Sunday, April 03, 2011

Biphasic sleep log - Day 72 - 2nd April - Uberman 1

After last night/this morning's incident of oversleeping by two hours I have decided to up the stakes and simply go for Uberman now, rather than waiting another day. There are many reasons for doing this but most of them lean towards "Not trying to cross a chasm in 2 small jumps" and the like. On a practical note, I have found that waking up from a nap is always easier than from a longer, core sleep.

The most challenging thing would be to handle the sleep dep of course and also keeping the demanding every-4-hour routine going in view of other activities both business and social. Like today I was trying to figure out what schedule I want to keep for maximum benefit during this period and even in the new job. But I was watching the Cricket World Cup Final match till 1830, which ultimately decided the time for my first nap - 1900.

The deal with the log will remain the same. First nap of the day will be between 1900-1930. Then one nap each 4 hours.

Here are the times for easy reference:
7 PM
11 PM
3 AM
7 AM
11 AM
3 PM

I will create and update the log after each nap, but publish only after all 6 are done for a day. 6 log posts every day I think might be too much.

11PM Nap: Oh, this did not go well. I went to bed only for 20 minutes and woke up 4 hours later. I remember faintly turning the alarm off, but I have no recollection after that. I woke up naturally on my own at 0300, but saw the time and realized that this was supposed to be my next nap.

It was of course frustrating, oversleeping by almost 4 hours, but I also felt well-rested.

It is just as important to take each nap, as it is to stay awake between them. So I slept again, and managed to sleep 14 minutes before waking up again naturally.

Upon reflection, it is not surprising that I overslept. I have trained my body to sleep 4.5 hours around those times every night, so that would be a habit I'll need to break with effort and willpower, it's not going to happen overnight (pardon the pun).

Time now is 0504. I feel well-rested, with a hint of sleep dep from being in-between sleeps. It doesn't feel natural to be up at this time but that maybe because I don't have to get ready for work.

Energy levels are very good but mood is a bit lazy and leisurely than productive.

7AM Nap: Another frustrating nap. I slept easily even after waking up just 4 hours ago after a 4 hour sleep. And then woke up at 0939. Then I checked the phone and found that I had forgotten to put an alarm for this nap. But still how did I manage to sleep so long, I don't know.

This is counter-productive to the biphasic training. Even that will be reversed if I keep oversleeping so much. And the problem is sticking to the schedule I still have to try and nap at 1100. No matter how much sleep I have had in the last 12 hours, I still need to practice sleeping at all the appointed nap times.

More later.

11AM Nap: Understandably it was hard to fall asleep for this one. I managed about 2 minutes of sleep and then looked at the time 1126. Then again managed 4 minutes of sleep until the alarm went off.

At least I didn't oversleep this time.

One more nap left in this day.

3 PM Nap: This was the best so far. Fell asleep within minutes, then woke up at 1525. But I went back to sleep and got up when the alarm rang at 1530.

Feeling a bit tired in the body, esp. shoulders, but that usually happens with too much time in front of the laptop also.

I am curious to see how tonight goes.

End of day 1 on Uberman.

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