Friday, February 25, 2011

Biphasic sleep log - Day 35 - 24th Feb

Evening 24th:
I had a bad sleep-ridden today, enough to distract from anything I wanted to do. I didn't give in to the temptation of coffee to fix it. Eating helped though.

I was home early today, about 1720. But I stayed up till nap time.

Nap from 1800-1830, using 10 minutes to fall asleep. It was a good SOLID nap as in I was dead to the world for 20 minutes.

Felt great after the nap, fully refreshed and hungry enough to eat a horse (a horse made of vegetables, of course).

Morning 25th:
Felt a drop in energy after 2300 last night though nothing like the night before. Stayed up and did what I needed to do (I am so happy to remember that part of it was guitar practice.)

Core sleep from 0100 to 0522 by alarm beeping. I had set two alarms - mobile for 0500 (4 hours of sleep) and video on laptop for 0530 (4.5 hours of sleep). Since I really got up at almost 0530 (with no recollection of hitting snooze on mobile), I guess the 90 minute cycle might still apply to me.

Energy levels and freshness both very good. When I don't feel like washing face or shower is essential for waking up, I know I am well awake.

Another thing I am realizing is that ambient light is important to actually waking up. So I need to devise a means of creating a "light-alarm". Of course, there are lamps in the market that exploit this exact principle for a natural wake up, but they cost about £150 and I have 2 laptops and a big (26") LCD TV in my bedroom. My nerd community will condemn me if wasted money on a light lamp instead of making one. I will of course, update my readers about what I do and if I manage to create a software solution, I'll upload it for others to use. Stay tuned!

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