Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Biphasic sleep log - Day 33 - 22nd Feb

Evening 22nd:
Another textbook nap except that I woke up before the alarm and stayed up. Time if you are interested was from 1800-1825 with about 5-10 minutes for falling asleep. I had actually lain down about 1750 in order to slow down the brain activity and get into the napping mood. It worked too.

It's surprising how I have adapted to getting into bed 10 minutes after getting home. I used to start with my personal emails and other stuff at that time. But now that I know I have a long second innings in stock, I don't mind leaving everything on hold and taking the downtime first.

Mind and energy levels after the nap were very good. No tiredness or anything at all considering the short duration of the nap. Didn't feel any fatigue till about 0040-0045. Then started feeling like I was ready for some sleep. It was not tiredness, just my body changing gears and getting ready for rest.

Morning 23rd:
Went to bed at 0100 last night with an alarm set for 0500. Fell asleep easily in about 10 minutes. I didn't see 0110 rolling up on the clock.

Woke up about 0300. You know, it feels kinda great how fine I feel even after 2 hours of sleep and knowing I have 2 more hours to enjoy. Feeling as I did, I could have gotten up even at 3 and felt fine. Not sure how the day would go after that though.

Woke up once again some time around 0400 and then finally at 0502 by alarm.

If you remember this was the problem that I wanted to avoid by going biphasic, getting up in the night. Well, it was one of the factors. But even though I do that still, I don't mind it any more! For one thing, even though I wake up in the middle of my already short sleep, I don't have that drugged-mind, somebody's-gotta-die-for-this kind of mood. For another, I feel like it's an indication that I could effectively reduce my core sleep further without detrimental effects on my energy levels.

It occurs to me that maybe my REM cycles are so long and strong that as I come out of them, I just wake up naturally. But believe me, one of the great joys of life is to be able to roll over and go back to sleep. It feels like a weekend morning.

Since I get up an hour before I have to get ready for work, it feels great! I am energetic and cheerful when I leave as opposed to the monophasic days after 7 hours of sleep when I felt like somebody killed me while I slept and through my dead body into the taxi.

Good sleep. Awesome!
Early morning mood. Great!
Getting breakfast before leaving for office. Priceless!


Always Happy said...

This is very interesting Sunil.

I am struggling to find time to study for my GMAT. I wish I could control my sleep pattern like this. It would give me plenty of time to carry on doing all my normal activities plus good two hours of studying everyday.

Sunil Goswami said...

Hello AH, so nice to see you reading my blog for a change :)

I am going to post the 30 day summary today, then you'd get more details, but overall, I'd recommend trying biphasic. It's not only good for giving you extra time, but also improves your waking time mood, putting you in a better position to do creative work or work that requires focus and concentration. So far, I have benefitted from that both in my personal and professional life.

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