Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Biphasic sleep log - Day 26 - 15th Feb

Evening 15th:
Took a longer nap today. My agenda today was different for this nap. I am back on my lucid dreams kick, so I took a nap without alarms to try that. Did have dreams and recalled some stuff about them, but no lucidity yet.

It was a long nap 2.5 hours, from 1800 to 2028. Did feel fresh after it for a while, but after midnight started feeling sleepy. Not sure what time or how long to sleep tonight for core sleep.

Morning 16th: I am feeling like I am ruining the experiment by being too complacent and indisciplined at this stage.

Last night I delayed going to bed till 0130 because I knew I wouldn't get up too early in the morning.

Then in the morning, woke up about 0430 but went back to sleep until woken by the alarm at 0500. It took a LOT of willpower to get up and that wasted some time. Didn't feel really refreshed or anything.

Felt better after the shower though. Used the time to play guitar and have breakfast. Guitar worked well, progress with practice and everything.

Then while reading a book on the tablet in the train felt so very sleepy that I had to stop reading.

The problem I have at this stage is that I want to experiment with lucid dreams and related stuff, and most of the documentation and research in that field says that a long sleep it useful. But they are mostly talking about monophasic sleep, not much documentation exists on biphasic sleep vis a vis the lucid dreams.

I thought I had already trained my body to enter REM quickly and that my sleep cycles were much shorter than 90 minutes now, but apparently not. After having 3.5 hours sleep last night, (6 hours total) I feel sleep dep today. About the same as I would in monophasic after waking up the wrong stage of sleep.

My plan for today is do a 20 minute evening nap and 4.5 hours of core sleep as per original plan.

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