Monday, April 04, 2011

Biphasic sleep log - Day 73 - 3rd April - Uberman 2

Summary: Uberman day 2 was much better than day 1. All the naps went well, almost like clockwork.

1900 Nap: Took a few minutes to fall asleep. Then woke up at 1917. It wasn't close to 20 minutes so slept more. Woke up at 1930 by alarm. Easy to get up. Energy good.

2300 Nap: 2315 - 2345. 20 minutes.

0300 Nap: 0300 - 0330. 20 minutes sleep. Beginning to feel sleep dep now.

0700 Nap: 0700-0729. Woke up naturally. Sleep dep building. Tired. But mind clear.

1100 Nap: 1105-1130.Woke up easily. Quick recovery to full alert mind.

1500 Nap: 1500-1529. Woke up naturally. Feeling less sleep dep.

Feeling happy about not oversleeping on any of the naps, but feels like it's a lot of work to take so many naps each one on time. Only 3.5 hours to do everything I need to do in that chunk of time. Also have to eat in every chunk of time. Continuing the experiment.

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