Saturday, April 23, 2011

Biphasic sleep log - Day 92 - 22nd April

The energy levels today were great. I even went for a run. I'll write about the run more in detail later, but it was great.

Nap at 1740. Alarm for 1805. Yes, I am feeling cocky about that short fall-asleep time these days. It was good nap. Up by the alarm. No struggle. Full energy from getting up.

Then went to bed slightly late because of SL business. It was at 0020 that I finally turned off the TV also and the alarm was set for 0445. And I did wake up and turned the alarm off, but then wasn't careful and next I woke up at 0615. It wasn't a huge waste, but I missed an appointment that was at 0500. Oh, well!

Energy levels: 100%
Health: Great
Body: Slightly tired
Mood: Excited

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