Monday, April 11, 2011

Momin's Ghazal - रोया करेंगे आप भी पहरों इसी तरह

A ghazal from Momin. It's just a great ghazal, and I love it for the second last sher.

रोया करेंगे आप भी पहरों इसी तरह
अटका कहीं जो आप का दिल भी मेरी तरह

ना ताब हिजर में है ना आराम वस्ल में
कम्बख़्त दिल को चैन नहीं है किसी तरह

मर चुक कहीं कि तू गम-ए-हिजरां से छूट जाए 
कहते तो हैं भले की वो लेकिन बुरी तरह

ना जाए वाँ बने है ना बिन जाए चैन है
क्या कीजिए हमें तो है मुश्किल सभी तरह

लगती हैं गलियाँ भी तेरे मुँह से क्या भली
क़ुरबान तेरे, फिर मुझे कहले इसी तरह

हूँ जाँ-बा-लब बुतान-ए-सितमगर के हाथ से
क्या सब जहाँ में जीते हैं "मोमिन" इसी तरह?


Always Happy said...

I like the first sher of the ghazal. I am sorry, I did not understand the second one as I dont think I got what 'taab hizar mein hai' meant but I think the shayar is madly in love and is restless too.

Also, it would be good if you could explain what your favourite lines (highlighted ones ) mean Is it like the Shayar doesnt mind if his love abused him verbally ( in a nice way , of course)?

Always Happy

Sunil Goswami said...

Hi AH, let me see if I can explain these things without sounding patronizing. :)

Taab is also like "chayn", remember the word "betaab" means restless, so you are right there. Hijr is separation and Vasl is meeting the beloved. So, the poet is complaining that his heart is restless in both the conditions.

You already got the meaning of my favourite sher. I actually remembered it while fighting with my friend and that's why the whole post. The sentiment here is that fighting with someone is actually better than talking nicely with someone else. The poet here loves his beloved so much that he's happy to hear her abuse rather than not talk to her. And another thing is notice how he says "lagti hain kya bhali", so it's quite possible that she's also not abusing him in a serious manner, but more in a playful way. :)

Urdu sher's, especially by the Ustaad Shayars are not very easy to understand, as they usually have several meanings based on how you interpret them. I also just interpret them in my own way and enjoy that interpretation regardless of whether that's the correct one or whether the poet meant it that way. More than once I have discovered a different meaning of a sher later in my life depending on what was happening in my life or how my understanding developed. So, in essence a sher is not poetry, but a philosophy in two lines.

Always Happy said...

Thanks Sunil. Much appreciated.

oh, yeah that was easy betaab means restlessness therefore taab must mean 'chayn'!

I so love to listen to or read shers but in South India you wouldnt get exposure to books/ audios on Shers aur ghazals as much as in North India.

Always Happy

Sunil Goswami said...

Hi AH. You are most welcome. :) I enjoy explaining sher's, sometimes I get a new meaning from the same sher while trying to explain it.

I am actually thinking of doing some Shayri 101 type of posts to share what little I know with people who are interested in shayri but never got to learn Urdu like me. I am not an expert, not by a far sight, but I have been exposed to a lot of shayars and shayri, so I consider myself above average and I'd love to share it with friends like you.

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