Friday, February 18, 2011

Biphasic sleep log - Day 28 - 17th Feb

Evening 17th: As I mentioned before now that I am mucking about with lucid dreams, my biphasic sleep won't be as straightforward as before.

I am hesitant to detail that stuff here for one reason. Even though my blog is not super-popular it is still quite searchable. And in the future, any girl that I date, and any employer where I apply for a job can search my name and find it. I am sure people are gonna think I am slightly off-centre just from reading my biphasic experiment, but it makes some kind of sense. If I start talking about lucid dreams and astral projection, people will definitely think I am a freak. Especially if they don't have any information on the topic.

Still, I might end up posting about it, once I have any kind of success in it. But I'd still want to keep it separate from the biphasic even though they would be tangled....ummm, I will decide on that later.

For this evening, the plan was to nap 20 minutes, then wake up, stay awake for 20 minutes, then nap another 20 minutes. I went down at 1800 as per plan. Took about 15 minutes to fall asleep. But somehow woke up at 1853 by alarm. I don't know if the alarm went wrong or it had been ringing for 23 minutes.

Staying up was fine. Second nap was for the other stuff, and I didn't fall asleep. I was just feeling too fresh.

I am writing this at 2308 and still feeling quite fresh and energetic. I think that's the whole difference with biphasic, this is why I don't feel pressed for time any more and feel inspired and motivated to do good stuff. On monophasic, a normal evening resembles a clockwork toy running down. I get more and more tired, physically.

Psychologically, I feel like I have worked hard and I am entitled to some entertainment. That's when I do SL and other crap like surfing the web aimlessly etc.

On biphasic, after the evening nap, I feel so fresh and invigorated that I feel like going out to some jungle and fighting a couple of tigers and lions. Since Africa is so far away, I settle for playing guitar, working in photoshop and doing other creative stuff that makes me happy! Hmm, indirectly, biphasic leads to more happiness...interesting!

Morning 18th Feb:
It was a mess as predicted, but a planned mess. Slept from midnight to 0430. Then woke up by alarm and stayed up for about half an hour. Then slept again for the "other" purpose, with 2 alarms at 0630 and 0700. Woke up at 0630, turned the alarm off then slept till 0700. Woke up by alarm and got out of bed.

It wasn't hard to get out of bed even at 0430, perhaps because I knew I was going to go bed again very soon. When I went back to sleep at 0500 though, it took me a long time to fall asleep again but that was because of the "other" reason.

One good effect of biphasic I find is that I am not restricted to particular cycle. I slept in a whole mess of a schedule last night but I feel absolutely great this morning, fresh and well-rested.

This weekend will continue to be a messed up schedule but the same kind of planned mess. I will update the log as I want to continue until 30th day at least.

Another effect is that I don't feel pressed for time and that's a good feeling. Last night I played guitar for half an hour and I didn't feel to "quickly finish practice and do something else". It's awesome!

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