Tuesday, February 15, 2011

E-books - Why not?

I think it's not new information to the readers of my blog that I have always loved books ever since I was so high. Quite a few times I have read books on the screen also. But whenever it came to buying e-books, I would also look for free versions to download. And while there is a huge number of free (legally) books available on the net to download and read, I don't always get the ones I want. (Thankfully, I have all the Robert Heinlein once now, courtesy of a friend.)

But yesterday I had an epiphany. I thought, "Why am I being so stupid?" Here's how I reasoned:

* When I need a book, I do search on Amazon.co.uk and buy a copy. It costs me money and I get a paper book.
* But an e-book is still a real book. As an IT professional, I should be very much in sync with that fact.
* The e-book is usually a couple of quid cheaper than the print version.
* Now that I have a tablet I can read the e-book using Kindle for Android easily, in a booksize page format.
* I can read the same book on my phone, or tablet, or the laptop, without losing my bookmark even if I switched between books.
* It gives me almost 100% access to the book without having to carry it. ("Almost" I still can't read in the shower.)
* With the huge 48GB storage on my tablet, (16GB on my phone) I can carry literally thousands of books. No more need to select which book to carry in my bag for that particular journey.
* with the 7 hour battery life on my tablet, I can even pack only my tablet for the journey to India, reducing the weight and need for space that books occupy. Yes, I pack about 4-5 books when I travel to India, for the airport, for the flight and to read while I am there as well.
* Since I'd have more choice and more access, it'd probably motivate me to read more.
* If I read more, maybe I will be more smart and intelligenter!
* I have always been able to read on a screen, even on a small 2 inch mobile screen! So, working with a 4.3" phone screen or 7" table screen would be so much easier!
* I am running out, no, I HAVE run out, of bookshelf space in my room.Even my window-sill has books resting on it. Don't even talk about my nightstand!
* But I have loads of digital space and I can buy more without filling up my room.
* I wouldn't have to part with my e-books because I moved a different country! Still one of my big regrets is that I can't bring all my books from my room in India to here. Airline baggage limits and space limitations in my room.
* Digital books will last longer than paper books.
* Although not usually a problem with me, but when you read a digital book, your fellow-passengers cannot see the title page.

So, as I say...why not?

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BusinessKata said...

I finally broke down and bought my first ebook. It was definitely useful since I got hooked on the series and downloaded #2 and #3 while on a road trip! I do like the feel of a real book though!

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