Saturday, February 05, 2011

Biphasic sleep log - Day 15 - 4th Feb

Evening 4th:
Since I was working from home, I was feeling very sleepy in the afternoon after work, but then I got into something interesting in SL and got late for my nap. But not too late, just half an hour.

So, the nap was from 1830 till about 2000. Pretty uneventful. Feeling the same as every day. Quite alert and awake, able to do creative work.

Morning 5th:
Alarm went off normally at 0545. Waking up was hard, but not after once I made up my mind. Being Saturday, I could have slept much longer today but once I made the decision it was not all that bad. I did enjoy the extra hours today as I usually sleep till almost noon on weekend mornings (when I was monophasic) and getting up at 0600 felt like I had so many extra hours today, which I did and I used them.

Despite the difficulty in waking up, I did feel great. I was able to do creative work, the household chores in the afternoon and talked to people on phone. Nobody complained that I was talking gibberish so I was successflly communicating. :)

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