Thursday, February 03, 2011

Look ma, no cables! - Android Web-based Market

Even before I get into the biphasic sleep log today, I MUST express my delight about the new web-based Android market.

I read about it on my Android tablet on the train, using a feed manager called Pulse. Google has launched it's web-based Android Market at where Android users can buy application. I had been waiting for this to happen for a long time.

I just used it for a test app and wow! It's absolutely perfect! There are categorized apps, there is search, paid apps, free apps, games, reviews, related apps, basically everything a user could ask for. And unlike Apple, Google "does it right" the first time. As soon as I clicked Install on an app, it asked me to sign in first. Once I signed in, I was navigated back to the same page where I had to click Install again. The beautiful thing is, I own three Android devices and there was a drop-down list for me to choose where I wanted to install this app. With NO prior setup, it just had a list of all 3 of my devices!

I selected to install on my Desire HD and within a few seconds it was installed. Look ma, no cables!

This is going to be my new favourite website. Thank goodness there is a huge collection of free Android apps!

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