Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Biphasic sleep log - Day 11 - 31st Jan

Evening 31st:
I missed my first train and got home about 1744. So, went to bed for the nap at 1830 instead of 1800. Set the alarm for 1945. I fell asleep much faster than 15 minutes I think. I don't remember twisting and turning much. It felt like my body was ready to sleep the moment my head hit the pillow, though it took a few minutes for my mind to quiet down.

The alarm seemed like an enemy when it went off and I think I even snoozed it once, for 8 minutes. But finally got up slightly before 20:00 and felt like I could have slept through till the morning.

It's 23:11 now and I still feel like I have a disturbed sleep even though I am awake and alert. I guess, it'll take more time to get used to this than I thought.

1st Feb Morning:

Oh, it was hard to wake up this morning. The alarm went off as expected at 05:45 and annoying as the beeping alarm is, it is effective. I wanted to sleep another 6-7 hours, but I got up.

Caffeine routine the same, only Chai Latte, nothing else. Alertness level good, soon after getting out of bed. No tiredness or anything. Don't really feel any sleep dep even though it was mighty hard to get out of bed in the morning.

I am thinking of adding some workout routine to my day now. I haven't been doing anything since I stopped going for a run when it got too cold outside, and I didn't want to add antoher reason to be tired while I was observing this experiment. But now I think is time. My options are - gym at the office, doing some push-type stuff at home, or using the Wii and Balance board that are just gathering dust so far.

I'd start something either this weekend or next week. I am delaying because I have a deviation planned for tomorrow morning. I won't be able to take my evening nap, so in order to sleep monophasic one night, I'd have to add an extra 1.5 hours and not sure how I'd feel on Thursday morning.

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