Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Biphasic sleep log - Day 12 - 1st Feb

Evening 1st Feb:I am sensing a pattern. I start getting gradually sleepy as I approach my sleep (nap or core sleep) time. I almost fell asleep in the train home today.

Nap: From 1830 to 2015. Woke up by alarm and felt like I need a much longer sleep. Became awake and alert after washing face, but the feeling of being in between sleeps is still there.

Morning 2nd Feb:
Woke up by the alarm at 0547. So, still on the program. It was still hard to make the decision to wake up and get up. This is the one thing I am looking to get rid of.

Results so far: I am usually quite awake and alert in the day. There is no feeling of sleep deprivation or tiredness that I'd have after sleeping only 6 hours of monophasic for 2 weeks. So, even in adaptation period I can say that it's an improvement over monophasic. As soon as I am sure that I have formed this habit fully, I will try to reduce time in some way. I still need more time from my day. I've been trying to even think of some way I could try Uberman.

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