Saturday, February 26, 2011

Biphasic super powers

Remember I said that unlike polyphasic you don't get any super powers in Biphasic? Well, I noticed something cool today.

I was sitting in my office feeling so bored that I felt sleepy. Yeah, I need to be constantly challenged otherwise I get bored very easily. And these days I have no challenging work. It frustrates me, though it does get more blog posts done, I have to admit but....anyway, we digress!

As I was so bored that my brain was slowing down, and none of my roommates were in their seats so I could't start a conversation, I decided to lean back and close my eyes.

And then opened them with a jerk. Only a couple of seconds had passed but I realized with surprise that I was coming out of a dream. And no, this was no Rip Van Vinkle story, I had only closed my eyes only for a couple of seconds!

So, I tried again. Sure enough, I was in a dream. A different scene, but still a dream. I opened my eyes. Awake. Still empty room.

Being a scientist at heart, I decided to experiment again to see if the results were consistent. Close eyes. Dream scene. Yet another one! Open eyes. No problem.

I found that I could go into a dream as quickly as closing my eyes and I had enough volition (almost 100%) that I could open my eyes and just come out of it. The quickness of the dream images would suggest hypnogogic imagery but the images were stable, moving scenes with a theme like a normal dream. Since I opened my eyes quickly every time there was no development of a story in any of them, but the scenes all had the potential to develop into a full story and I did remember the scenes every time after I opened my eyes.

Just to clarify, it was not like sitting there with eyes closed and dreaming, it was more like nodding off for 2 seconds and entering dream state immediately. But being able to open my eyes almost entirely at will, that's what made it like a super power!

Make of it what you will, but if you try this, I suggest you remember this one important rule - "With great power, comes great responsibility!"

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