Monday, February 07, 2011

Biphasic sleep log - Day 17 - 6th Feb

Evening 6th:

This is the pattern this weekend, I get late for the sleeping time. Same for this nap, but not by much.

I was in bed at 18:18 and set the alarm for 20:00 giving myself only 12 minutes to fall asleep. I am happy to report that I feel I fell asleep even faster than that.

Woke up and looked at the time 19:57. That was close enough so I woke up. Though the temptation to go back to sleep is still there for each sleep. But waking up naturally rather than alamr is preferable so I didn't utilize the last 3 minutes.

Energy levels fine through this period. So much so that I got late for sleeping again.

Morning 7th:
Finally, was able to get to bed at about 0145. Since I needed to go to office this morning, I left the alarm set for 0545.

Woke up a few minutes before the alarm and felt good about it. Got up then as I had to get ready, even though the same feeling of wanting to stay in bed was still there. This feeling may be the result of, or least helped by the feeling of being in a warm bed in a cold weather. We will see when summer rolls around. Or IF. This is England, after all. :)

On a general note, I do feel a bit "achy" all over but that feels like the result of spending a whole weekend hunched over the laptop in various very un-ergonomic positions. I think it's safe to assume that my slight variations in sleeping times haven't affected the biphasic routine.

I am yawning a bit but it's early morning yet, not even 9 am, and this is nothing compared to what I have felt on monophasic after 6 hours of sleep before.

This was my first full weekend on Biphasic without any major variations, esp. in sleeping durations, and I am feeling like it works. I felt like I had a big chunk of time to work with as opposed to the "fleeting" weekend that I have usually. Even if I don't go out at all.

In view of the more frequent "natural" wake-ups and the slight, natural shrinkage in sleep times AND in view of my sore need for more time in my day, I am very much tempted to try and reduce my total sleep duration but I am keeping a tight rein on it until I can complete at least 30 days on biphasic. Still, if I am too tempted I will try to reduce my nap time next weekend. That way if I feel horrible sleep dep, I will have time to sleep a couple of extra hours and make up for it.

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