Saturday, February 26, 2011

Biphasic sleep log - Day 36 - 25th Feb

Evening 25th:
The day was fine in terms of energy levels and I was home early at 1730. But when it came time to nap, at 1800, I could easily fall asleep. I think the nap was about 10 minutes longer today. I find it hard to do the time arithmetic before and after the nap unless I write stuff down somewhere.

Other than that mood and energy levels as usual great. I made one change today, that I had some tea. The choice was not based on temptation. I had had to reconsider my 100% abolition of caffeine from my diet for tea. Here's my reason.
1. It was brought to my attention tea also has some health benefit. I won't go into details but I don't remember all the detail.
2. I have known for a long while that tea (any warm liquid) helps to clean the throat after you have something oily. So, when I have a fried egg, it's better to have tea after it than any cold liquid including water.
3. The alternative to tea is milk which also disturbs the energy waveform but in a negative way as it makes me sleepy.

So, I decided to include tea back in my diet with the following provisos:
1. Only use it rarely, and only after oily food. No exceptions.
2. Keep it very light, just strong to not be milk any more.
3. Keep the quantity small.
4. Consumption must be several hours before next sleep time. Like today it was 5 hours before next planned sleep time.

Morning 26:
Last night I was busy doing stuff in Second Life and didn't get to bed until almost 0200. Actually, SL was freezing and crashing so much that what should have taken 10 minutes took an hour. Energy levels were really good till the end.

But I was able to fall asleep easily when I did go to bed. I had set two alarms with the intention to sleep either 4 hours or 4.5 hours. But I woke up at 0711, after 5 hours. Snooze gremlins at work again, I suspect. But mood was fresh and energy levels good, so didn't feel too bad about oversleeping. On weekends, I somehow feel justified in sleeping a little longer anyway.

I am glad I decided to keep the sleep log on. It will help track deviations and take corrective action if necessary.

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