Friday, April 15, 2011

Biphasic sleep log - Day 84 - 14th April

Felt a bit tired in the afternoon so didn't do Wii fitness today.

Nap from 1630 to 1700. I was tired so I used that time. Should have done earlier actually. Fell asleep quickly and had a very good nap. Woke up by the alarm and got up easily. Had good energy levels as I was still in bed when my friend called two minutes later and didn't know that I had just woken up. :)

Late at night, again felt the same tiredness. Went to bed at 0045, with alarm set for 0530, even though I know I don't need 15 minutes for falling asleep. I was asleep within about 5 minutes. Woke up by the 0530 alarm, but decided to sleep more. Woke up in-between at 6 and 7 but finally got up at 0742. Seemed like I made the right decision as there's no tiredness today. We will see how the day progresses.

I have a busy weekend planned with possibly no naps, so I am not going to try E3 at all tonight, just biphasic with 4.5 hours core.

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