Saturday, February 26, 2011

AH's internet connection

You should read this post by AH (I wish she'd give me her proper name, I don't really like calling a pretty girl AH like she's some kind of an android..but we digress!)

Read it only if you know Hindi as this is her bilingual poem on her loss of internet connection.

While my heart goes out to her in her distress (losing your internet connection can be very traumatic for a 21st century person), I am also impressed that she channelled her pain into this creative process and came out with a nice poem. Well done!

Remember when I did that post on my poem that was the result of a toothache? Of course you do. Well, this reminds me of that. According to an old quote we admire in others when see something of our own in them. Maybe that's why I like this post? But still, she did good.


Always Happy said...

oh..once again i feature on your webpage?? Thank you sooooo much buddy. Grateful!

Always Happy said...

just read your poems on daant dard and visit to the dentist. Likedddddddddddd them. Both are good. itna acha likhogey tho copy tho hona hi usko!

Sunil Goswami said...

I liked how you poured out your pain through the artistic channels, that's why you got featured again. :)

In "Sharabi", Om Prakash teaches Amitabh repeatedly that until there is in pain in his life, there wouldn't be emphasis in his poetry. When I had pain in my tooth, my poem came out nice and people liked it. The sequel was not so good because my tooth was fine by then. :)

Gee, all this talk about poems has made me want to write another one, if only I had a good topic.

Sagar Goswami said...

You can write on biphasic i guess.

Sunil Goswami said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Sagar. It would be hard to write a poem on Biphasic, at least for me. But I have been thinking about using Biphasic in some other creative product.

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