Thursday, February 03, 2011

Biphasic sleep log - Day 13 - 2nd Feb

This is an interesting log entry as this was a variation day. So, now we find out how biphasic handles deviation from plan within the first two weeks.

Last night I had a work thing after work so couldn't take my usual nap. I started back from London about 18:50 and was fine so far. I was thinking about doing a 20 minutes nap since my journey is too short for a 90 minute nap and anything in between 20 and 90 is not considered good. But I didn't get a good enough seat for a nap, plus the train was not one that ends at my station, it goes all the way to the coast. I was afraid I might oversleep and overshoot my station.

That would have been really bad because I would miss my guitar lesson.

During the guitar lesson I was fully awake, no struggling with sleep or sleep dep feeling.

At night, I had trouble staying up. Around 2200, I was started getting very hungry and also very sleepy. So, I did what any super-smart person would do. I had a couple of bananas and went to bed immediately so as to fall asleep before I could get hungry again. :-)

It was around 2245 that I actually went to bed and fell asleep very quickly. This is one good thing that I have got from biphasic, the ability to fall asleep quickly, both for the nap and the core sleep.

I had set the alarm for 0500, giving myself 6 hours to sleep, since I didn't have time to sleep for 7.5 hours which is advised for the deviation nights.

Waking up this morning was hard, but no more than yesterday. I do feel slightly tired, and more than a little sleepy but that could change during the day. I expect sleep dep today but what I really want to see is how long it takes for me to get back on track whether it would take only the next nap or the nap and core sleep or even more.

I plan to be sleep biphasic again today (and subsequent days) so observations will continue.

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