Friday, September 16, 2011

Top 10 things iCrap owners say

1. "Flash is on its way out.."

2. "iphone is good, it just can't do this one thing..." (Repeated 329 times in a half hour conversation)

3. "I don't really need that feature."

4. "Yes, I know Apple is evil, but look how good this looks!"

5. "Apple is a great innovator." (Yeah, right!)

6. "I don't really need third party Apps."

7. "Apple protects me."

8. "Android did look better but all my friends had an iphone so I bought one as well."

9. "I hate it but it looks so nice."

10. "I am a girl."

1 comment:

AITB said...

The only thing I agree with Apple Fanboy is number 1.

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