Saturday, February 12, 2011

Biphasic sleep log - Day 22 - Feb 11th

Evening 11th:
The day was kind of off and on. Sometimes I'd feel the sleep dep and back ache other times I felt very alert, awake, healthy and no pain. I think when I was doing something interesting or talking to people, I felt fine. When I was just watching my script run on the computer, I felt bored and sleepy.

Being Friday,  I had a shorter day today and got home about 1600. I had to take care of some business then had a good meal. I had a sorts of appointment around 1800 so I thought I'd nap from 1730 to 1800. It turned out to be a mistake.

I had trouble falling asleep even though I was tired and sleepy. I think the main factor was having that meal less than an hour ago, even though I had determinedly avoided any caffeine with it. Also, I had some interruptions.

Finally, I woke up about 1900. Not sure how much I really slept but it was between 30 and 60 minutes, I'd guess. Waking up was not very hard. So, I think the longer I sleep the harder it is to wake up, at least during the nap.

Feeling just as fresh as usual 90 minute nap which is fine, but a little less than how I felt yesterday after a 20 minute nap.

This being the weekend and with my need for time, I might do more naps and less core sleep but I am not yet sure. I have got a pretty good handle on the work I need to do during this weekend so I might not need to be that aggressive with the sleep.

Thinking of starting some sort of exercise program this weekend, maybe just start with some workout on the Nintendo Wii.

Morning 12th:

Wow, this must be the latest I am reporting to the log. But I have been busy. Let's get right down to it. 

Did wake up at 0400 by alarm, but didn't feel like getting up at all. The feeling I had was that this is overkill to wake up so early on weekend. But actually it was my sleep-seduced mind rationalizing. Anyhow, I rolled over and went back to sleep. 

But at 0545 when my usual alarm went off, I didn't rationalize just got up. Felt pretty much as I do every morning on biphasic- no fully awake but not tired or anything. Felt fresh after a little while. Also, I didn't get to sleep very quickly last night. Perhaps because I had some Diet Coke last night with my Pizza. Even though it was about 4 hours before I went to bed, I think it still messed up my sleep cycle a bit. Looks like I'll have to cut down on it even more. 

The morning felt great! I felt like I had so much time! I used to wake up between 10 am and noon on Saturdays and then in a couple of hours I used to feel like the day was all gone. Now I looked up at the clock after hours of playing and working and it was not even 10 am! So amazing!

Started to get a lot of magazine work out of the way right away and it worked fine as well. I was operating on all cylinders. 

But then around 11 I started feeling a little sleepy. Not tired, just sleepy. So about noon I decided to take a short nap. 

I went down shortly after Noon, like 1207 I think. And I woke up at 1227, 3 minutes before my alarm and feeling like I was ready to take on the world. There was not a slightest temptation to carry on sleeping. I did feel like I was coming out of sleep but that's all! 

After about 2 minutes I felt so refreshes, so awake, that I could not help noticing it. I have never, ever, felt more fresh even after hours and hours of monophasic sleep. Both mentally and physically, I was on top of the world! That moment I wished I could do this kind of short nap around noon every day. It doesn't seem viable right now, but I'll look for a solution for sure. 

Btw, I have been practicing guitar also, my practice time has been increasing after weeks of slacking off. 

So, conclusion:
1. The brain is very clear and capable of doing all kinds of creative or challenging work.
2. The motivation to do new or good stuff is automatically there. 
3. Caffeine needs to be avoided like the very enemy. 
4. Heavy meals or food that'd make you thirsty needs to be avoided for last 2 hours before sleep (nap or core).
5. Biphasic is awesome!

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