Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Biphasic sleep log - Day 32 - 21st Feb

Evening 21st:
It was a textbook nap. Down at 1800, 10 minutes to fall asleep, up at 1830 by alarm. Felt fresh and fully capable afterwards. Right up to core sleep time. No issues.

I am beginning to love this nap. I am down for so little time and yet it recharges me fully. It's a win-win situation.

Morning 22nd:
Went to bed at 0100 last night and set the alarm for 0500. Woke up at 0300. Felt fine, but still went back to bed. Next at 0400. Still time to wake up, back to bed.

Then finally woke up at 0438 and stayed up. It wasn't hard to stay up today.

I like the fact that I seem to have no set duration of sleep cycle any more. My body is so well-trained that it goes into REM easily in a short duration. Every time I wake up I remember some dream which is evidence of having had some REM sleep.

No caffeine as is the routine now. Still, didn't feel sleepy or anything. Some yawning in the day, but didn't feel any sleep dep in the eyes.


Always Happy said...

Sunil, do you not have an archive of old posts? I am trying to understand this biphasic sleep log.

Always Happy

Always Happy said...

oops!!! Ignore my previous comment. I wasnt looking properly earlier. Just found your archives..silly me!

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