Thursday, February 10, 2011

Biphasic sleep log - Day 20 - 9th Feb

Evening 9th:

As I mentioned in the previous day's log I was going to have to modify my nap today which I did with no differences.

But first about the day, the feeling of tiredness and sleep dep that I was feeling in the morning kind of wore off for a while but then I got tired towards the late afternoon. But as I said before, I was able to function

I was home at 1734, and took the nap from 1800-1830, also gave myself about 10 minutes fall asleep when setting the alarm. I fell asleep quickly and woke up only by the alarm.

Waking up was just as easy or difficult as after a 90 minute nap, no difference. Also no difference in the feeling afterward. I was devilishly hungry but since I wasted some time in actually persuading myself to wake up and get out of bed I didn't have time to cook a proper dinner before my guitar class.

I was worried that I might be too groggy to drive myself to the class having had only a short nap so close before driving. But it was absolutely fine, I felt fully awake and alert. No issues with driving.

No issues with guitar lesson either. Based on my teacher's feedback, I was making my usual progress. No complain about lack of focus etc. He taught me a new concept and I was able to grasp it and start learning it. My teacher was happy with my progress.

Once I got home I did some more creative work in Photoshop after dinner. No lethargy, grogginess or clouding of mind. No sign of any sleep dep.

Morning 10th Feb:

Went to bed at 0100 last night and was able to fall asleep in about 10 minutes this time. I find that once I am comfortable mentally, in terms of stop thinking other stuff to do on computer and physically in terms of the bed being warm enough, finding my perfect posture for lying etc. it doesn't take me more than a few minutes to drift into sleep.

I never had that kind of issues where I'd toss and turn waiting to sleep for hours, (except the usual times when I was too excited or anxious about next day or had messed up my sleep cycle), but now it's getting even better.

Before biphasic there used to be times, usually, when I'd lay down to sleep, go into hypnogogic stage then suddenly jump and wake up from something in the hypnogogic imagery/sensations, then I'd try and sleep again and would be able to. Sometimes the thing repeated a couple of times befor I'd finally fall asleep properly.

Now, it's an easy, slippery slope into dreamworld as soon as I get comfortable in bed. Feels awesome!

Woke up at 0545 by the alarm. Waking up difficulty about the same as usual. Felt slight sleepy/sleep dep during the morning even after I got to office. But felt much better after a good breakfast on a hot panini with water. No caffeine this morning and still fully alert and awake. There is some sleep dep at the back of my mind but could also be because I expect to have sleep dep after only 5 hours of sleep last evening/night.

Oh, did you notice that I didn't wake up half an hour after falling asleep last night? Also, I felt in the morning that the quality of sleep last night was awesome!

Today's plan is to keep the nap to 30 minutes and core sleep to 4.5 hours.

Tomorrow or maybe even tonight, I want to try reducing core sleep to 3 hours using the upcoming weekend as a buffer to fix any problems encountered. I know I am being impatient, but I can't help it, I have got a LOT to do this weekend, and I am loving this new sleep system so much I want to make the best of it. I love both the sleeping and awake periods on this new schedule.

That extra 1 hour I got from the shorter nap last night, felt great. At least that I am not changing back.

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