Monday, February 28, 2011

Biphasic sleep log - Day 37 - 26th Feb

Evening 26th:
I had a busy day and realized about 1600 with a shock that I had a nap coming on soon. Owing to the fact that I had a late lunch between 1600-1700 and that I was in an important discussion with Sagar on voice, I didn't go down for my nap until 1840.

And then overslept. My alarms did disturb me, but I did something to them, I don't fully recall what, and finally woke up at 2102. This oversleeping I did regret. If I oversleep on my naps and core sleep, I don't feel like I am gaining as much time in my day. And that's important to me otherwise I feel overwhelmed with all the projects I have on my hands.

Now, I am not sure what time to start core sleep. I am thinking of starting at 0100 just to keep it consistent.

Morning 27th:
Again I got stuck in SL and finally slept about 0200 with an alarm for 0600. Woke up at 0312, back to sleep and then at 0611 by the alarm. Didn't need a lot of will-power to get up. Did feel a little tired at first but then it got better.
Mind was very fresh even from the beginning. But I think report this usually that my mind is clear even when sometimes I am tired physically. I think the reason for that is that I don't soak my brain in alcohol every weekend and don't do any kind of drugs. Hence, my mind is usually clear and operates on full capacity. My mind is NOT clear when I am sick with fever, have a headache from cafeine withdrawal or have serious sleep deprivation.
I can report already that I didn't need the noon nap which was backup plan in case I felt too tired from just 4 hours of sleep.

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