Monday, February 21, 2011

Biphasic sleep log - Day 30 - 19th Feb

Well, this is kind of a milestone - finishing 30 days on biphasic. I'll try and do a summary after the core sleep.

Evening 19th:
Even though a Saturday, my day was quite busy and as a result I was up and active right up to 1830. So finally I went down for my evening nap at about 1845, setting the alarm for 1920.

It was a textbook nap. I did need 15 minutes to fall asleep having been physically and mentally active right up to the laying down time. My subconscious programming using the 100-1 countdown was very effective though it took longer, I was around 40's when I entered the hypnogogic phase.

Woke up at 1922 by the alarm. It was easy to get up and I did feel quite refreshed. The 20 minute nap works so well that I didn't try to mix it up by doing any LD stuff at this time.

Morning 20th:

I know I am updating this late, but I had a busy Sunday and I made notes on my sleeping times at the time so I still have accurate data.

Last night's core sleep was from 0130 till 0800 this morning. One reason for extra sleep was for the LD stuff but I think I enjoy rolling over and going back to sleep a lot on the weekends.

Then I had another nap from 1100-1200, even though this was specifically for the LD practice, it still counts towards sleep as I did sleep and did have dreams.
Felt great both times, after waking up in the morning and after waking up at noon.
Since I am writing this on Monday, I'll create a separate post for the 30 day summary after Monday's post.

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