Saturday, April 23, 2011

I am running again!

After a long period of promising that I'd start running again, I finally started it. And I am literally overjoyed with the result.

It's kind of funny how things start. I had not done any Wii fitness last couple of days and had been thinking about doing some. But then a friend of mine said she's going bicycyling today and I thought, "Hmmmm, maybe I should also go running." The time element between meals happened to be just right so I went. To explain that last remark, I don't go if I have just eaten very recently or if I am hungry already. My performance is very bad in both the cases.

I was so glad I came out, not only was it a glorious day out, I found that I loved how my stamina felt. My circuit follows the major and minor roads around the place where I live, it's about 2.5 miles in total, but I don't run all of it. When I run out of breath or I come to a particularly steep uphill stretch I stop running and start walking.

Even though I carry my GPS-enabled Android phone with BuddyRunner application running on it, my main source of assessing my performance while I am doing it is using a number of checkpoints. Yes, like in a videogame.

The first checkpoint is a set of a traffic lights which is about 0.49 miles from my house. If I go a few steps past them I have done half a mile. I try to do that in one breath i.e. no walking, all running. From those traffic lights the road becomes uphill, with the slope getting steeper. On my best days  I can run up this slope to the next set of traffic lights. Today I managed the half mile mark in one go and carried on to achieve the extended mark (next traffic lights) 0.7 miles. That was so good.

Then there's some level roads that I run and walk based on how out of breath I am. Then an uphill slope again, which gets very steep near the top. My second checkpoint is from the top of this hill. There are all kinds of points where I can stop from here on, but on my best days I can get back to my door without stopping from this point. Today I reached my door!

This is particularly difficult since the last stretch from the main road to my door is all uphill with the slope getting steeper, really steep near my house. But slow and steady I managed to achieve it!

It proves two points. One, biphasic sleep gives you good energy to use in all your activities even with limited hours of sleep. Two, Wii fitness helps to build up your stamina.

Oh, I left out a good bit. I got bibbed on the way! You see, when men are driving and they see a particularly pretty girl, they honk their horn. In English vernacular it's called "bibbing". While I was running on the level part of my circuit (on the footpath), some girl in a car honked at me. I looked to see if it was somebody I knew. It wasn't. Yeah, I know it's shallow. It's shallow of her to honk, and shallow of me to be pleased about it but hey, I consider it my reward for being good and going out running. ;-)



hehe... keep on running on the same path and you may find more of them from other gender "bibbing" at you....:D

Bikramjit said...

:) wowo good one , I am runner myself and do it regularlry its a very good exercise and beats running on treadmill inside a gym and woooo hooo you got honked NAICEEEEEEEE :)


Sunil Goswami said...

@Iran ji thank you for the "good" wishes. :)

@Bikramjit, thanks. I do like running until it gets too cold here to run outside. I like treadmills too, but can't make the effort to go to the gym. There's less of "preparation" effort in running outside.

Always Happy said...

Running leaves me out of breath completely. May be if I keep doing it regularly, someday I will gather the stamina to do it.

Aha! so you got honked? are you sure you were on the footpath and not on the road getting in her way that to make her presence feel, she had to honk?????????

Sunil Goswami said...

AH, running leaves me out of breath too when I just start. The first 2 or 3 times it's very hard for me to reach the door from the top of the hill which is my second check mark. Btw, it's exactly one mile. And usually I can't expect to run a whole mile in one breath. But after a few sessions it becomes possible and then it becomes easy.

In the last para, first I was going to write "..while I running on the level road.." but I changed it and put "On the footpath" in the brackets, simply because I knew you would make the comment you made.

In response to your comment, I'd just like to quote from Meer's famous ghazal "Patta patta boota boota" -

मेहर-ओ-वफ़ा-ओ-लुत्फ़-ओ-इनायत एक से वाकिफ इनमें नहीं
और तो सब कुछ तंज़-ओ-किनाया रम्ज़-ओ-इशारा जाने है

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