Monday, February 28, 2011

Biphasic sleep log - Day 38 - 27th Feb

Evening 27th:
Sunday evening and I was up to my usual tricks, but at 1800 I had to disengage from the rest of the world and take downtime. So, it was a little late and I took the nap from 1810 to 1840. 10 minutes are usually quite sufficient to fall asleep now.

At 1842, I woke up by mobile alarm and felt like I could go for some more sleep. But at the same time I could also feel that that would be just pure indulgence as my mind was already fresh, I didn't need any strong will-power to get up and I felt rested. So I just got up and resumed my mischief that I had suspended for my nap.

I find that it's hard to just put everything on hold only for a nap, but I am managing to do it so far because I follow it religiously. Also, I AM enjoying the benefits of biphasic already so I find it easy to justify (to myself) my devotion and dedication to the formula.

Morning 28th:
I am happy to say that after 2 days of 1 hour delay in going to bed last night I went to bed on time, at 0100. I set the alarms, perhaps foolishly, for 0430 and 0500. I wanted to wake up at 0430 and see if I felt like getting up.

I did wake up by it, but didn't feel like getting up, so went on to sleep another half an hour. This part maybe more psychological - feeling that more sleep means more rest, as we know it's true.

I do feel a little bit tired but not seriously sleep dep. And we all know what Monday mornings are like. So, I am expecting to feel better by late morning.

The 4 hour thing doesn't feel like working so far, so I am considering 3 options:
1. Go back to 4.5 hours core.
2. Try 3 hours core and see if that works.
3. Continue with this and treat it as another thing to get used.

I am leaning towards option 3 as I want to reduce my sleep gradually to allow for that psychological factor.

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