hurt the other, incidences not exactly pleasant. So, what you are saying is that you might hurt your friend, emotionally, maybe even make them cry (esp. if she's a girl) and NEVER say sorry? Hmmm, kind of a cad, aren't you?

Having said that, I and my best mate Fazil, in about 20 years of friendship we have had some arguments but we have never done that kind of hurting where you need to say sorry (touchwood!). The most we fought was on the motorbike journey to death (or almost) into the Himalayas but that was the effect of having low oxygen flow to the brain and everybody was fighting with everybody over absolutely nothing.
But we still acknowledge kind words and kind acts with thank you and it's common courtesy that maybe more important between those you consider close.

Well, what do you think?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Friendship - How close, how long?

This is a well known ghazal by Ahmed Faraz, and it's always been on my list of favorites especially the last sher, the maq'ta, but just read it again and found a couple of sher's I hadn't heard before.

Dost ban kar bhii nahii.n saath nibhaanevaalaa

dost ban kar bhii nahii.n saath nibhaanevaalaa

vahii andaaz hai zaalim kaa zamaanevaalaa 

ab ise log samajhate hai.n giraftaar meraa 
saKht nadiim hai mujhe daam me.n laanevaalaa 

kyaa kahe.n kitane maraasim the hamaare is se 
vo jo ik shaKhs hai muu.Nh pher ke jaanevaalaa 

tere hote hue aa jaatii thii saarii duniyaa 
aaj tanhaa huu.N to ko_ii nahii.n aanevaalaa 

muntazir kis kaa huu.N TuuTii hu_ii dahaliiz pe mai.n 
kaun aayegaa yahaa.N kaun hai aanevaalaa 

mai.n ne dekhaa hai bahaaro.n me.n chaman ko jalate 
hai ko_ii Khvaab kii taabiir bataanevaalaa 

kyaa Khabar thii jo merii jaan me.n ghulaa hai itanaa 
hai vahii mujh ko sar-e-daar bhii laane vaalaa 

tum taqalluf ko bhii iKhalaas samajhate ho 'Faraz' 
dost hotaa nahii.n har haath milaanevaalaa 

I love this one - 
"mai.n ne dekhaa hai bahaaro.n me.n chaman ko jalate 
hai ko_ii Khvaab kii taabiir bataanevaalaa"

I'll translate just one, it's very melancholy/downright sad,

[I have seen the garden burning down in springtime,

now, who can interpret this dream for me? ]

Don't say it, I know it's much more beautiful in the original.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Confidence - Plan - Results

People sometimes express surprise at my over-abundant and most times unreasonable confidence. They ask me where I get it. Well, I watch things like this. Watch this clip below and tell me you are not impressed by his sheer confidence.

Okay, that might have sounded stupid. Confident but stupid. But he has a plan.

Of course, now you are curious about what happens to his plan, does he succeed? Or is he crushed by a cruel Universe? Watch here.

When you want something with all your heart, and try your best for it, the Universe conspires to get it for you. Never doubt that.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Singh is King - Title Song

This is also a nice song...well, as modern songs go.

Singh is King Title Song FULL VIDEO -SINGH IS KING

Singh is King - Teri Ore - Video Song

While we were traveling from Goa to Bombay recently (a loooooong, long journey) we listened to the audio CD of Singh is King and this song - Teri Ore - emerged as a favorite of all. It sounds really good when you are traveling but picturisation is not as sweet as Shreya Ghoshal's voice. Still, it's a nice song. Watch.

Teri Ore - (Singh is Kinng)Katrina Kaif and Akshay kumar(full Song)

Flocking to flock

I just had to test this new browser called Flock. This is based on Mozilla Firefox and is meant for social networking, blogging etc. etc. So I said, "Well, let's see what a browser will have for a blogger when I already have ScribeFire for Firefox 3.0?"

So here's the first post. I am going to embed some pics and videos just to test.

Nope: Can't post a video. With ScribeFire I can.

Well, photo upload is slightly better. But we'll see how it handles Picasa for photos.

For tags also ScribeFire shows me all my available tags, this just gives me a blank line to type in. Well, we'll see which one to use based on what other goodies this Browser offers.
Blogged with the Flock Browser

Monday, September 08, 2008

I am back

Well, not sure if anybody cares, but I was on vacation in India for the last 3 weeks and now I am back. So, you'll be seeing more posts now. Some of them video posts for sure.

Google Web Search

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