Thursday, February 17, 2011

Biphasic sleep log - Day 27 - 16th Feb

Evening 16th:
I was ready for the nap by the time I got home. I took the nap from 1800-1830, in that about 10 minutes to fall asleep. I felt much fresher than after yesterday 2.5 hours nap. It still amazes me even though I have read all the explanations and research etc.

I had my guitar lesson which was great. I was on top of my game.

However, I started feeling very sleepy around 2300. So, I just decided to sleep.

Morning 17th:
So I went to bed about midnight, with the intention to wake up at 0430 and do some lucid dreaming stuff. And I did wake up at 0430 by the alarm. It was not too hard to get out of bed. Then after a few minutes, I got back into bed and tried my lucid dreaming technique. I did fall asleep, did have dreams (not lucid) and then woke up at 0626.

I had set the alarm for 0600 as a safeguard, I don't know what happened to that but I was in too much of a panic to get ready as I have to leave by 0640. With my Superman-mode of getting ready, I managed that and wondered why I take longer everyday, since I did everything I do usually.

Anyway, I do feel fresh, better than yesterday, but then I had 6.5 hours sleep and the nap last evening.

Now, I am afraid we'll get into this kind of mess more from now on.I will avoid the late-rising panic stuff by setting another alarm somewhere but now that I am completely obsessed with lucid dreams it'll mess up with my biphasic schedule. I will try to segregate them, of course, but..we'll see!

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